I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1321

After the rumbling sound, the expression of a group of emperors in Celestial Court changed drastically. Panic appeared in their eyes!

Only because the Power of Heaven and Earth blessed on them disappeared, at this moment their battle strength returned to normal!


“Celestial Court? hmph! Without the blessing of Power of Heaven and Earth, what are you guys? Regarding emperors, my Imperial Clan lineage is the real god The emperor!”


At this moment, a group of Imperial Clan emperors rushed over again, each of them was full of murderous aura, and when they shot, the divine force broke out and attacked. Like a monstrous wave!

The void was directly torn apart, and the fist and palm prints fell like stars, and the palace of Celestial Court was collapsing wherever it went!

The other dísciples in Celestial Court have already retreated, but some people have been affected and wiped out on the spot, not even a strand of ashes left!

The emperor of Imperial Clan is really too strong. At this moment, like a tiger wolf, he killed six emperors of Celestial Court in ten breaths!

In addition, the evil races and the emperors of the three major Monster Races also arrived, and a group of people rushed over, like a wild dance!

The time it takes half an incense stick to burn, when the last emperor of Celestial Court fell, the place was quiet.

The palace of Celestial Court was destroyed, many dísciples were also suppressed and killed, and none of the emperors survived!

However, the expression grave of everyone at this moment was just because there was a very terrifying aura permeating from the deepest part of Celestial Court!

This breath is very strange, sometimes very strong, sometimes very weak, and erratic.

Furthermore, with the emergence of this breath, petals of the a side world are all scattered, the Golden Lotus is in full bloom, and more chaos is floating out of the void!

There is a natural phenomenon between Heaven and Earth!

“People are killed, and the palace is ruined. Can you calm down? If you calm down, go back.”

After a few breaths, an ancient voice came from From the deepest part of Celestial Court.

The voice is very light and calm, but it gives people an invisible anger!

The expression of a group of emperors has changed drastically, and some people are even trembling. Even a group of emperors of Imperial Clan are all tight at the moment, so they dare not be careless!

“Dare to ask who your Excellency is?”

An emperor of the evil race frowns asked: “Is it the background of Celestial Court?”

“The anger is gone Just go, if you still refuse to give up and want to completely destroy the Celestial Court, then… you probably have to stay.”

“The old man has never taken action in several times, and I don’t want to make an exception today. “

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the audience changed drastically!

Several times have not shot?

So, how long did the speaker live? !

And what realm has its strength reached! ? is it possible that …… is a half immortal! ?

But you must know that Transcender and even Half Immortal went to battle with the leading forces of the Three Realms at the Holy Land’s orders. How could there be such a powerhouse in Great Thousand Worlds! ?

This is…Ignore the order of the Holy Land?

“Celestial Court’s behavior is destined to be destroyed! Today I am waiting. If this Celestial Court is immortal, why should I wait to leave?!”

“This Senior, the destruction of Celestial Court is a fact that cannot be changed. I advise you not to intervene, even if you have lived for several eras. After such a long time, do you still have the strength to take action?”

At this moment, Imperial Clan, Monster Race, and several emperors of the evil race spoke one after another, and did not want to leave.

Although they are afraid of the creature in the deepest part of Celestial Court, it does not mean they will be afraid!

You know, these people are all Peak emperors, and if they join forces, even Transcender will have a headache!

“cannot tell good from bad.”

Suddenly, an angry voice rang from the deepest part of Celestial Court!

When the voice fell, I saw an Elderly with white hair and beard, divine poise and sagelike features appeared in the deepest part of Celestial Court.

There is a fog, there seems to be another world!

And this Elderly walked out of the mist and walked slowly towards everyone.

The Golden Lotus at its feet is in full bloom, the petals are flying around, and there is a bronze Giant Bell on the top of the head!

His eyes are very bright, like countless stars condensed!

“Since you refuse to go, please stay.”

At this moment, this Elderly spoke again, as his voice fell, all around one after another shocked The sound of ming!

After that, a field expanded, not only covering the group of emperors, but also Jiang Chen and the others were involved!


“You insist on staying in Great Thousand Worlds despite the orders of the Holy Land, are you not afraid of the Holy Earthquake?!”


Several people scolded, it is difficult to understand where Elderly’s courage means to disobey the Holy Land!

You know, in today’s world, holy to say one, no one dares to say two!

“Holy place? What’s that? When I was still in Ancient Celestial Court, was there a holy place?” Elderly said contemptuously, his eyes opened and closed, and the sun and the moon were turning backwards!

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s expression was completely changed!

Is this Elderly from Ancient Celestial Court? !

“This is a big deal today, and even the people of Ancient Celestial Court have been provoked.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “It should have been expected that the Celestial Court is related to the Ancient Celestial Court!”


“Boss, what do you do now? This old fellow looks very difficult to deal with!” Ruoxiao said solemnly: “Perhaps all of us together, we are not enough for the old fogey to slap and slap!”

“Actually…Don’t be so afraid.” Jiang Chen lightly said, although the expression is a bit nervous, there is no hint of panic deep in his eyes.

Just because this World is like this, everyone will have a hole card.

Celestial Court has a hole card, has a background, other forces, other races, don’t they?

Jiang Chen doesn’t believe it anymore. There are not a few powerhouses in the evil race, Monster Race, and Imperial Clan left to sit here?

“I thought it was, it turned out to be your old fellow.”

At this moment, a frivolous voice came from a distance.

After a few breaths, I saw a middle-aged man wearing a purple robe broke into this Elderly realm!

A zone formed by the Essence, Qi, and Spirit and Grand Dao Law of one person in the realm. In the realm, the person who performs the realm is the king!

Therefore, under normal circumstances, no one will trespass into the domain of others.

Unless this person’s strength is absolutely crushing the opponent!

At this moment, this purple clothed man is like this. Since he dared to break into this ancient Celestial Court Elderly domain, it means that in terms of strength, he absolutely crushed the opponent!

“It’s you!? You’re not dead yet?!”

At this moment, the Elderly of Ancient Celestial Court exclaimed, the starlight in her eyes disappeared, revealing a trace of fear !

“If I were to die, wouldn’t you be a cat or dog like this?” The purple clothed man contemptuously said: “In the beginning, you were just a shrimp soldiers and crab generals in Ancient Celestial Court. that’s all, now that the major powerhouses have gone to the front, do you think you can be the king and dominate?”



The moment the voice fell , I saw this purple clothed man wave his big hand, one after another ripples spread out, and instantly shattered this ancient Celestial Court Elderly field!

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