I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1325

There are many powerhouses all around Buddhism, they are overwhelming, but it is difficult to break through the barrier of the dragon patriarch!

He shielded everyone with one person, and when he looked towards a group of powerhouses of Buddhism, his eyes were full of contempt.

As he said, if Buddhism wants to be destroyed, just say a word, he can do it.

“Dragon patriarch, it’s not easy to live from prehistory to today. Don’t let yourself be mistaken.”

“Your battlefield is not here. Now Great Thousand Worlds is empty. I will wait. When I get old, it’s time to give up this world to the youngster. The youngster is making trouble, why should we older generation intervene?”


Several Buddhas They opened their mouths, expounding their thoughts and opinions.

At the same time, they were also euphemistically telling Old Patriarch that it was time to go.

Old Patriarch didn’t say much, but Jiang Chen listened to his ears, but there was a sulky breath in his heart.

He looked towards the Buddha all around, said solemnly: “Old Patriarch is going to fight, then what about Buddhism? He said that the world of compassion, to save all living beings, is it to fight in the nest?”

“Just ask, during the battle, will there be people in Buddhism?”

As soon as these words came out, these Buddhas were silent for a while, and then a Buddha wearing a colorful robe chanted the Buddha’s name. Said: “Everything in the world has arrangements. My Buddhism protects the world instead of going to war.”

“Really? What have you saved? Have you saved the Six Realms? Or have you saved it? The Black Buddha lineage? Or… In the original battle, Buddhism saved the Great Thousand Worlds?”

Jiang Chen asked, he now knows many things, and he also knows that there was such a battle. With Great Thousand Worlds as the battlefield in the Three Realms of Yin and Yang, they almost beat this place!

In that battle, I never heard of a powerhouse from Buddhism!

Nowadays, everyone in Buddhism stands on the moral high ground, but what they do is shameless!

“Well, since you said that the older generation should not intervene, from today onwards, Buddhism will close the gate.” Old Patriarch stared, his voice was cold, and said: “If the mountain is not sealed, I can help you !”

“Long patriarch, you are too murderous and hostile.” The Buddha, covered in colorful glow, spoke again, and said: “It’s better to enter my Buddhism, and overcome your hostility. “



As soon as these words came out, a terrifying imposing manner broke out on Long Patriarch’s body instantly!

He stared at the Buddha shrouded in colorful glow, the killing intent manifested in his eyes, and he even yelled: “trifling Buddhism, want to cross me!?”

“Long patriarch , I’m waiting for your good.” The Buddha said again.

At this moment, Jiang Chen closed his eyes directly. He already didn’t want to look at the faces of these Buddhas, let alone listen to what these Buddhas said.

Jiang Chen feels that these Buddhas are nothing but magic that’s all dressed in Buddha’s radiance!

Jiang Liu and the others think so, even they think that the Buddhas of Buddhism are not as real as the evil races!

“Good for me?” Long patriarch chuckled lightly, and then shot out with a palm, turning his palm into a dragon claw, and suppressed the colorful Buddha!

After that, he restrained the Buddha in front of him, stepped on his face, faint smiled and asked, “Do you want to die?”

At this moment, All around many Buddhas blasted out angrily, and at the same time, the Buddha’s face at the feet of Old Patriarch changed drastically, and there was obvious fear in his eyes!

He was trembling, with cold sweat on his forehead, and the colorful glow on his body dimmed a lot!

“That’s it? Buddhism?” Old Patriarch contemptuously said: “The real Buddhist monk, I naturally respect and respect, but you guys… are just the devil that’s all under the banner of Buddhism!”

After that, Dragon Race patriarch slammed the Buddha’s head in front of everyone, and even his soul was stamped out by this foot!

“Dragon patriarch, kill me Buddhist monk, today is going to fight my Buddhistism!?”

“My Buddhistism has never been lost since its establishment. It is not you because of its profound heritage. You can imagine! Old Patriarch, you have to think clearly!”

At this moment, the Buddha all around was completely angry. They were no longer as calm as before. Buddha’s radiance is also bleak, ill-tempered, and killing intent appears in his eyes!

“It turns out…It’s really a group of demon that’s all with the name of Buddhism.” Jiang Chen curled his lips.

However, Jiang Chen also squeezed a cold sweat for Long patriarch.

Be aware that the Buddhas all around are very strong, and if they join hands, it would be enough for Old Patriarch to drink a pot.

Even more how, once they fight, Old Patriarch must have no time to protect them.

When the time comes, Jiang Chen and the others will suffer too!

“What Buddhism! The people of Pure Land are still in the future, you guys dare to call themselves Buddhism!? What a joke!”

Suddenly, a purple rays of light dropping from the sky , The emperor fell on the side of the dragon patriarch.

The two are old acquaintances, they met in prehistoric times, and they also fought in the Three Realms of Yin and Yang together.

The two looked at each other, and after clicking nodded, the emperor’s towering palm swept out directly, wherever the palm passed, heavenly star collapsed, and the Buddhas were swept down!

A few more people exploded and died in the air, not even a strand of residual ashes left!

“Buddhism? If you can represent Buddhism, then…what if Buddhism is extinguished?”

After a few breaths, a sky-high flame burned from a distance. The sky turned red!

Everyone looked around and saw a ten thousand li-sized Vermilion Bird flapping its wings. Everywhere it passed, the avenue was being burned!

“My Clan’s Old Ancestor!”

“Old Ancestor!?”


A group of Vermilion Bird One clan The emperor exclaimed that they had seen their Old Ancestor in the portrait.

But they didn’t expect that their Old Ancestor is still alive!

“Where was Buddhism when I was waiting for the battle!? When Great Thousand Worlds was used as a battlefield, when I was waiting to resist the Three Realms of Yin and Yang, where was Buddhism!? You, what are you?!”


At this moment, a long howling sound was heard, and then only a man with a divine light rain rushing into the air.

He has a human form, but there is a Phoenix-like illusory shadow behind him!

“My clan’s Old Ancestor!?”

“Oh my God! What happened today? The strongest heritage of each clan has appeared!?”

Phoenix Race people are also shocked, they know their Old Ancestor is indeed still alive, but they didn’t expect to come here today!

Now it’s good. The Old Ancestor from the three Monster Races is here, and the Old Ancestor from Imperial Clan is here too!

At this moment, everyone in Buddhism no longer has a voice, and all of them show fear!

“hahaha, a few long time no see.”

After a dozen breaths, a loud laughter came from the west, with unruly and arrogance in the words. With a touch of magic!

Immediately, everyone saw an old monk wearing a tattered robes, holding a hip flask in his left hand, and a leg in his right hand, walking towards here swayingly.

There is no Buddha’s radiance on him, the emperor is towering, and the others bowed their heads slightly when they saw this person, bowed their hands, and said: “I have seen a drunken monk.”

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