I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1333

If Resurrection Lily is really related to the Holy Land, then Jiang Chen must not attack Resurrection Lily!

First, Resurrection Lily is too mysterious and has a deep background. Jiang Chen cannot guarantee that Resurrection Lily will be destroyed!

Secondly, if the Holy Land takes a shot, then with the strength of Jiang Chen and others, attacking Resurrection Lily will undoubtedly die!

However, the great enmity of the Six Realms has not yet been reported, so is that so?

“We destroyed the Celestial Court, destroyed the lineage of the Black Buddha, and sealed Zhenyu and Six Wings, and made such a big disturbance, can the Holy Land not know?” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Since they are Knowing, but not stopping, then there is only one possibility, that is, let us stop when we have enough trouble!”

“This is a silent warning!”

Everyone is hearing This is also a chill in my heart, and it is full of fear for the Holy Land.

But, if Xiao and the others are upset, is it possible that just forget it! ?

“Wait, maybe the Holy Land will give us an answer.” Jiang Chen sighed.

In the end, everyone went back one after another.

Jiang Chen led everyone back to Heavenspan Court and settled in the mountainside.

Mountainside, originally the place where the upper floors of Heavenspan Court lived, but now the upper floors of Heavenspan Court are gone, and the dean and the others have also passed away.

With Jiang Chen’s identity and strength, coupled with the forces behind him, now Heavenspan Garden can be said to be in charge of him.

Then, he settled in the mountainside, naturally there is no problem.

After returning to the mountainside, Jiang Chen did not say anything to Jiang Liu and the others, so he chose to retreat!

Fighting with True God Yu, Jiang Chen was injured too badly and realized his own shortcomings!

Although his battle strength is very strong, his cultivation base is too low!

Now that the war is imminent and the age of dark blood is coming, Jiang Chen must improve his realm as soon as possible!

Only when the realm is improved, can Power of Time be used better!

“The boss is very worried, and he didn’t say anything after he came back, so he went straight to retreat.”

“Is the injury too serious?”

” No matter how bad the injury is, the boss can only recover in a few days. I think…the boss is on his mind.”


At this moment, in Outside of Jiang Chen’s retreat, Jiang Liu entire group sits cross-legged here to protect Jiang Chen’s law.

They are not fools, knowing that Jiang Chen must have something on their minds, but they didn’t tell them that’s all!

“Is it related to the Holy Land?”

“It shouldn’t be…”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is cross-legged While sitting, began to adjust the breath to heal injuries.

His Essence, Qi, and Spirit within the body are very vigorous, and the blood energy is transpiring like Hon Hai, and his special Saint Physique is also glowing, within the body’s blood flow, The sound of the stormy waves hitting the shore broke out!

In just half a day, Jiang Chen’s injury was completely recovered.

After recovering completely from the injury, Jiang Chen began to look inside his own state.

Three Dao Souls quietly sink and float in the Soul World, and with the cultivation and effect of the magic power of ascending souls, the three Dao Souls have undergone some changes.

However, these changes are not very obvious. Perhaps the three Dao Souls have been advanced several times. If you want to advance further, it may not be that simple. It takes time to accumulate.

After that, Jiang Chen’s gaze fell on three strands of Primal Chaos Qi.

A strand of Primal Chaos Qi turned into an Avatar before, and it was that Avatar who saved Jiang Chen from the previous fierce battle with True God Yu.

But the Avatar disappeared because of this.

At this moment, the strand of Primal Chaos Qi has returned to its original form, like an Azure Dragon, entwined with Jiang Chen’s soul.

The other two Primal Chaos Qi, at this moment, become very fuzzy, as if they are about to disappear!

Looking carefully, Jiang Chen’s heart throbbed.

Because the two Primal Chaos Qi, I don’t know when they got in touch with the lantern bearer!

One Primal Chaos Qi turned into a chain and locked the limbs of the lantern bearer, and the other Primal Chaos Qi seemed to turn into a tight hoop, which was wrapped on the top of the head of the lantern bearer!

“This is…the one who wants to seal the lantern!?” Jiang Chen was frightened, and couldn’t understand why San Wei Primal Chaos Qi did this!

Jiang Chen knows that San Wei Primal Chaos Qi is alive, but is it too much to do so?

“I said three big brothers, what are you doing to trap the lantern-bearer? This is my Dao Soul!” Jiang Chen said grimly, hoping to have a good conversation with Primal Chaos Qi.

However, San Wei Primal Chaos Qi not at all pays attention to Jiang Chen, and even the tight band on the top of the head of the lantern is getting tighter.

“Don’t! Show mercy!” Jiang Chen is anxious. If the lantern bearer is completely imprisoned and sealed, will it affect Myriad Transformations Tianzhan?

After a few breaths, watching San Wei Primal Chaos Qi ignore him, Jiang Chen was too lazy to communicate.

He looked inside his Soul World again, and finally saw a diamond-shaped rune at the center of the soul’s eyebrows.

On this diamond-shaped rune, there are wisps of divine light flashing, more like the sound of a clock turning.

all around, there is a wisp of Power of Time permeating!

“Is this the rune made by Power of Time!?” Jiang Chen asked in confusion. With a wave of his hand, a rose bloomed.

After that, he tried to use Power of Time and found that the diamond-shaped rune began to flash rays of light!

Furthermore, as the rays of light of the diamond-shaped rune flickered and brightened, a roar suddenly appeared above Jiang Chen’s head!

Under the rumbling sound, I saw a Dao Void appearing. If you look carefully, it looks like an old clock!

There is no minute hand, no second hand, only an hour hand is slowly turning.

“This is…Power of Time!?” Jiang Chen was shocked. At the moment the clock appeared, the Power of Time mastered by Jiang Chen suddenly became stronger!

Furthermore, with the turning of the hour hand, from one to two o’clock, the Power of Time mastered by Jiang Chen has increased by one point!

“If this goes to twelve o’clock, will my Power of Time reach Peak?” Jiang Chen lightly said, curious he did not put away the clock, and wanted to see if the hour hand was pointing to ten At 2 o’clock, will it be the same as he guessed.

However, after the clock appeared, the divine force of Jiang Chen within the body passed quickly. When the clock turned to three o’clock, the divine force of Jiang Chen within the body was exhausted!

In desperation, Jiang Chen put away Power of Time, a wry smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He secretly sighed, after all, the cultivation base is too low!

However, Jiang Chen is not in a hurry. He has been in God Venerable Realm for a long time, and his background is deep enough and he has accumulated enough.

Now, as long as he is willing, he can directly break through and step into the Divine Emperor cultivation base!

But Jiang Chen always feels that something is missing…

This feeling is very strange. Jiang Chen can’t figure out what is missing for a while.

In this way, he sat cross-legged, thinking, and the divine force within the body is slowly recovering.

Jiang Chen seems to be in a certain state. I don’t know how long it has passed. A thunderbolt suddenly flashed in his mind, as if suddenly enlightenment!

“It turned out to be missing!” Jiang Chen’s eyes were full of clarity, and he finally thought of it!

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