I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1332

Jiang Chen passed out into a coma, Jiang Liu and the others guarded him, not allowing anyone to approach this place.

And the space of all around has not dissipated, they are still in that secret technique.

At this moment, in the mountain gate of the Zhenyu clan, the people of the two clans held their breath, they are all waiting for the result of the battle!

Some people are very confident that after the battlefield is divided, the emperors of the two clans will surely win by fighting more and less!

But there are also frowns who know the power of Jiang Chen and the others, especially the emperors of the evil race and the Imperial Clan, who are all fierce persons!

In addition to the menacing emperors of the three Monster Races, this battle is really hard to fight!


Suddenly, a sigh of vicissitudes and sadness came from the deepest part of the Zhenyu clan.

This is an Old Ancestor of the True Feather clan, old and late, blood energy is exhausted, this life has come to an end.

Before, it was he who shot secretly and divided the battlefield, hoping that the two clans could win.

But at this moment, he can feel the aura in each big space, the emperors of the two clans are dead!

A sigh, which means that an era has passed, that a glory has disappeared, and that the power of Two Great Races has completely declined.



After a few breaths, a trembling sounded. The Transcender of the True Feather clan took the initiative to revoke the secret technique, and time and space reversed, Jiang Chen and the others appeared in front of the mountain gate of the Zhenyu clan.

At the same time, the corpses of the emperors of the two clans all fell, and they were all placed at the gate of the mountain!


“The army is annihilated!?”

“The Holy Son of my two races should be merged!? But why… Lost!?”


People of the two races can’t believe it, let alone accept this fact!

Be aware that if this battle is lost, there will be no more True Feather and Six Wings in this world!

This is tantamount to being annihilated!

After more than ten breaths, the place became quiet, and no one spoke.

The people of the two races knew that they were defeated, and now they have to wait for the judgment of fate.

On the other side, Ruoxiao and the others are waiting for Jiang Chen to wake up.

Until half a day later, Jiang Chen recovered a lot from his injury. After waking up slowly, he half-lied in Bai Fengyu’s arms.

He is weak, complexion pale, and his lips are dry.

But there was a smile on the corners of his mouth, because they won the battle!

At this moment, he looked towards the people of the two races and asked in a soft voice: “Do you know your sins?”

“The destruction of the six worlds is determined by me, and they It doesn’t matter, can you let them go?”

At this moment, the Transcender of the Zhenyu clan walked out and looked towards Jiang Chen with a trace of sadness and vicissitudes in his eyes.

He wants to do it, but he knows better that if he does it, Jiang Chen will definitely have Transcender doing it!

When the time comes, it is not only him who will die, even the other clansman of the two clans will be wiped out!

“The people who decided to destroy the Six Realms at the time either died, or they are now on the front lines to defend against foreign enemies, and I don’t know if they can come back alive.” The elderly Transcender sighed, “Today, I represent The real feather clan can give you an explanation, okay?”

“Explain?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows. He didn’t believe that Transcender could give him an explanation.

After all, in the eyes of many people, Transcender Supreme, overlooking the world, what do they explain? What can they explain?

For Transcender, the best explanation is to do it and speak with your fist!

“I’m waiting for the wrong, please let go of the descendants of the two races.” The elderly Transcender said, and then in front of everyone, a palm was placed on top of the head. .

In an instant, I saw his fleshy body shattered and his soul burned up!

The first generation of Transcender has chosen to destroy itself!

This is a shame for any Transcender!

After cultivation to this step, I should have overlooked the world and looked down upon the heroes. How could I destroy myself! ?

“The descendants of the two clans proclaim themselves ten thousand years, and they must not step out of the mountain! One person violates the order and punishes the whole clan!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

Jiang Chen doesn’t like killing indiscriminately, and knows that it was the high-levels of these forces who decided to destroy the Six Realms.

Now that other Transcenders have gone to the front line, it is not certain whether they can come back alive, and they are also considered to protect the Great Thousand Worlds, they are considered to be atonement.

As for the descendants of the two races, Jiang Chen didn’t kill him either, just let them call themselves Wannian.

Ten thousand years, for a cultivator, really passed in the blink of an eye.

Even for some high realm cultivators, a retreat may be ten thousand years.

I can’t see Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, or the blue sea turned into mulberry fields. The self-appointment of ten thousand years is a very light punishment for the two races.

“Boss, just forget it?” Ruoxiao frowns saying: “The six worlds are destroyed, and that many people are dead!”

“A person is not a person, why do you need to be someone else.” Jiang Chen sighed.

After that, he slowly got up, and under the support of Bai Fengyu and Nalan Meier, with a hint of loneliness, he moved towards the distance slowly.

After this battle, Jiang Chen was a little tired. He was not physically tired, but heart tired.

To be honest, Jiang Chen thought about killing all these forces before the start of this battle!

But when this day comes, he can’t do it.

Perhaps, this is the difference between people.

“The last force is left, Resurrection Lily!”

After half a day, everyone was resting in a Small World, Jiang Chen looked towards the distance, with a hint of doubt in his eyes .

At the beginning, there were five forces that decided to destroy the Six Realms, but now four have been destroyed, and there is one last force left-Resurrection Lily!

This force has always been mysterious, and even the world does not know that there is such a force!

Only those powers and families with a long inheritance know that there is such a power as Resurrection Lily.

According to legend, there are not many people in Resurrection Lily, but each one is a supreme powerhouse, and is not subject to Holy Land control!

It is even more rumored that the reason why the Holy Land can become the Number One Influence of Great Thousand Worlds is precisely because of the support of Resurrection Lily behind it!

If this rumor is true, then this Resurrection Lily is absolutely not allowed to move!

Once Resurrection Lily is moved, the Holy Land will definitely take action!

When the time comes, with the strength of people like Jiang Chen, how to compete with the Holy Land and how to compete with Resurrection Lily! ?

“Master, do you want to stop?” Bai Fengyu asked.

She was the first to follow Jiang Chen, and was also Jiang Chen’s first discipline.

She understands Jiang Chen’s heart very well.

Especially now, Jiang Chen is meditating. During the period of contemplation, his gaze is constantly sweeping over the crowd, and the worry that is revealed in his eyes is really hard to conceal.

“The Holy Land is in charge of Great Thousand Worlds and maintains the balance of Great Thousand Worlds.” Jiang Chen said: “Now, we have destroyed several Great Influences one after another, which undoubtedly broke a certain balance of Great Thousand Worlds.”

“But…the Holy Land did not stop it.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Perhaps…this is a silent warning to us…”

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