I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 813

The Haotian Conference is a feast for the younger generation, and many Tianjiao will attend.

Even if it is not for ranking, it will be for other things.

What Jiang Chen didn’t expect was that a Haotian feast made him meet so many acquaintances!


At this moment, Nalan Meier came to Jiang Chen’s side with a charming face and a trace of resentment in her eyes.

Its voice is very soft and awkward, it seems to melt people!

Jiang Chen shook his whole body, head up to the sky, and said indifferently: “Well, long time no see.”

“Master…Does others miss you…” Nalan Meierxiu pulled Jiang Chen’s sleeves and said coquettishly: “I really want the kind I really want.”

“Sister-in-law is good!”

“I have seen sister-in-law!”


Rather than waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, Jiang Liu and the others are very acquainted with each other, each sister-in-law Called out.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s face was flushed, even more embarrassing!

What the hell! ? Who told you this is sister-in-law! ?

Have you asked my opinion? ?

“What are you talking nonsense…” Nalan Meier’s pretty face is also slightly red, but she is still very happy.

This sister-in-law is really good!

“I, you, Jiang Liu, Ruoxiao, Nalan Meier, Xiao Qingyi, exactly six people.” Mu Xingyun kept nodded and said: “Maybe…we can really break in Finals.”

“Finals? Maybe.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

If Nalan Meier did not come, then Jiang Chen said that he would have no confidence in making it to the final.

But with Nalan Meier, this is different!

Know that Nalan Meier is a war dancer!

Although this is a profession in Atheus Continent, it is still used in Nine Heavens God World!

As long as Nalan Meier’s war dance is still there, and as long as she can dance, then the strength of Jiang Chen and the others can never be measured by the eyes of her eyes!

“Just rest here and participate in the Haotian Conference tomorrow.” Jiang Chen said, moving towards the side.

Just because Nalan Meier is about to lie on him!

“Boss, don’t bother you.” Jiang Liu thought he was sensible, and walked away.

If you see it small, frowned, said solemnly: “Tomorrow will fight hard, you should pay attention and be restrained.”

“Control? What are you talking about!? Believing or not I’ll smash your head!” Jiang Chen stared, looking at Ruo Xiao’s serious face, feeling quite speechless.

Xiao Qingyi laughed and didn’t say anything, and sat down with Jiang Liu.

As for Mu Xingyun, this guy has disappeared again, perhaps by his side, or perhaps gone elsewhere.

And this night, for Jiang Chen, is very difficult!

Nalan Meier doesn’t care about that many, just under the exposure of Heaven and Earth, she has to hold Jiang Chen’s hand.

His charming face makes some people passing by turn their heads frequently, and some even show jealousy towards Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen is very distressed. I really missed Nalan Meier and the others before, but if I really meet it, it will feel…oh…uncomfortable!

Fortunately, one night passed quickly, and the entire Clear Sky City was completely lively in the morning on the 2nd day!

I saw a group of Tianjiao walking out of the Inn, moving towards the square of Clear Sky City.

There are also some people who rose in the air, seeming to step on the top of everyone’s heads, they are very arrogant!

Someone is driving Divine Beast and moving forward under the attention of everyone.

“Those who dare to fly in the sky are very strong, and they are considered Seeded Contestants of the Haotian Conference.”

“Those who control Divine Beast are not weak either, from outsiders Major Top Sects!”


Many people feel that strength and solid foundation are good.

Of course, in contrast, Jiang Chen’s team is also a “focal point of ten thousands”!

Nalan Meier held Jiang Chen’s hand in a jiaodi, and walked slowly in spite of everyone’s eyes.

She also winks at Jiang Chen from time to time. The beauty is really unbearable!

“It is said that beautiful women match heroes. Why do I see flowers inserting cow dung today.”

“Hey, the lower True God can actually find this Dao Companion, this world. “

Listening to the voice coming from his ear, Jiang Chen really wanted to tell them that this is my discipline!


Just as everyone was walking forward, there was a sudden explosion behind them!

Everyone turned their heads, just to see a young man walking towards the front with his chin held high.

Anywhere he passes, anyone who does not give way to him, without the slightest hesitation, he will slap and fly!

“Dare to make trouble in Clear Sky City, this kid doesn’t want to live anymore!? There are rules in the virtual God World!”

“Hush! Don’t talk! That kid is rumored to be The descendant of the Divine Emperor!” Someone whispered, a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

And this young man seems to enjoy being watched, talked about, envied and jealous.

With a confident smile on his face, he is still so arrogant and keeps moving forward.

Until the end, no one dared to stand in its way!

Jiang Chen and the others also moved towards the side to make a move, not wanting to cause trouble.

But when the boy passed Jiang Chen, he suddenly stopped.

I saw him glance at Nalan Meier, then without saying a word, he stuck out his hand and moved towards Nalan Meier’s face!

“Damn! The descendants of the Divine Emperor are so overbearing!?”

“Too crazy!?”


Many people scolded in their hearts, but no one dared to say anything.

“Get out of the way!”

At this moment, if Xiao Xiao slapped him, he took the boy’s palm back.

“en?” This young man seemed surprised that someone dared to treat him this way.

But he didn’t say much, he just stared at him for a while, lightly said with a smile: “I will destroy you at the Haotian Conference!”

“I Who are you afraid of?” Ruo Xiao’s face was cold, and turned to look towards Nalan Meier, said resolutely: “Sister-in-law, don’t be afraid! We are here!”

“Sister of God! -in-law!” Jiang Chen’s face went dark, but his eyes kept falling on the boy.

Jiang Chen has a feeling that something is wrong with this boy.

It’s not that it’s very strong, but it gives people a feeling of being strong outside and weak inside.

“Leave him alone.”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen got up and continued moving towards the front.

Along the way, many people are watching Ruo Xiao, and they seem to think that Ruo Xiao is very strong and domineering, at least dare to challenge the Divine Emperor’s descendants.

I don’t care about this.

He knows very well that the strongest and most ruthless person among this group is not him.

“So many people!?”


After more than ten breaths, when everyone came to the square of Clear Sky City, they were already crowded. No longer enter, can only stand on the edge of the square.

“This… there are too many people, why can’t you squeeze in, how can you participate in the Haotian Conference?” Jiang Chen frowned.

However, after the tone barely fell, there was a sound in the sky!

More avenues turn into ripples, spreading and opening!

A pressure from the fleshy body and soul erupted, and within a few breaths, a large group of people fell down on the square.

The people who fell were pushed out of the square by a force.

In a dozen or so breaths of time, the number of people on the square has dropped by half!

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