I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 815

“Who is this kid? Lower True God?”

“What are you going to do? Even if Formation attainments are profound and without the support of a cultivation base, you can’t break the line, right? “

A group of people is messed up, and the voice of contempt is endless.

Some people wonder why a lower True God can still stand still.

Some people sarcastically, the lower level of True God, the cultivation base is too low, even if the Formation attainments are high, it is impossible to break the array in the ring!

However, some people shook their heads and explained: “Formation is different from what you think. As long as Formation has enough attainments, even people who have not become gods can crack a Divine King and arrange an array!”

“This is the truth, but who can do it?” Someone asked, “Just ask, if Divine King really arranges the array, let a lower True God crack it, no matter how deep his array is, there is no one. It’s impossible to crack for thousands of years, right?”

“In theory…”

“Hey, maybe there will be a miracle.” Someone said cracking a joke.



And at this moment, one after another formation mark suddenly appeared on the ring!

Look carefully, those formation marks are like tigers and wolves, gathered in groups, and then turned into a flood of light and rain, like those flowers in full bloom!

In the midst of prosperity, with weakness, like yin and yang!

“The method is good, the Formation is quite accomplished, but the cultivation base is too low, it is impossible to break the formation.” Someone shook his head.

“If he can break the slightest bit of this Formation, I will kneel down and call him father in public!” A young man was very arrogant, and his eyes were even more contemptuous when he looked towards Jiang Chen.



Suddenly, there was a roar from the ring!

Thunderbolt appear out of thin air, entrained in flames, and the sound of Dragon-Tiger roars!

Look carefully, the array on the ring is broken at some point!

“Did not break open?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is shocked. He has a profound knowledge of Formation. Just now he is in the trend of Heaven and Earth Dragon-Tiger and wants to break this. Formation.

But who would have thought that it was just a corner!

Jiang Chen was a little disappointed, and a little helpless.

His cultivation base is too low, and simply can’t support too much strength.

If the realm has the supreme god, no! Even if it is the middle position of the Profound God, this Formation has already been broken by him!

“Let me take a long time!?”

“What’s the matter!? Break a corner of Formation!?”

“I read that right? What is it? Thunderbolt and flames? Real tiger and Azure Dragon?”


In contrast, the people all around were moved, and their exclamations shook the sky.

How they didn’t expect, a lower True God, actually broke the corner of the ring!

“Where does this person… come from? Is there a teacher?”

“According to his performance, it is estimated that the top sects such as Zhenzong and Xuanzhenzong will be shot!”

“Absolutely will take action, this person has deep Formation attainments! Zhenzong and Xuanzhenzong will definitely find a way to dig him!”


and Just as everyone guessed which sect would dig the wall, Jiang Chen made another move!

He is very upset, with the general trend of Heaven and Earth Dragon-Tiger, he can’t break this Formation? !

Is old after being born again? Or is Formation rusty?

“Azure Dragon of the East orders, the big green wood returns!”

“The Western White Tiger orders, the white gold returns!”

“Southern Vermilion Bird hears order, Fire of Burning Heaven returns!”

“Northern Black Tortoise hears order, post-truth land returns!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen received the joint seal and moved his hands to move the Quartet!

The sky can be seen faintly, and in four directions, there seem to be four Divine Beast illusory shadows manifested!

The four forces appear out of thin air, converge in a four-way fashion, and turn into an Imperial Jade Seal!



Next, as Jiang Chen’s palm fell, the Imperial Jade Seal slowly suppressed it, and after a few breaths Falling on the ring Formation!



An explosive sound came out again, the ring vibrated, and even more brilliance emerged!

But after only a few breaths, the brilliance dissipated, and only the four-color Imperial Jade Seal floated in the air!

As for the array on the ring, it has been cracked, and even the entire ring is turned into nothingness!

“Sifang Divine Beast!?”

“This…there are still people in the world who understand this Formation!?”


The people present are not ordinary people, and they have all seen the world.

At this moment, no one is immovable!

This is the long-lost Sifang Divine Beast big formation. Borrowing the power of the Sifang Divine Beast, it uses special formation marks and methods to form a big formation and attack as one!

Nowadays, even in the formation sect, no one in the Xuanzhen sect will arrange the Divine Beast big formation!

“Little friend, where do you come from? Is there a teacher outside? If you don’t dislike it, how about not as good as coming to my Zhenzong?”

At this moment, An Elderly appeared suddenly and rushed directly in front of Jiang Chen.

I didn’t wait for Jiang Chen to answer, I saw that Elderly took out a token and forced it into Jiang Chen’s hand, saying: “Think about it. If you think about it, come to me.”

“old bastard! Are you scaring him?!”

An Elderly appeared, and came to Jiang Chen in a teleport.

Like the previous Elderly, he forcibly stuffed a token to Jiang Chen and said: “Little Brother, the deep water in the sect, no one’s affection, not as good as coming to my Xuanzhenzong, I let Sect Master named you the little Holy Son of Xuanzhen Sect!”

“Messy Old Man! Are you here to grab someone!?” Elderly of Zhenzong stared and said: “I’m here first!”

“People haven’t agreed yet, why can’t I come to grab someone?” Elderly of Xuanzhenzong raised her eyebrows, then looked at Jiang Chen kindly, and said, “Little Brother, don’t worry, think about it slowly. , We will wait until the end of the Haotian Conference.”

“I have a teacher in the outside world.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, didn’t expect broke a Formation, unexpectedly invited these two Top Sect Elder.

Jiang Chen knows quite well about Zhenzong and Xuanzhenzong. When he was the Divine King of Tianchen, these two sects were very friendly to him.

At the beginning, if it were not for an ambush, perhaps the Zhenzong and Xuanzhenzong would send someone to help Jiang Chen.

“It doesn’t matter if there is a teacher in the outside world, it’s okay to enter another teacher.” Elder said with a smile: “We don’t have that many rules. As long as you like Formation, how many teachers are there outside? It doesn’t matter to me, I welcome you.”

“Yes, yes, Little Brother, it’s not a bad thing to worship a few more teachers. When the time comes, if something goes wrong, all the teachers will help. Yours!” Xuanzhenzong Elder said.

Jiang Chen blinked his eyes, secretly thought, do you want to tell them that he has now worshipped under Heavenspan Church, and he is still the Honorary Disciple of the Pure Land Sect?

“Is Honorary Disciple OK?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Honorary Disciple? That’s not a real dísciple…” Elder frowned. If it’s just a name… not so good?

“Yes! Of course!” Xuanzhenzong Elder immediately nodded and said: “Whether it is Honorary Disciple or the real dísciple, as long as you carry the word dísciple! My Xuanzhenzong doesn’t care about these! “

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