I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1328

Jiang Chen did not show mercy, and a dozen of the emperors of the two clans were killed, leaving no one to live!

After that, he observed all around, it was no longer lava, but a wisp of Dao Mark!

This is the texture of the Avenue between Heaven and Earth, which was condensed by special means and turned into a Domain!

These Domains are connected to each other, and like a maze, they are divided into small spaces.

“The Great Dao’s runes road that can drive between Heaven and Earth…This means can only be Transcender!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

Jiang Chen didn’t expect. Among the two tribes of Zhenyu and Liuyi, there is even Transcender!

Moreover, this Transcender dare to make a move!

If this matter is rotten Wine Monk, the emperor and the others know that it will definitely make a big mess!

However, Jiang Chen at this moment does not intend to trouble the emperor and the others.

Today, he has already taken action, so there is nothing to hide!

The strength has been hidden for so long, Jiang Chen feels that he should do it himself.

If not, wouldn’t he be missing from this world’s name!

“This Transcender doesn’t dare to really do it, he can only use some tricks behind his back.” Jiang Chen lightly said, the rays of light flickered in his eyes, and the divine light dazzled all over his body.

In his hand, a wisp of brightly lit suddenly turned into a sharp sword, and the sword glow shone all over, as if to cut the past and the present!

He stared at everything all around, until finally, he found a blank area of ​​Dao Mark and cut it out with a sword!



With a burst of noise, the sword glow traversed, cutting this space into pieces!

Then, what caught my eye was another white space, full of glaciers and snowflakes in the sky.

It’s just that these glaciers were shattered at this moment, and among the snow in the sky, there were ray of blood stained with rays of light.

Among the ruins of a glacier, Ruo Xiao alone stands there.

The whole body was wounded, the eyebrows were cut open, and wisps of purple-golden blood dripped from its within the body, dyeing the snow white all around.

Under his feet, a dozen or so six-winged emperors fell to the ground, already dead.

“Boss…I never humiliated you, right?” Ruo Xiao looked back at Jiang Chen with difficulty, grinned, blood on his lips and teeth.

“Never ashamed.” Jiang Chen lightly said, walking to Ruo Xiao’s side, and inputting a ray of immortal fire into his within the body, patted his shoulder, and said: “Get a good rest. Leave the next to me.”

If Xiao didn’t speak, she still stood, closed her eyes, and started to heal.

After that, Jiang Chen cut open the space again and jumped into another space!

He constantly shuttled through various spaces and found Jiang Liu and the others, and Bai Fengyu and the others.

He gathered these people together, and then cut the space again.

Until the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Jiang Chen retrieved most of the people, but some of them were still alive, and some became a cold corpse.

Evil clan, Imperial Clan suffered a serious loss, almost half of the people died.

Although Jiang Chen’s brothers and disciplines were seriously injured, none of them died.

This is just like what Jiang Chen said before, everyone is dead, his brothers and disciplines will not die!

This is not only Jiang Chen’s new appointment to them, but also because Jiang Chen knows that the people around him will not be weaker than anyone!

It cannot be one enemy to a hundred, but at least one enemy to ten!

“en? How many great virtues!?”

An hour later, Jiang Chen counted the number of people, and his expression changed drastically!

Just because he actually ignored a few great virtues!

“Have you seen Long Dade and them?” Jiang Chen asked.

Everyone is hearing this, shaking their heads for a while, they are all divided into small spaces, simply don’t know where Long Dade and the others have gone.

At this moment, the art of dividing time and space is still there, which means that there are still several battles in time and space that never ended!

“They’re still fighting!” Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, his eyes were bright, and the Myriad Transformations above his head shone the radiance of the gods of fire!

Next moment, I saw Jiang Chen stick out with one hand, five fingers like a sharp sword, successively moved towards Void Falling!

Every time they passed, time and space collapsed one by one, until finally, Jiang Chen saw the space and time farthest from them, where several great virtues were there!


“No way?! Really dead!?”


This moment , Everyone’s expression changed drastically, and even more people exclaimed!

Especially the emperors of the three Big Monster Races, they saw that the Dragon Dade, the Phoenix Dade, and the Bird Dade were frozen!

At the center of their eyebrows, there is a dark dagger nailed, covered with obscure lines, and it is filled with the terrifying Qi of Death!

At the same time, in front of these three great virtues, Yao Dade and Jian Dade fell to the ground, and the blood on the ground was shining with divine light, life and death are unknown!

“Very good!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen expression became miraculously calm, and even a ray of killing intent never appeared on his body.

He just spit out a word: “Very good.”


Immediately, Jiang Chen broke through the air and entered in a few breaths. In the space where several great virtues are located.

“The boss… is angry.”

“The calmer, the more terrifying.”


Jiang Liu and the others were shocked, they rarely saw such a peaceful Jiang Chen!

And they know better, if Jiang Chen is really too calm, then…it is undoubtedly the calm before the rainstorm!

“Three Monster Race ancestors, plus an immortal medicine, a sword dao flower…”

At this moment, in that time and space, one body is pure and holy The young man shrouded in radiance was looking down at the great virtues below.

He has twelve wings on his back, the feathers all over his body are as bright as stars, and his eyes are open and closed, Sun, Moon and Stars are all turning upside down!

“Did you kill them?”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen came here, stood in front of a few great virtues, and looked up towards the young man in the sky.

“no no no, how could I be willing to kill them.” This young man lightly said with a smile: “immortal medicine, sword dao flower, three big Monster Race ancestors, these are all items of Great nourishment, if it can be used to refine demons, I may break through the shackles and become a fairy in this life!”

“Not dead?” Jiang Chen lightly said, with a smile on his mouth, and then his hands responded. The three Dao Souls appear together!

“Protect them.” Jiang Chen lightly said, his three Dao Souls are all conscious and can understand his words.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen slowly got up, volleyed up, and after being level with the young man, his eyes condensed and asked: “Who are you? There should be no you in Zhenyu and Liuyi. Isn’t that number one?”

You know, although the young man in front of him is an emperor’s cultivation base, his imposing manner is too terrifying, not even under Transcender!

It can be said that this person’s strength is the strongest and most terrifying person of all the same generation Jiang Chen has ever seen!

“My name is True God Yu.” The young man looked arrogant and said: “I was born by combining the power of the two Great Saints, but you ordinary men can’t compete!”

PS: Jiang Chen is about to break out!

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