I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1330

Jiang Chen’s punch really hit True God Yu, but the opponent never even had a scar!

“You can control the Time Law, although there is only one strand, but it is enough to be proud of the same generation.” True God Yu stood in the distance, although he was praising Jiang Chen, but the slightest contempt in his eyes Without disguising.

“It’s just a pity, your strength is too weak to hurt me.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen also understood.

Although he can take a short timeout and hit True God feathers, his power is really not enough, it can be said to be unbreakable!

“Today, you must die.” True God Yu scornfully said: “From the time you stepped into this place, your destiny has been doomed!”

“Really?” Jiang Chen Raise the eyebrows, within the body divine force riot, the baleful qi is burning like a gray flame!

He shot again. This time he didn’t use Time Law. Like a tiger rushing out, he rushed to True God Yu in no time.

Throws a punch, the sun and the moon are shining in the fists, and there are strands of Primal Chaos Qi rising and falling!

“I said, your strength is not enough to hurt me.” True God Yu contemptuously said, like a white jade’s palm pushing out, seemingly very casual.



But when the fists collided and there was an explosion, True God Yu’s face changed!

He still stood in place, but Jiang Chen was shocked and flew out, but True God Yu’s palm was cracked, and blood dripping down like white jade!

He was a little surprised, unable to believe that a God Venerable Realm’s cultivator could break through his defense!

“It seems that Primal Chaos Qi is still useful.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“Primal Chaos Qi? You are indeed Interesting.” True God Yu came back to his senses, the divine light flowed on his body, and the injury healed in an instant!

After that, he stopped talking, twelve wings slapped behind him, one after another divine force wave burst, and even with Space Law, he seemed to tear this a side World to pieces!

The squally gusts of the sky, along with the roaring winds, also Space Law descends like an invisible blade!

Jiang Chen’s body vibrated and was trapped in place by an invisible force, as if trapped in a space impossible to move!


At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to hesitate, and the rose blossoms bloomed. After a short period of time stagnation, it was difficult to avoid this blow!

However, Jiang Chen’s body is a bit unbearable after using Time Law one after another.

After all, this is the most Peak power. With Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, if it is continuously used, it is indeed impossible to hold it!

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s complexion is a little pale, his lips are closed, and there is a mouthful of blood in his throat!

“Don’t bear it, use the power of the highest law, and your realm simply can’t bear it!” True God Yu Divine Consciousness is very keen, and he immediately noticed Jiang Chen’s state.

Jiang Chen hearing this, curl one’s lip, and then mouth spurt blood spilled out.

Immediately afterwards, he wiped the corners of his mouth with his hand, then looked towards True God Yu, and said: “I just moved my muscles and bones that’s all, and then it’s true.”

As soon as these words came out, True God Yu burst into laughter.

He thinks Jiang Chen is boasting!

In his eyes, how strong can a God Venerable Realm cultivator be?

Even if you master a bit of Time Law, it is impossible to be his opponent!

You know, he is a creature born from the fusion of the power of the Holy Son of the two races, and he is the strongest emperor!


At this moment, Jiang Chen stretched out his hand and held it horizontally, a greedy ghost appeared in his hand, and a monstrous murderous aura broke out!

murderous aura Accompanied by baleful qi, Jiang Chen’s whole body has turned into gray, and the gray is also mixed with wisps of blood!

The aura on Jiang Chen’s body has changed, just like a demon from purgatory!

He stepped out in one step, all around the gust of wind whistling, and the sound of howling ghosts is endless!

His divine force within the body is burning, and even Primal Chaos Qi is rioting!

Vaguely, you can see a strand of Primal Chaos Qi turned into a Dao Void shadow, standing behind Jiang Chen, that is one of the strands of Primal Chaos Qi turned into Avatar!


At this moment, Jiang Chen gave a long scream, like Demon God, holding a greedy ghost and charged out!

“After all, you are just a God Venerable Realm’s ant that’s all, how can you compete with me!?” True God Yu contemptuously said, raising one hand slowly, then gently pushing it out, together Palm prints burst out.

He is still so arrogant, he hasn’t used all his strength until now.

He seems to be playing Jiang Chen!

However, this time, the expression of True God Yu has completely changed!

I saw Jiang Chen rushing. The greedy ghost was like a sword but not a sword, and a sword was not a sword. One shot fell and directly smashed the palmprint of True God Yu.


Splitting the air sound suddenly sounded, Jiang Chen seemed to be teleporting, and appeared in front of True God Yu in an instant!

As soon as the shot fell, the violent breath enveloped True God Yu, and then Blade and Sword Edges sublimated like a silver moon, fiercely slashed on True God Yu’s body!

True God Yu was too arrogant and careless before, and he didn’t even have time to react to this blow, so he couldn’t avoid it!

One hit hit, True God Yu screamed, half of his body was stretched out, and even his soul was wiped out on the spot!


Jiang Chen frowned, looking at the True God feather cut in half before him, always feeling that this guy was impossible to be killed so easily.

“Boy! You angered me!”

Suddenly, the body of True God Yu in front of him turned into a flood of light and disappeared, and then he was 100 meters away from Jiang Chen In addition, another True God Yu manifested!

He was unharmed, but the twelve wings behind him are missing a pair at this moment!

“en? Lost a pair of wings?” Jiang Chen frowned, and asked, “Use a pair of wings for a life?”

“I admit I underestimated you! But then, you won’t have any chance again!” True God roared, his previous carelessness caused him to lose a pair of wings!

For True God Yu, the wing is its own strength, its own dao fruit!

Fortunately, he is strong enough, he thinks that losing a pair of wings is not a problem, enough to suppress and kill Jiang Chen!

At this moment, True God is no longer careless, divine force is burning, both hands forming seals, one after another terrifying Space Law is gathered in his palm!

“Are you thinking of me stupid?” Jiang Chen expression said weirdly: “Can you really make your condense seal impossible?”


The voice fell. , Jiang Chen pushed horizontally with one hand, the rose blooms, and time stopped in an instant!

True God Yu’s face showed a sense of horror, his movements were forced to stop, and he could only watch Jiang Chen rush to him!

After that, another shot fell, and the fleshy body and soul of True God Yu were cut apart again!

“en? Is it coming back to life again?”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen saw that True God Yu “lived” not far away, but the wings behind it came back again One pair missing!

“There are only four pairs of wings left, your strength is greatly reduced, how can you fight me?” Jiang Chen joked.

But, as soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen’s body trembled, and his body could not bear it after successively using Time Law!

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