I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 816

Honorary Disciple, no matter for which sect, it is not a real dísciple.

However, for Xuanzhen Sect, whether you are registered or real, as long as you go out and ask where you are from, you can say that you are from Xuanzhen Sect!

is it possible that, others will ask you specifically, are you an Honorary Disciple?

Is this possible?

“Then…Then I will be a Honorary Disciple in Xuanzhenzong, okay?” Jiang Chen said.

Xuanzhenzong, one of the two great array sects of Nine Heavens God World, is tied with Zhenzong!

These two sects have a special status in Nine Heavens God World. Even if they are stronger than the Light God family, they dare not easily provoke these two sects.

They really annoyed them, and broke your family’s apologetic Formation in minutes!

When the time comes, you can cry in a hurry!

The most important thing is that there are so many Honorary Disciples of these two sects!

There are dísciples of other sects. I deliberately went to these two sects to learn Formation, which is to put up a name and then return to my own sect.

Over time, the Honorary Disciple of these two sects have almost spread throughout the entire Nine Heavens God World!

As a result, in this Nine Heavens God World, how many sects dare to attack Xuanzhenzong and Zhenzong?

Similarly, there are several sects similar to Xuanzhenzong and Zhenzong, such as Pill Sect, which specializes in pill concocting.

There are also Divine Weapon sect, Heavenly Talisman Sect, etc. These sects have a special status in Nine Heavens God World, and generally no one wants to provoke them.

“Little Brother, I thought about it. Anyway, it is an Honorary Disciple. You should also be my Honorary Disciple.” Elder said.

“Uh…Is this inappropriate?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t it just an Honorary Disciple, and it’s not a real dísciple.” Jinzong Elder said, “Okay, it’s so decided. After you go out, take me to you Token, come to report at any time.”

“This…well.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

The voice fell, Jiang Chen jumped and came to the ring with talisman inscribed.

At this moment, a group of people were dumbfounded, even the two Elders of Zhenzong and Xuanzhenzong were messed up.

What are you doing! ?

I broke the Formation, and I still want to solve the talisman! ?

“Little Brother, what are you?” Jinzong Elder asked.

“Little Brother, repair Dao Road slowly. Just meditate one door. Don’t spend time in useless places.” Xuanzhenzong Elder said: “Don’t be fancy, concentrate on cultivation Formation in the future, talisman will give up Come on.”



But as soon as the voice spoke, a trembling sound came from the ring!

This time, Jiang Chen didn’t do anything. He directly used Primal Chaos Qi to crush the talisman!

Of course, Jiang Chen did it very carefully, covering Primal Chaos Qi with a few talisman.

“Is it wrong!?”

“Big brother…Is it dazzled?”


This For a moment, all around exclamation sounded again!

Jiang Chen is very calm, all talisman, before Primal Chaos Qi, is scum!

This is an unchanging principle. As for why this is the case, Jiang Chen can’t tell.

I just remember seeing it in an ancient book before.

“Little Brother! My Heavenly Talisman Sect also lacks a Honorary Disciple!”

At this moment, a middle-aged man rushed over and squeezed a token into it. Jiang Chen held it in his hand and said: “Don’t make it difficult for you, just accept an Honorary Disciple. If you are free, just come to Heavenly Talisman Sect with the token.”

“This…well.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

It’s Honorary Disciple anyway, so why not have more?

Furthermore, Jiang Chen has just returned to Nine Heavens God World, before his identity is revealed, it is indeed time to find some backers.

If not, wait until your identity is revealed, your strength is insufficient, and there is no backing behind you, just wait for death!

“He…this is going to…”

“No way? That’s right? This is going to pill concocting?”

After a few breaths, the audience was dumbfounded.

After Jiang Chen untied the talisman, he came to the ring of pill concocting.

But soon, Jiang Chen walked down a little awkwardly.

Because he wants to pill concocting, but… poor! No pill concocting material!

“Uh…a few people, even though I am not an Official Disciple, but still half of them?” Jiang Chen looked towards the three people, and said: “I want to pill concocting, but… I have a tight hand , No material.”

“I said Little Brother, your Formation and talisman skills are so high, so just give up other things? It’s not good to learn too much, not good at miscellaneous.” Zhenzong Elder said.

“I agree with this.” Xuanzhenzong Elder nodded and said.

Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder is also nodded, saying: “Just learn Formation and talisman. Pill concocting is not necessary.”

“I just want to try.” Jiang Chen whispered: “I haven’t pill concocting for a long time, I almost forgot, just give it a try, it doesn’t matter.”

“Well then…you take it.” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder With a wave of his hand, he threw some pill concocting materials to Jiang Chen.

Subsequently, the two Elders of Xuanzhenzong and Zhenzong also took out some materials, and they should be regarded as gifts for Jiang Chen to become Honorary Disciple.

But when Jiang Chen saw the pill concocting material given to him by these three people, the whole person was not good.

What is this red! ? Gentian? !

What is this azure thing? dragon horn! ?

Then what is this feather in flames? is it possible that is Phoenix Zhenyu! ?

Jiang Chen is a little dizzy, what position do these three people have in their respective sects?

People who can take out these things casually, shouldn’t they be ordinary Elder?

“Oh… by the way, there are some things here, just treat them as a meeting ceremony, anyway, I don’t need them, let’s use them for those boys in the clan, and I don’t think it is appropriate.” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder said, giving a few blood-red fruits to Jiang Chen.

At this moment, Jiang Chen rolled the eyes, and he was speechless!

Just because these fruits are blood-red all over and shaped like a heart, isn’t this a bloodline fruit? !

Jiang Chen came here again to break the formation and to solve the talisman. Why? !

Isn’t it just to get rewards and get bloodline results? !

It’s good now, this is directly delivered…

“I think the three of you are right, but not good at learning, not good.” Jiang Chen said resolutely, since there is After the bloodline, why pill concocting in front of so many people?

After that, Jiang Chen walked straight out of the ring.

“This…Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder, do you still have these fruits? I look pretty good, and I want to take some back to eat with my family.” Jiang Chen returned to Nalan Meier and After the others licked their faces and asked.

“Uh…this…but there are some more.” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder was also quite surprised. Didn’t expect this Honorary Disciple to be out of sight!

“However, these fruits are similar to Dragon Fruit. They are bloodline fruits. A person can only take one in his life. If they eat too much, they are useless.” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder said: “bloodline fruits are rare. But it doesn’t make much sense to us.”

“You are rich and imposing, of course it’s meaningless. For me, this is the key to my advanced tiger spirit!” Jiang Chen secretly thought, But still smiled and took over thirty bloodline fruits from Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder.

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