I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1322

The purple clothed man is too strong, and the area of ​​Ancient Celestial Court Elderly shattered when he raised his hand, and he didn’t leave any face to the other side between words!

At this moment, Elderly of Ancient Celestial Court is full of jealousy and fear!

The purple clothed man is right. A long time ago, he was just a pawn in Ancient Celestial Court that’s all.

For some reasons, he has survived to the present, and his cultivation base has reached the Peak level in this world.

I thought he could dominate in this World, but he didn’t expect that among his contemporaries, there were others who survived!

The most important thing is that the others in his presence are more aware of the horror of this purple clothed man!

This person, with one person, dared to compete with the entire Ancient Celestial Court!

It is this person who personally established Imperial Clan!

He is the Old Ancestor of the current Imperial Clan god lineage, the emperor towering!

“You know, I can’t even remember your name.” The emperor contemptuously said, his palm slowly lifted, the road resonated, Wanfa Ruixiang even more from endless void Falling, this place seems to be submerged by a sea of ​​flowers!


The Elderly of Ancient Celestial Court was terrified. After screaming, he moved towards the deepest part of Celestial Court and fled!

He is really scared, and he knows the horror of the towering emperor!

This guy dared to compete with the owner of Ancient Celestial Court!

Although the emperor was defeated soaring in that battle, he survived!

You know, there are not many people who dared to fight with the owner of Ancient Celestial Court and survived!

“The Ancient Celestial Court has never been destroyed! If you dare to kill me today, and the Ancient Celestial Court will recover in the future, your Imperial Clan must be destroyed!” The Elderly voice of the Ancient Celestial Court has changed, full of fear Meaning.

However, the towering emperor didn’t pay attention to it at all, a palm fell across the sky, Wan Dao Ruixiang spilled down, and he directly photographed Elderly from the sky.

After that, he gently squeezed the palm of his hand, as simple as pinching an ant to death, directly pinching the Elderly out!

“This is a fierce person!”

“It’s too fierce! This is half a fairy!?”


Everyone is amazed, the emperor’s towering strength is obvious to all, it’s a mess!

At this moment, a group of Emperors of Imperial Clan are also stunned. They simply don’t know that their Old Ancestor is still alive and in Peak state!

After they stood there for a while, they knelt down and bowed to the emperor.

“You are all descendants of me, no need to be polite.” The emperor waved his hand, and a ray of sunlight fell in his palm. These emperors’ expression changed, as if bathed in the spring breeze. It healed in an instant!

Also, someone’s body is trembling, and within the body the Dao Fa is humming, it’s going to be a breakthrough!

“He is a kind of avenue in his own right, and he can bestow others’ Daoist order and rules by raising his hands.” Someone exclaimed.

At this moment, the emperor looked towards the emperor. Although he has never been born, he still knows something about his descendants.

As far as he knows, among the descendants of this generation, the Emperor III is the most powerful.

He kept looking at Emperor San, until after a few breaths, he slowly nodded and said: “Yes, maybe it can surpass me.”


“Is this…a kind of recognition?!”

All the people around are moved. The towering words of the emperor are too scary!

Know that he himself is very strong, standing at the top of this World.

And now, he actually admits the innate talent aptitude of Emperor San, and is expected to surpass him! ?

If it surpasses the towering emperor, then… it is True Immortal! ?

“many thanks Old Ancestor.” Di San said lightly, not bowing down like the others.

He is arrogant, he does not kneel to Heaven and Earth himself, only his parents.

As for this Old Ancestor, who is so many generations away from him, Di San really doesn’t feel much about him…

“Meet again.”

At this moment, the emperor looked towards Jiang Chen and said with a smile: “It’s just a pity, you are no longer the you you used to be.”

“My memories of previous lives disappear Jiang Chen said: “Maybe I can find the memory, maybe I can’t find it, or as some people say, I can’t return.”

“Does it matter whether I return? The soul is still The original soul, but the memory is no longer that’s all.” The emperor said: “You are still you, never changed.”

Speaking, he sighed again and said with emotion: “At the beginning, I fought against the ancient spirits, calmed down the dark blood age, and repelled the three realms of Yin and Yang. What a prestige. But this life, I am afraid that few people can fight with me.”

“That…if so. Yes, this life I can also be with you.” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

But, after saying this, Jiang Chen’s Face is red!

He is only realm now, but only a god!

With this cultivation base, you still want to fight the ancient spirits? Still thinking of calming down the dark blood age?

As for the powerhouse that repels the Three Realms of Yin and Yang, this is even more nonsense.

“Come slowly, don’t worry.” The emperor said with a smile: “The memory is gone, but the righteousness in your heart is still there.”

“This World is far better than Our imagination is complicated, we only need to take action at the last moment, and a battle will settle the affairs of the world.” The emperor said.

After that, the emperor turned around, he was planning to go back.

When passing by Jiang Chen, this guy started to feel emotion again.

He raised his head and looked towards the sky. After watching for more than ten breaths of time, he sighed leisurely: “When can I go home, maybe it will be difficult to go back in this life.”

“Above the sky?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, that place…beautiful.” The emperor’s towering eyes were filled with memories, and then he patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said: “Don’t worry, go ahead and do it, this world will help you. There are too many to go, there is no need to be shackled.”

“You must know, this world owes you a life.”

After all, the emperor is gone, just in a moment Disappeared here, leaving only the people with a surprised look.

Jiang Chen’s mood is very complicated. He knows the meaning of what the Emperor Chantian said just now. This is to support him! ?

But what Jiang Chen is most concerned about is that the towering emperor comes from the sky, so…where did he come here?

Does it really come from above the sky?

“Boss, what is the place above the sky?” Jiang Liu asked in a naive way.

Jiang Chen hearing this, rolled the eyes, exasperatedly said: “Can I know a hammer? Do you look at me now as if I restore my memory?”

“This …” Jiang Liu smiled sly, and then asked: “Where are we going next?”

“Next?” Jiang Chen lightly said, the expression condensed slightly, looking towards Celestial Court Inside the mountain gate, he said: “Do you think Celestial Court has been destroyed?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s expression changed drastically, and their bodies tightened.

“There is powerhouse in Celestial Court…?” If Xiao Ning said, he immediately reacted, looking towards the deepest part of Celestial Court, and said: “There are…people in there!?”


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