I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1327

This young man is very out of the ordinary, standing there alone, like a mountain blocking everyone.

The killing intent in his eyes is undisguised, but with a smile on his face, which seems very polite.

“The bad wine master has been here.” The boy said: “Then, let’s use the youngster’s way to solve it.”

“Oh? How to solve it?” Jiang Chen picked Eyebrow, coldly said: “The destruction of the six realms can be solved by youngsters like us? After that many people are dead, the real feather clan plans to forget it?”

“The older generation Characters will not shoot. Today, the younger generation of my true feather clan will play.” The boy said: “Kill, we will die, or… you will die.”

“To kill, naturally, we must Kill, but I want to know what the real feathers mean.” Jiang Chen lightly said, his eyes were bright and his body was killing intent soaring!

To revenge, naturally is to kill!

However, some things can’t be solved by killing!

Sometimes, even one sentence and one attitude can solve everything!

As the current Jiang Chen said, he does not want to kill, after all, the six realms have been destroyed. He created the killing here, and he cannot bring the creatures of the six realms back to life.

What he wants now is just a word from a high-ranking member of the Zhenyu clan.

He wants to hear whether the Zhenyu clan will repent and whether they will apologize.

“This World is like this, weak are prey to the strong, my true feather clan did nothing wrong.” The young man said: “Today, I fully represent the true feather clan.”

“I, represent Divine Race with Six Wings.”

At this moment, within the mountain gate of the True Feather clan, dozens of youngsters with six wings on their backs walked out.

These people have reached the emperor’s cultivation base, and some of them faintly exude the breath of Transcender!

And these people are from Six Wings Divine Race!

Six Wings Divine Race and True Feather clan have the same origin. If one clan is in trouble, the other clan will naturally help!

“In that case…then there is nothing to say.” The cold glow in Jiang Chen’s eyes flickered, and the True Feathers and Six Wing Divine Race still have no sense of repentance.

So, in that case, it’s better to be destroyed!




At this moment, Jiang Chen waved his hand with a big hand, and there was nothing more to say , The first one to come back!

Next moment, I saw that the people behind him rushed out like tigers and wolves, and in an instant they fought with Zhenyu and the young emperors of the Six Wings!

“Kill my creatures in the six worlds, destroy my world in the six worlds, you will be punishable!”

“Today, the old and new accounts are calculated together, and we should seek justice for the six worlds. That’s it!”


With one after another roar, Jiang Liu and the others are stunned!

They penetrated into the enemy group, opened their hands, and completely abandoned their defenses.

The backlog of anger and resentment in the heart broke out at this moment!

At this moment, there are two teenagers in the real feather and six wing races fighting against Jiang Chen!

These two people are very powerful, especially among the six-winged youths, the eighth wing appeared behind them!

Every time he takes a shot, the wings behind this young man will flap one after another road gloss, the order and Rule Power are as sharp as the blade, and the strikes are on Jiang Chen’s body.

However, Jiang Chen’s fleshy body is so extraordinary that they cannot imagine it!

At this moment, I saw Jiang Chen condensing the dragon seal with his left hand, and the tiger seal with his right hand, dancing his fists, and his fists bloom like stars!

He used Strength of Fleshly Body to strike Grand Dao Law and Order, wherever he went, the void shattered, and even this world was trembling!

“How did this guy cultivation!? God’s cultivation base, why is there such battle strength!?”

“Too terrifying!”


The two young people who were fighting Jiang Chen were shocked, but there was no fear in their eyes.

For them, no matter how strong Jiang Chen is, realm is a bit low after all.

suppress and kill Jiang Chen, they are very confident!

However, after the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, I saw Jiang Chen was also really angry. The Myriad Transformations on top of his head became apparent, and under the light burning, one seemed to be able to cut off. The sword glow of ancient and modern comes forward!

The sword glow is dazzling, falling like a milky way, wherever it passes, not only cuts off the young man of the True Feather clan, but also blasts the gate of the True Feather clan!

If it weren’t for the powerhouse in the Zhenyu clan, it would wipe out the sword glow of Jiang Chen, otherwise the entire Zhenyu clan would be destroyed!

“Time and space division!”

Suddenly, a voice of vicissitudes came from the mountain gate of the True Feather clan.

Immediately, Jiang Chen saw the people around him disappear one by one, seeming to be teleported to other places!

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen’s expression also changed drastically. A Space Power wrapped it up, and then the rays of light flashed in front of him, and he was teleported to a place full of lava!

Here, there are more than a dozen real feathers and six-wing Divine Race emperors waiting for him!

“Is it true that my two races are not prepared?! Time and space are divided, and you will be teleported to different time and space planes! You are fighting alone, and we will fight you in groups!”

“hahaha! The creatures of the six worlds are not only weak, but also ridiculously low in IQ. Do you really think our two races are not prepared?”


Facing With these dozens of real feathers and six-winged Divine Race emperors, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but a hint of worry flashed in his eyes.

He is not worried about himself, but about Ruoxiao and the others.

“do it quickly!” Jiang Chen secretly thought, his imposing manner broke out, and he no longer hides his strength at this moment!

dragon’s cry tiger’s roar, three Dao Souls are possessed, and the lantern bearer is added. When Jiang Chen steps out, it is like a king who overlooks the eternal coming!

I saw him slowly raise his palm, the formation mark in his palm was wrapped, and a Formation took shape in an instant!

After that, his palm suddenly fell, and the Formation cover pressed down, suppressing all the dozen teenagers!

The opponent began to resist, but in this Formation, there was a sword glow everywhere!

That is Myriad Transformations Heaven Slash!

At the same time, the vines of the imperial vine are like chains, entwined in the Formation all around, making this Formation unbreakable!

One after another unquenchable fire fell, and the ruthless flame burned everything. Even if the emperor contaminated a trace of immortal fire, it would be difficult to extinguish it, and finally turned into ashes!

“If it weren’t for the cultivated Heavenspan scripture and the Tiger Soul Art, my cultivation base would have already entered the emperor.” Jiang Chen lightly said, without a trace of emotion in his eyes.

He looked at a group of people in the Formation and lightly said: “As the gods’ cultivation base, I am already invincible in the same realm.”

“Boy! Even if we kill us So what!? This is a special time and space, you can’t leave here!”

“Those of your friends are going to die!”

Two The people of the clan were screaming and screaming, and simply couldn’t stop Jiang Chen, who made a full shot.

In this regard, Jiang Chen is still so calm, shook his head slowly, and said: “I don’t know about other people, but my disciplines and brothers will definitely not die!”

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