I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 814

The coercion from the soul and fleshy body is like the collapse of the sky on everyone.

In an instant, all the cultivators under the Profound God were shaken and pushed out of the square.


At this moment, an Elderly appeared out of thin air. He didn’t say the rules of the Haotian Conference, just because he basically understood this kind of feast.

Jiang Chen and the others finally entered the inside of the square, watching several arenas rising in the sky.

In every arena, some things are placed, as well as prohibitions, Formation, Formation, talisman, etc.

“Wendou is better than Formation, Formation, prohibition, talisman, pill concocting, refining, etc.” Someone explained: “Some Top Sect specializes in these. If they can perform well in Wendou, It is possible to enter these Top Sects.”

“Wendou that’s all, what’s so good? This World, speak with strength.” Someone curled his lips and didn’t care.

“What do you know? A powerful Array Master, with the blessing of the cultivation base, one person can kill tens of thousands, even tens of millions of people!” Someone said: “A Formation Teacher, it can block Heaven and Earth even better!”

“So what? No matter how strong array and Formation are, in the face of absolute strength, it is nothingness.”


all around The voice is very mixed, Jiang Chen and the others are silent, not at all to debate what.

But Jiang Chen knows very well that if things like Formation Formation are really cultivated to the end, they are far stronger than ordinary cultivators!

In the previous life, Jiang Chen was able to become the Divine King, which has a great relationship with his proficiency in all professions!

“This…how does it compare?” Nalan Meier asked softly, blinking beautiful eyes, very charming.

“There is a Formation on that ring, just crack it.” Someone looked at such a charming Nalan Meier and immediately spoke, as if to show it.

“There is a talisman on it over there. Just destroy it.”

“There is a Formation on the ring there, just break it open.”


These people explained one by one, and at the time of the explanation, someone had already rushed into a ring.

It was an arena with a talisman inscribed. After this person rushed up, his hands kept forming marks, and the rune rose and fell, converging to form a talisman.

After that, he collided the talisman with the talisman in the ring!



With an explosion, I saw the person’s condensed talisman collapsed, and the talisman on the ring did not have the slightest Variety.

However, sharp-eyed people can see that the brilliance of the talisman on the ring is dimmed.

“Yes, it can obliterate some talisman’s brilliance.” The old man nodded standing in the air exclaimed: “Multi-line cultivation, comprehend talisman together, the future is promising!”

“Many thanks.” This person said with a smile, seemingly very happy.

“I didn’t crush the talisman, is it passed or failed?” Jiang Liu questioned.

“The talisman and Formation Formation in the arena, of course, cannot be cracked by our strength. As long as they can be shaken a little bit, they are very good.” Someone explained: “As for whether it can pass, this In the end, it was judged by those great characters.”

“The person just wiped out some rays of light from the talisman. Is this very strong?” Ruo Xiao asked.

“Of course! Those talisman are not ordinary, they are all gathered by the talisman master personally, which can obliterate some of its rays of light, they are already very strong!”


Hearing this, Jiang Chen can’t help being frowned. Is this secretly thought strong?

In the previous life, Jiang Chen also participated in the Haotian Conference, and also participated in Wendou, but not at all feel how strong the talisman Formation is on the ring.

“If these talisman Formations are crushed, does it mean that the level is definitely passed?” Jiang Chen asked: “Is there any reward after passing the level?”

” Hey, if you can really smash those talisman formations, of course it will be a pass.” A high-ranking Profound God looked at Jiang Chen contemptuously, and said: “But can you do it? You know that in the past few hundred years, it hasn’t One person can do it!”

Speaking, the boy looked at Jiang Chen again, and then whispered: “Why are you still here, the lower True God!? The pressure just now failed to overcome Are you lying down?”

“If you are lying down, I can still be here?” Jiang Chen said grimly.



At this moment, a bang came from the Formation ring!

Everyone looked up and saw a gap in the array on the ring!


“This Formation accomplishment…absolutely!”


Everyone exclaimed, at the same time I also saw the person who broke the Formation.

“Uh… Cassia?” Jiang Chen was stunned, blinked his eyes, thinking he was wrong.

In Jiang Chen’s mind, Cassia is a hedonistic son of rich parents. The cultivation base is not high, and the strength is not strong, so it depends on money.

What made Jiang Chen didn’t expect is that Cassia actually has a lot of knowledge on the way to Formation.

“hahaha, everyone, you are showing your ugliness, you are showing your ugliness.”

At this moment, Cassia is smiling very happily. It is indeed proud to be able to show his hand in front of so many arrogance!

However, before he was done with this force, he heard the sound of thunder from the Formation ring next to him!

Everyone hurriedly looked around and saw the glory of Formation transpiring in Chen Zhulu’s palm!

The Formation on the ring is changing from light to dark, it seems to be extinguished!

But in the end, the Formation on the ring was finally stabilized, and Chen Zhulu sighed, seeming to be a little disappointed with his Formation attainments.

“My God!? Almost wiped out the Formation on the ring!? This Chen Zhulu has two sons!”

“That’s not it, they are the dísciple who came to heaven. It makes sense to have such strength!”


“Chen Zhulu…has two sons.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Next, many people rushed into the ring and performed very well, but no one can completely crack the Formation Formation, and no one can obliterate those talisman.

At the same time, those two arenas representing pill concocting and refining, from the beginning to the present, no one has gone up.

Because the pill concocting refining device has a unique method, most people would not openly pill concocting the refining device for fear of their own method being clearly understood by others.

After half a day, no one is in the ring anymore.

After all, it is Wendou. For everyone, it is equivalent to show their talent that’s all. Many people don’t take it seriously.

“Nothing to look good.” If Xiao yawned, he didn’t care about these things and was not interested.

“It’s really boring.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

However, as soon as these words were finished, Jiang Chen’s expression solidified.

Just because he heard Elderly say something: “For those with outstanding performance, the reward will be provided by the 10,000-barrel bank.”

“As long as it is not too excessive, the 10,000-barrel bank Can satisfy you.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s eyes were bright, secretly thought dignified ten thousand barrels of money, should there be bloodline fruit?

When thinking of this, Jiang Chen stepped out and came directly to the Formation ring!

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