I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1324

After Long Dade shouted out this voice, the expression of all around people became weird.

You are a Chinese cabbage as a half immortal! ?

We must know that in this era, only the peak cultivator can have such a chance to step into the semi-fairy realm!

Ordinary people, even those Transcenders of peerless grace and elegance, can hardly step into the semi-fairy realm!

Now, when Long Dade’s voice goes down, the emperors of Dragon Race are directly stunned.

Someone poked Dragon Dade lightly, whispered in his ear, “Old Ancestor, Dragon Race is not half an immortal.”

“Fart! That old dragon I looked like a half immortal! Where’s his dragon?” Long Dade said with slanted eyes: “Hurry up, call him over!”

“Old Patriarch went to the front line to resist the leading troops of the Three Realms of Yang “Someone said: “Now there is no powerhouse in Dragon Race, we are the emperors.”

As soon as this word came out, Long Dade’s eyes were slightly frowned, and he looked towards Jiang Chen, said resolutely: ” I was a little anxious when I took the action, within the body divine force, something went wrong. I will not accompany you with this black Buddha lineage.”

After all, Long Dade turned around and left. .

“Can you be more reliable?” Jiang Chen grabbed Long Dade’s dragon horn, and said angrily: “I want to go today? Get ready and follow me to the Black Buddha lineage !”

“Boss…we don’t have much powerhouse here! There must be a Transcender in Buddhism!” Long Dade said with a reluctant expression.

No matter what, Jiang Chen has spoken. Long Dade can’t go!

In this way, after a group of people rested on the spot for a while, they tore the void and moved towards the black Buddha lineage!

Half a day later, when they came to the mountain gate of Black Buddha Lineage, they were shocked by the sight in front of them!

The dark Buddha Mountain gate that was originally magnificent but filled with Dark Aura has now been raze to the ground!

There are bones and blood everywhere, and even Jiang Chen saw a Transcender with only half a breath left!

As for the others in the Black Buddha lineage, all of them are dead!

“What’s going on!?”

“Who did it?”


Everyone wondered, who did it? of! ?

Be aware that there are still a few Buddhist Buddha corpses in the gate of the black Buddha lineage!

This means that Buddhism does have a powerhouse to shelter the Black Buddha lineage, but they are all killed!

So, who was the one who shot it… after all! ?

Is it a group of people, or a few people? Or maybe… alone! ?

“Old Patriarch!?”



Suddenly, the emperor of Dragon Race exclaimed It came out because they saw that in the depths of the black Buddha lineage, among the ruins, there was an Elderly with golden beard and hair standing there.

Under his feet, a Buddhism Buddha is dying, but his breath is still terrifying, reaching Peak Level and other Transcenders!

But this is such a powerhouse, and now it was stepped on by the Old Patriarch from Dragon Race!

“It is the Old Patriarch of Dragon Race! At first, one person shocked the Celestial Court! Now, with one person, the entire Black Buddha lineage was destroyed!”

” Dragon Race deserves to be so powerful!”


People from several other race forces exclaimed that the strength of Dragon Race, the Old Patriarch, is really terrifying. !

Some people even suspect that the strength of this old dragon should not be under the emperor’s towering world!

“What is the strength of one person!? This is called strength of 1 Dragon, and it has nothing to do with your Human Race!” Long Dade looked arrogant, and then licked his face to the side of Dragon Race Old Patriarch, said with a smile: “old fellow… uh… no, Old Patriarch, why are you here?”

“When you have nothing to do, come here for a stroll.” Dragon Race Old Patriarch said, looked When towards Long Dade, he smiled lovingly.

As soon as these words came out, Long Dade was all hairy, and you were so idle that you would destroy a Peak force?

However, Long Dade quickly reacted. This Old Patriarch shot was mostly worried about his safety, so he came early and solved the black Buddha lineage.

“I’m going away soon. From now on, this Dragon Race will really depend on you.” Dragon Race Old Patriarch sighed, looking into the distance, it seemed that he could see the scenery beyond endless void.

“Go away? Where to go?” Long Dade curiously asked.

“The towering emperor was born, so… the original group of people should also be born.” Dragon Race Old Patriarch said: “We are going to fight again. For this Fang Family Park, we have to Go away.”

After that, he brought Long Dade to Jiang Chen’s body, and even saluted Jiang Chen nodded in front of everyone!

This scene really surprised everyone!

Dragon Race Old Patriarch is a who thing, this is the powerhouse of the same era as the towering emperor!

His status is high in generations, and few in this World can compare with him.

When facing Dragon Race Old Patriarch, most people don’t say three prayers and nine knocks, but they have to bow their heads.

But it’s okay now, he actually saluted Jiang Chen.

Everyone was shocked, but Jiang Chen was very indifferent.

He knows that he must have met Old Patriarch of Dragon Race in a certain life, and in terms of seniority, Jiang Chen will only be higher than him, not lower than him!

“Old Patriarch don’t need to be polite, I have lost all my memory now. I am not the me who used to be, but the me of this life.” Jiang Chen said.

“You will return.” Dragon Race Old Patriarch said: “If you return, don’t forget Dragon Race.”

“Nature.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

After all, Jiang Chen’s eyes flashed a hint of doubt, and asked: “Are you going far? Where are you going?”

“The Three Realms of Yang.” Dragon Race Old Patriarch The expression condensed, and said: “Those pioneers of the Three Realms of Yang, let the Transcender of Great Thousand Worlds resist. The real powerhouse of the Three Realms of Yang still has to rely on our old bones.”

“Ah…as time goes by, the vicissitudes of the world, there are not many people who fought together at the beginning.” Old Patriarch sighed.

Jiang Chen hearing this, a hint of vicissitudes and sadness appeared in his heart for some reason.

Perhaps, this is from his soul.

“Dragon patriarch, is it wrong for you to act this time? Can you give me an account of Buddhism?”

At this moment, all around one after another Buddha’s radiance skyrocketed, Dozens of Buddhas emerged!

They stand or sit, surrounded by Buddha’s radiance, and one after another chanting sounds, like the Heavenly God Ming chanting together!

The momentum is very large, like a million gods descending, one after another pressure falls, under the compassionate Putuo, there is actually a killing intent hidden!

“I will not destroy Buddhism, it is already a show mercy.” Long patriarch contemptuously said: “If Buddhism does not want to exist in this world, just say it, I will naturally destroy you.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen was really shocked!

The strength of the dragon patriarch is really terrifying! ? Can one person destroy the entire Buddhism? !

“The juniors are fighting, why do you, a prehistoric power, have to take action? Isn’t this a bad rule?” A Buddha said, holding the Buddha seal, his eyes opened and closed, there seems to be a statue Grade 9 The lotus is floating!

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