I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1323

The previous Elderly came from the deepest part of Celestial Court.

There seems to be the ruins of Ancient Celestial Court, maybe there are other powerhouses of Ancient Celestial Court!

If you want to destroy Celestial Court, you must break the root!

This is the Ancient Celestial Court!

It’s just that everyone is worried. After all, Ancient Celestial Court is too strong, and among them, the highest cultivation base is only the emperor that’s all.

If there are still people alive in Ancient Celestial Court, at least the cultivation base is Transcender, right?

So, with their power, how can the Celestial Court truly be destroyed?

“Let’s go and fight.” Jiang Chen lightly said, he knew what Emperor Bai said before the towering sky.

If there are other powerhouses in the deepest part of Celestial Court, don’t be afraid, the towering emperor will definitely take action!

Since the emperor has said this and left, this can only show one thing, the Ancient Celestial Court powerhouse in the deepest part of Celestial Court, maybe simply won’t make a move!

“Hurry up, the Celestial Court has a deep background, don’t be robbed by others.” Jiang Chen secretly sounded transmission to a few people around him, the essence of the fraud is undoubtedly obvious!

“Boss, you are still great!”


At this moment, how many This great virtue is very decisive, they believe in Jiang Chen, and it is the treasure of the “greedy” Celestial Court!

For a time, a few great virtues rushed out, press forward, simply not afraid of the powerhouse of Celestial Court.

Everyone looked confused, and they were still worried about whether the powerhouse of Ancient Celestial Court would appear.

But after more than ten breaths, after seeing a few great virtues snatching a lot of Celestial Court treasures, the rest of them couldn’t calm down.

Whatever the powerhouse of Ancient Celestial Court, grab it first!

“It’s really hateful! Why is the emperor still alive!?”

“The battle was so terrible, my Lord of the Celestial Court fell, how did the emperor live? Coming down!?”

At this moment, in the deepest part of Celestial Court, several statue-like creatures are standing quietly.

They are indeed the powerhouse of Ancient Celestial Court, but they simply dare not make a move at this moment.

They can only watch the Celestial Court’s heritage being snatched away, they can only lament!

Now they only have one idea, that is, this group of people should not come to the deepest part of Celestial Court!

This is the nest of Ancient Celestial Court. If this group of people really grabbed this place, then they must take action to preserve the last heritage of Ancient Celestial Court!

When the time comes, once they make a move, the emperor will definitely make a move.

By then, they don’t die also seriously injured!

“It’s so miserable! Didn’t expect my Ancient Celestial Court to fall to this level!”

“Damn it!”


After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, a group of people turned the Celestial Court upside down, and robbed everything that could be robbed. In the end, Long Dade took the entire South Heaven The Gate was taken down and carried on his shoulders!

According to his words, South Heaven Gate is not only the signature of Celestial Court, but also the signature of Ancient Celestial Court!

Take off the South Heaven Gate, carry it back and stand in front of your own door. This is to declare that the world is the one who destroyed the Celestial Court!

“It’s shameless.” Jiang Chen said irritably, and after tapping the treasure, he said to all around people: “Everyone, I’m going to the Black Buddha lineage next, but someone wants Let’s go together?”

“I’ll wait until I have no enmity with the Black Buddha lineage, so… let’s not go.” An Emperor of Imperial Clan said.

They came this time, just because Celestial Court almost killed Emperor San before, this is for revenge.

Nowadays, the great enmity is avenged, and they naturally want to leave, impossible to attack the hei buddha lineage for no reason.

However, Emperor San came out and looked towards a group of emperors of Imperial Clan, said resolutely: “I will go with him, you are free.”

After that, Emperor San Walking to Jiang Chen’s side, gently nodded, said: “I will accompany you.”

“Young Master!?”

“I wait for Imperial Clan and Black Buddha lineage lacking hatred and enmity, this hastily shot… is not appropriate?”

“Young Master, please think twice! Black Buddha lineage, after all, belongs to Buddhism. If we go to destroy the black Buddha lineage, Buddhism will not sit back and watch. Yes!”


A group of emperors of Imperial Clan discouraged and said that they know the roots of Buddhism!

You must know that from ancient times to the present, power has changed, powerhouse has changed, but Buddhism has never changed!

Since the establishment of Buddhism, it has not disappeared, nor has it fallen!

Some people are even speculating that the foundation of Buddhism may be on Celestial Court!

If you rush over, the consequences will be serious.

Disan hearing this, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, and said jokingly: “What are you afraid of? We helped him destroy the Black Buddha lineage, and he will naturally help us destroy the True Feather clan.”

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment. His expression gave Di San a weird look. Secretly thought this guy is really honest, can he say this in front of him?

But Jiang Chen did not refute, after all, whether it is the Black Buddha Lineage, the True Feathers, or the Six Wing Divine Race, he has to take a trip!

However, before everyone got up, they saw a Buddha light illuminating everything in the distance.

One after another chanting, a Buddha sits in Buddha’s radiance, solemn appearance.

Behind it, there are Buddha clouds rising and falling, and Buddha’s radiance exuding the lotus platform under him, rising and falling in the void.

“Everyone, can you let go of the black Buddha lineage?”

At this moment, the Buddha spoke, with a calm expression without joy, anger, sorrow, and joy.

“Buddhism? Are you here to intercede with the black Buddha lineage?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, then his face became cold and asked: “When the black Buddha lineage was about to attack the Six Realms, you Buddhism Have you ever asked for mercy for the Six Realms?”

“Buddhism is to save sentient beings and naturally begged for the Six Realms.” The Buddha said: “However, the black Buddha lineage insists on doing it his own way, and persuades more.”


“Huh, is it?” Jiang Chen snorted, and said: “Persuaded, but failed to persuade, so I won’t persuade. After all, the compassion and the universal saving of sentient beings in your mouth are nothing but you. I think that’s all.”

“Today, I will tell you that Buddhism persuaded the black buddha lineage to no avail, but today Buddhism persuaded me to wait…still no results! This black buddha lineage, I am dead !”

“The lives of that many creatures in the Six Realms, can’t die in vain!”


After that, Jiang Chen stared at the Buddha , The body is tight, and he is ready for a battle!

But what is surprising is that the Buddha didn’t say much after hearing this. The Buddha was light flashed and disappeared.

This makes many people wonder, is it that Buddhism does not intend to care about the black Buddha lineage?

“The black Buddha lineage is also derived from Buddhism after all, and Buddhism will not ignore it.” Someone sighed: “Perhaps… now in Buddhism, there is already a powerhouse dispatched and sitting in the black buddha lineage. “

“So what? He has a powerhouse in Buddhism, don’t I have Imperial Clan!?” Di San coldly said, and the corner of his mouth muttered: “The Old Ancestor in my house…can’t look at me Go and die?”

“Is there no one in my Dragon Race!? What do you want to do!?” Long Dade stared at Tongling with big eyes, and then angrily roared: “Hey! My Dragon Race Is there a powerhouse inside!? Bring me ten and eight half immortals!”

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