I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1329

“Fusion of the two Great Saints?” Jiang Chen eyebrows slightly frowned. He originally felt that this young man was weird, but now that he heard this, his heart became more suspicious.

“True Feather and Six Wings originally have the same origin. For this battle, the Holy Son of our two tribes are willing to give up themselves and merge!” True God Yu raised his eyebrows: “I am now , This is the king realm invincible! Even if Transcender is here, I can be fearless!”

oh?” Jiang Chen lightly said, this time I understand, it turns out that True God feathers It is the fusion of the True Feather family and the Holy Son of Divine Race of Six Wings.

“Hybrid?” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as these words came out, True God Yu was furious.

He stared at Jiang Chen, his voice was cold to the extreme, and the killing intent on his body was swept away by the wind!

“We are the true descendants of the gods, the fusion of the two races, and the Supreme and sacred existence. How can you be bullied by ordinary people like you!?” True God shouted.

It is indeed very strong, the whole body is divine light, just like the strongest god in the world!

In the distance, Ruoxiao and the others are also watching here, each with a worried expression.

They have always believed in Jiang Chen, whether in Atheus Continent or in Nine Heavens God World, no matter how strong opponents they face, they always believe that Jiang Chen can win!

But this time, they really have no confidence!

Just because, True God Yu’s imposing manner is too terrifying, enough to be comparable to Transcender!

And even if Jiang Chen is strong, the cultivation base is there, but it’s all God.

In the realm of gods, is it capable of shaking Transcender? !

In the eyes of many people, it is obviously impossible.

“The boss is a miracle! I believe him!” Jiang Liu said resolutely.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is also staring at True God feathers, the corners of his mouth are slightly upturned, pointing to the three Dao Souls, and saying: “Today, even if I don’t use these three Dao Souls, I can You suppress it, do you believe it?”

When this word came out, True God Yu couldn’t help but froze.

He really doesn’t understand, why is Jiang Chen confident! ?

Without the imperial vine, without the undying bird, without the Myriad Transformations Tianzhan, what is left of Jiang Chen? !

Is it just by Jiang Chen’s own power?

This is undoubtedly nonsense!

“I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, kill you, destroy them, and then sacrifice these great virtues. I want to achieve the position of True Immortal in this life!” True God Yu looked arrogant.

He also told Jiang Chen that, in fact, Zhenyu and Liuyi have been waiting for Jiang Chen and the others!

They have coveted several great virtues for a long time, but they have never had a chance to start!

And this time, for the two races, is a great opportunity, a great good fortune and chance!

“Actually, I cultivated to now, I never know how strong I am.” Jiang Chen lightly said, with doubts in his eyes.

Because he seldom makes a move, sometimes he simply does not need to do it himself.

Even if he encountered some enemies, he didn’t need to use all his strength. Over time, Jiang Chen became “lazy”.

He doesn’t know how strong he is, because now, he has never used all his strength.

Those hole cards, those means, Jiang Chen has never really used it until now.

But Jiang Chen has always been clear that he should be quite strong.

“Today, try it.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

The voice fell, Jiang Chen’s body vibrated, one after another Spirit Physique fell from within the body, and then merged with it.

At the same time, its ribs bloomed with bright radiance, not only rose blooms, but also thorn flowers appeared!

The spine is like a dragon, and the ribs are like a tiger. Under the dragon’s cry tiger’s roar, flowers bloom all over the body!

At this moment, I saw Jiang Chen’s hair fluttering, his eyes were red, and the baleful qi that had been suppressed within the body for a long time appeared, and it turned into a big evil in an instant!

A layer of black shadow floats on its body, it is the lantern bearer!

Finally, Jiang Chen waved his fists and seemed to be satisfied with his strength. He couldn’t help but nodded and said: “It’s okay.”

“hmph, the ant looks at the sky, thinking To slay the dragon?” True God Yu said contemptuously, with the twelve wings flapping behind him, one after another divine light broke out!

Divine light seems to be composed of endless big runes, with the true meaning of the two cultivation techniques, wherever it goes, there seems to be a Divine Bird coming!

With a long cry, the Divine Bird fell, and the bird’s beak was close to Jiang Chen’s eyebrows!

“The trifling bird, dare to fight the dragon?” Jiang Chen lightly said, standing calmly on the spot, and when the Divine Bird transformed by Taoism fell in front of him, his mouth screamed With a sound, a dragon roar burst out!

Dragon roar exploded into the sky, spreading everywhere, and the sound swayed, like an ancient giant dragon under an angry roar!

Under the dragon roar, I saw the Divine Bird in an instant It exploded, and at the same time one after another ripples spread out, tearing apart the void, and moving towards True God, the feather is approaching!

oh?” True God Yu was slightly surprised, but did not panic.

He knows that Jiang Chen is very strong, but it’s only very strong that’s all.

For him, under Transcender, he is invincible!

At this moment, I saw True God Yu raise one hand, and rune burst out of his palm!

Immediately, the space of Jiang Chen all around split like a mirror, and there is a void thunderstorm emerging!

This is the secret technique of the True Feather clan, related to the Supreme Space Law!

“Space Law?” Jiang Chen lightly said, had a feeling in the heart, and glanced down at the ribs of his chest, where there was a rose blooming with this glow.

next moment, Jiang Chen stretched out a hand and turned into a flower shape, a rose rose in his hand, his heart had clear comprehension, and his mouth lightly said: “Heart has a tiger, sniff the rose, it turns out Is that the case?”



At the moment when the voice fell, I saw Jiang Chen as the center, and the a side World seemed Stopped!

Afterwards, Jiang Chen stepped out and avoided the one after another Space Law.

“en!? What happened just now!?” True God Yu was shocked. Just now, when Jiang Chen picked up that rose, he could clearly feel that all around time was chaotic Up!


To be precise, it is still!

Although it’s just still in a flash, it already involves Time Law!

“No matter how angry my heart is, there will be a moment of peace after all, and that moment is like a rose, I call him eternal.” Jiang Chen’s heart is more and more clear comprehension, and now he only knows this rose What is hidden!

This is Time Law!

“have the words at hand, can this eternity bloom again?” Jiang Chen lightly said, pinching a rose again!


At this moment, True God Yu’s expression changed drastically, and he could feel the time of this side World stand still again!

And Jiang Chen was not comfortable with this time, and rushed to him in an instant!


next moment, Jiang Chen throws a punch, the fist light is like a shining sun, strikes on True God Yu’s body and blasts it out, with blood along the way Sprinkle!

But then, Jiang Chen’s expression condensed, his eyes were full of surprises.

“Not dead?”

At this moment, the time of all around is restored again, Jiang Chen looked towards the True God feather in the distance with a surprised face, and saw nothing on him Scar, not even a feather dropped!

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