I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1326

Wearing a rags, wine in one hand and meat in the other, this is completely different from Buddhism.

The Eight Precepts of Buddhism, in which alcohol and meat are quit.

But this monk broke the precept directly in front of everyone.

However, the three Big Old Patriarchs respect this bad Wine Monk very much. In their capacity, bowing their heads and bowing their hands in salute is definitely a big gift!

“The Pure Land ignores the secular and does not care about the Buddhism branch. Didn’t expect has become like this.” Rotten Wine Monk came to the crowd and glanced at a group of Buddhism Buddhas who were suppressed. There was a hint of disappointment.

He comes from the pure land, he has cultivated the Dharma since he was a child, and the path is right, not like the group of Buddhas in front of him.

They completely distorted the original intent of Buddhism, knowing that it was wrong, but they insisted on going their own way.

However, the bad Wine Monk is here after all, he is here on behalf of the Pure Land.

He did not intercede for these Buddhas, but the three Big Monster Race patriarch let them go.

Just because the bad Wine Monk is here, the meaning is obvious, and the three big Monster Race patriarchs are not indiscriminate killers.

“Mumbling mumbling…”

At this moment, I saw rotten Wine Monk drank a swig, and then gnawed a piece of meat, but what was surprising was that the wine and meat came from his Entered through the mouth, but slipped directly from within the body and landed on the ground.

“Could it be that… the meat and wine have passed through the intestines and left in the Buddha’s heart?” Jiang Chen was surprised.

“youngster, how can any wine and meat have passed the intestines.” Rotten Wine Monk said with a smile, with a bit of bitterness in her voice, pointing to her body, and saying: “I have only one A ray of soul, no fleshy body, how can I catch the wine and meat.”

“A ray of soul!?”

“No way!? Imposing manner, but half immortal Power, how could it be just a ray of soul!?”


Jiang Chen and the others are shocked, is this too terrifying? !

A ray of soul that’s all, the imposing manner it exudes has reached a half immortal!

If the bad Wine Monk is complete, then its cultivation base will be True Immortal! ?

“Rotten Wine Monk was True Immortal in prehistoric times.” Long patriarch explained: “In that battle, almost all True Immortal died in the battle, and no more than one hand is still alive. Rotten Wine Monk can be considered as a blessing in misfortune to survive with a ray of soul.”

“What!? True Immortal was killed in battle!?”

“Rotten Wine Monk It was True Immortal in prehistoric times!?”


Everyone exclaimed. According to True Immortal, bad Wine Monk was a true Buddha in prehistoric times!

Those characters, above all beings, surpassing Six Roads of Samsara, how can they die in battle! ? How could there be a ray of soul left! ?

What happened in the first battle! ?

“The opening of every era must be baptism that has experienced war, and this era is no exception.” Rotten Wine Monk said with a smile, with a kind face.

He looked towards everyone, slightly nodded, and exclaimed: “This life has you, it’s good.”

“Rotten Wine Monk, can’t you recover it?” Long patriarch Asked.

“The fairy soul is shattered, how to recover? Unless it can enter the sky, otherwise it is difficult to recover with the avenue of this World.” Rotten Wine Monk sighed.

The fairy soul is the foundation of True Immortal!

However, after the war, not to mention this World, even the World Avenue of the Three Realms of Yin and Yang was destroyed!

Since then, no one can become a fairy!

Without the matter of becoming a fairy, how to repair the fairy soul.

“The world in the future will be your youngster’s world. Do whatever you want to do. If someone rely on age to show of age, then I don’t mind moving around.” Rotten Wine Monk said.

After that, he glanced at the gate of the lineage of the black Buddha that had been turned into ruins, and a hint of disgust flashed in his eyes, saying: “Buddha is a Buddha, there is no black Buddha and white Buddha, these people are nothing but I have fallen for luo, but I still want to sway the world that’s all in the name of Buddhism.”

“If you die, you are dead. There is no major event.”

, Rotten Wine Monk took another sip of wine, and the wine dripped from within the body, and he sighed for a long time, his eyes full of complexity.

After a few breaths, he turned around again, looked towards the distance, and slowly said: “You should go to war.”

“The Great Thousand Worlds will be handed over to Pure Land. “

“When the Tao goes out, the Buddha becomes a monk. If the Tao does not return, the Buddha will not be ashes.” Rotten Wine Monk said: “Don’t worry, the Pure Land is not to protect Buddhism, but to protect the Great Thousand Worlds. . Even if there is only a strand of Remnant Soul and a strand of consciousness, it will stay here.”

Speaking of this, the bad Wine Monk said jokingly: “You have earned a good reputation, I Buddhism has dropped a name.”

“The pure land does not compete with the secular.” Long patriarch said with a smile.

After that, a few prehistoric figures recounted the past, and finally the three Monster Race patriarch left, and the towering emperor also left, leaving only Jiang Chen entire group and bad Wine Monk.

He looked towards everyone and asked: “Is there any right or wrong in this world?”

When this word came out, many people were confused.

Right or wrong?

How to distinguish this?

Different positions and different ideas, there is no right or wrong in this world.

Wrong, but this Heaven and Earth.

If there are no creatures, there is no right or wrong, right?

“There is nothing right or wrong. If you say something wrong, Heaven and Earth is the biggest mistake.” Jiang Chen said.

“Yes, if Heaven and Earth are ruthless, there are any creatures in this world. Without all the emptiness of creatures, how can it be right or wrong.” Rotten Wine Monk nodded and said: “Although you never remember Returning, but the soul remains the same, and the thoughts and thoughts are the same as before.”

“Let’s go, do what you do, the world is changing, people are changing, this road… also It’s changing.” Rotten Wine Monk said: “Perhaps…this era should be revived.” After all, Rotten Wine Monk disappeared and turned into a golden-bright and dazzling Buddha’s radiance. , Leaving only a pot of wine and a leg meat.

Jiang Chen and the others stood there silently, searching for the last words of Wine Monk.

Times are changing, is it time to recover?

Could it be said that this era is different from before?

“Go, the real feather clan!”

After ten breaths, Jiang Chen expression condensed, and with a big hand wave, he directly Bearing the Void, moved towards the real feather clan and flew away.

Behind, the evil race, Imperial Clan, the three Monster Races and Jiang Liu and the others just followed.

Their expressions are complex, their hearts are shaking, and their eyes are always on Jiang Chen.

In fact, many people have doubts in their hearts, why they should listen to Jiang Chen and why they should follow Jiang Chen.

But they can’t figure it out.

Perhaps, there is such a kind of person in this world, no matter how good or bad, no matter how strong or weak, there will be people around him who obey him and follow him.

“You are here.”

Half a day later, when Jiang Chen and the others walked out of the void and came outside the mountain gate of the Zhenyu clan, they saw a The youngster stood there.

He has the cultivation base of the upper emperor, and his imposing manner is extremely strong. When looking towards Jiang Chen and the others, he has a killing intent in his eyes, but his breath is very calm.

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