I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1320

After Celestial Court was born, he came to the southern Star Domain, defeated Nian Changge, and occupied this place as a mountain gate.

I have to say that Celestial Court has great ambitions, occupying this place, is it trying to compare with Ancient Celestial Court?

“Kill me!”

At this moment, without waiting for Jiang Chen and the others to take action, the people of Imperial Clan God Lineage arrived.

With an outcry, dozens of emperors rushed out, crossed the South Heaven Gate and moved towards Celestial Court and charged.



However, a trembling sounded, and Celestial Court’s apologetic Formation opened, and one after another ripple was like an iridescent, connected Heaven and Earth, on its own!

The apologetic Formation of Celestial Court is very powerful, exuding the aura of the avenue of heavens, keeping dozens of Emperors of the Imperial Clan god lineage out!




One after another, there was an explosion, and only the emperors were dancing with their fists , One after another terrifying divine force burst out, this is to forcibly tear apart the apologetic Formation of Celestial Court!

“A group of ignorant and ignorant creatures, how can you break through the Religion Protecting Great Array of Celestial Court!?”

“Imperial Clan lineage, you really eat leopards Dare, dare to come to my Celestial Court to run wild!?”

At this moment, in the Religion Protecting Great Array, a group of Celestial Court emperors stand proudly at the gate.

They are full of spirits, with confidence and contempt in their eyes.

In their eyes, what about the lineage of Imperial Clan? If all the Transcenders of Celestial Court were gone, give the Imperial Clan god lineage ten courage to come to Celestial Court to run wild!

And, if there are too many enemies here today, otherwise the Celestial Court is really not in the eyes of the Emperors of the Imperial Clan god lineage, so why hide in the Religion Protecting Great Array under.

“You are not the Ancient Celestial Court!”

“What is the use of the Celestial Court!? After today, the Celestial Court no longer exists!”

A group of emperors of Imperial Clan scolded them one after another, and their fists were like falling from the sun, and the entire Heaven and Earth was shaking.

I have to say that the Emperor of the Imperial Clan god lineage is indeed very strong. Under dozens of people’s joint attack, the Religion Protecting Great Array of Celestial Court has fluctuated, even on the iridescent light curtain. , There was a crack!

Imperial Clan, the emperor of the god lineage, the strength of battle strength is not just a joke!

Looking at the entire Great Thousand Worlds, who dares to say that the Emperor of the Imperial Clan lineage is weak! ?

At this moment, under the attack of dozens of emperors of Imperial Clan, Celestial Court’s Religion Protecting Great Array could not be blocked after all. With a loud noise, it exploded directly and turned into sky light. The rain disappears invisible!

Immediately, dozens of emperors from Imperial Clan came forward, and a group of emperors moved towards Celestial Court were killed!

“This is the Celestial Court, you wait for impudent!”

“courting death!”


A group of Celestial Court The emperor was not to be outdone, and came forward one by one, like a tiger and wolf!



next moment, one after another bursts loudly, the emperors on both sides are already fighting together!

In this battle, Imperial Clan is very confident. After all, as far as the battle strength of the Emperor is concerned, the Emperor of Imperial Clan really doesn’t have to worry about anyone.

However, after only ten breaths, a group of Imperial Clan emperors felt something was wrong!

The emperor’s offensive in Celestial Court was too fierce, especially the divine force that broke out, comparable to Transcender!

In this short period of more than ten breaths, three Emperors of Imperial Clan have fallen!

On the Celestial Court, not only no one has fallen, but there are no injured people!

“Not good! Withdraw!”

At this moment, the emperors of Imperial Clan were terrified. They ran off one by one, and the expression was slightly paler.

“A bunch of trash!”

“Dare to make trouble in Celestial Court, you really act recklessly!”


Celestial Court A group of emperors are very arrogant, standing inside the gate with contempt.

“It’s normal if you can’t beat it. There is their mountain gate and their territory.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “They are blessed with Power of Heaven and Earth and Taoism, and their battle strength is comparable. Transcender!”

“This…how do you fight this?” Jiang Liu whispered.

Even Ruo Xiao, who has always been confident, is speechless. The opponent is blessed with Power of Heaven and Earth, and his strength is comparable to Transcender. This battle simply cannot be fought!

If this goes up, it’s probably going to die!

“I have the ability to come out!”

“What are you guys!? Come out to fight if there is a seed! My Imperial Clan emperor will not be weaker than you!”


Beyond the gate, the faces of the imperial emperors of Imperial Clan are very ugly and even more resentful.

They lost three emperors and everyone else was injured!

The most important thing is that the group of people in Celestial Court are still taunting them!

“hmph, if you want to destroy my Celestial Court, it’s up to you?”

“Go! Celestial Court is not something you can destroy!”

… …

A group of emperors in Celestial Court did not come out, and they knew very well in their hearts that they were invincible within the mountain gate.

If they went out without the blessing of Power of Heaven and Earth, they would definitely not be the opponent of the Imperial Clan Emperor!

“The Taixu clan is here!”

“The Jiang clan is also here!”


Just now , One after another evil aura swept over in the distance, like a black cloud pressing in, the sky in the distance became dark black!

Looking carefully, I saw that all the emperors of the evil race have come, and there are more than twenty!

“Meet the highest worship!”

“Meet the representative of my clan!”

“Meet the Lord Jiang Chen.”

… …

After a few breaths, the twenty-odd emperors all fell in front of Jiang Chen, each with a solemn expression, bowing their hands to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen waved his hand, said with a smile: “I’m all my own, don’t use these pomp.”

After all, Jiang Chen pointed to the Celestial Court gate, Said: “Don’t go in, go in now is to die.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

“en!? Power of Heaven and Earth is added!”

A group of evil emperors quickly discovered the clues, and for a while, their faces became unsightly.

“How about the Power of Heaven and Earth blessing? Just break them.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “Give me some time, I break the Power of Heaven and Earth in Celestial Court!”


“If you can break the Power of Heaven and Earth, it would be easier to destroy the Celestial Court!”

“Fellow Daoist, I hope you will take action and break the Power of Heaven and Celestial Court Earth!”


The Emperor of Imperial Clan also looked over. Several people ordered nodded to Jiang Chen, seeming to know the relationship between Jiang Chen and Emperor San Things.

“What Power of Heaven and Earth, this seat is the sky, this is the earth, this seat does not allow you to have Heaven and Earth, you will not have it!”

Suddenly , A dragon roar roar came from a distance!

Looking carefully, I saw that Long Dade did not know when he left, and now he is back.

The divine radiance flashes on his body, and there is a dragon scales rising from the center of his eyebrows!

Dragon scales turned into a rune, shining on all sides, and printing out the avenue of heavens!

Under this dragon scales, the wind inside the gate of Celestial Court suddenly rolled up, and one after another weird voice sounded!

Even a broken sound can be heard faintly.

“This seat of Innate Earth is the god Saint Ancestor dragon!”

“This seat is Heaven and Earth!”

At this moment, Long Da De seemed to be using another Magical Powers of his own, one after another roared, and finally a roar came from the gate of Celestial Court!

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