I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 817

The bloodline fruit is the same as the Dragon Fruit, and a person can only take one in a lifetime.

But for Jiang Chen, this is simply not a problem.

He has Primal Chaos Qi and Myriad Transformations, which is enough to refine bloodline fruit.

After ordinary people take one tablet, there is no effect, but Jiang Chen believes that he can keep taking it!

“This kid is going to be developed!”

“Jianzong, Xuanzhenzong, Heavenly Talisman Sect Three Great Elders also value him, and he will have a better life in the future!”


Many people are envious. Everyone knows what it means to be valued by Three Great Sects.

Don’t talk about Feihuang Tengda, but it is also a worry-free future.

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, when no one participated in the literary fight, Elderly, who presided over the Haotian conference, said: “Since the literary fight is over, then the next step is the fight. Now.”

When the voice fell, Jiang Chen felt that the atmosphere in the square was a little different.

Not only is the atmosphere suppressed, but many people directly exude their own imposing manner!

This is to show yourself, but also to frighten others!

People of cultivation, all speak with strength!

No matter what conference, feast, competition, all the results, after all, it is better than strength!

“I heard that the descendants of the Divine Emperor appeared, I am very arrogant, I don’t know what the strength is.”

“The emperor of Kunlun Mountains, Chen Zhulu, who is proud to heaven, also came. These two people are well-known figures of the younger generation!”

“What are these two people? I heard that the Dongfang Family has a hegemonic body, which is rare in the ages. This time will definitely be in the Haotian Conference Show your demeanor and dominate the crowd!”


all around, very noisy, Jiang Chen expresses calmness.

He knows that he just needs to do his own thing.

And this time, the purpose of coming to the Haotian Conference is for bloodline results.

Now that the bloodline results have been obtained, it doesn’t matter if you participate in this Haotian conference.

“Does it feel boring?” Mu Xingyun asked suddenly.

As an old enemy of Jiang Chen, he knows Jiang Chen well.

“It’s not interesting, I don’t like it all day long, I don’t like it.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Mu Xingyun’s expression suddenly turned weird when these words were said.

Don’t like fighting and killing?

Oh, if you, the reincarnated Divine King, don’t like to fight and kill, how did you ascend to the Divine King position?

The throne of the king, under the throne, are bone corpses!

“Perhaps there is something you would like.” Mu Xingyun said: “The Haotian Conference, the final prize is the Haotian Stone!”

“The Haotian Stone!?” Jiang Chen stared, even more shocked.

Haotian Stone, Jiang Chen naturally knows.

It is said that it is a Supreme Divine Stone, which is said to be from the Hongmeng era.

That was something before Heaven and Earth opened, it is rare in the world!

There is even a rumor in the world that those who win the Haotian Stone will win the world!

Some people even say that there is an ancient cultivation technique hidden in the Haotian Stone. The cultivation person can connect to heaven penetrating the earth, and even break through the heavy shackles and rush into the sky that day!

“Haotian Stone, I remember being guarded by the Hao Heavenly God gate all the time, how could it be given as a prize?” Jiang Chen frowned.

Jiang Chen was Divine King, and he knows a lot about Nine Heavens God World.

There is only one Haotian stone in the world, and there has always been a mysterious Hao Heavenly God gate guarding it. It is difficult for ordinary people to even look at it.

For the Hao Heavenly God Sect, Haotian Stone is the foundation and the foundation of their sect establishment!

This thing, can you take it out casually?

“I don’t know this. Anyway, the people who come to the Haotian Conference this time are all for the Haotian Stone.” Mu Xingyun said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, took a look at Mu Xingyun, and asked: “It hasn’t been long since you first entered Nine Heavens God World. You know a lot.”

“Bye Enter a small sect, sect is average, it means that you are well informed.” Mu Xingyun said.

“I don’t care what the Haotian Stone, I just want to know, who is the overlord body they are talking about?” Ruo Xiao said suddenly.

He has been listening to the words of all around, and when he learned that there is someone who has the same overlord body as him, he has red eyes.

As the saying goes, one mountain can’t be shared by two tigers!

Having the same Saint Physique, it is also the most powerful body. When the two meet, a world-shattering battle will inevitably erupt!

Also, to prove yourself!

“Eastern Sunrise, the flowers bloom undefeated.” Mu Xingyun frowned: “The young Master of Dongfang Family, Dongfang Wushuang, should have just stepped into the mysterious god cultivation base now.”

“Xuanshen? Overlord body?” Ruo Xiao raised her eyebrows, her expression condensed, and said: “The cultivation base is almost the same. If you meet him, don’t take action, I will fight him!”

” If you are young, sometimes it is more stable and low-key.” Jiang Chen said.

“Stable? Low-key?” Jiang Liu blinked his eyes. The words came out of Jiang Chen’s mouth. It always felt strange.

Especially the word low-key, when did Jiang Chen low-key! ?

All day long, it is said to be low-key, but the result? Which time is not the attention of people.

“Because of many people, First Stage fighting is a melee.” Elderly said in the air: “Everyone understands the rules, let’s start now.”

After that, I only saw the air. Several of the arenas merged, Formation rose, Formation shrouded, and turned into a small battlefield.

After that, everyone rushed forward and entered the battlefield, each occupying a favorable position.

The so-called favorable seat is naturally leaning on the corner!

If you stand in the middle, you will definitely become a target!

“This…isn’t this one of us embarrassing?”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen entire group stood on the battlefield with ugly faces.

Just because they were slow for a while, they were squeezed to the center of the battlefield.

Looking at all around, many people focused on them before the battle started.

Especially when these people see Jiang Chen, the lower True God, they all show contempt.

“Is my lower True God particularly dazzling and eye-catching?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“Master, whether it’s the cultivation base or the appearance, you have always been so dazzling.” Nalan Meier smiled charmingly, and even held Jiang Chen in front of everyone. Arm.

A lower-level True God, a charming woman, standing together, it’s hard not to attract attention!

“Boss, this one…I guess we have to be beaten to the ground after fighting at first.” Xiao Qingyi said with a bitter smile: “Does this count as a round tour of the Haotian Conference?”

“What do you think, with me, at least you can survive this melee.” Jiang Chen said resolutely: “Don’t worry, no problem.”

Jiang Chen’s words As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud noise not far away, and it was obvious that someone had done it!

And this explosion sounded like a fuse, and the entire battlefield exploded in an instant!

Everyone has done it, no matter whether they have grudges or not, they will fight when they see them!

While Jiang Chen and the others are at the center, they are naturally attacked by all directions!

However, Jiang Chen entire group didn’t do anything, and stood quietly on the spot, each with a smile, looking at the situation with a smile.

“As expected of the boss, I have been prepared!” Jiang Liu exclaimed, looking at the formation mark and talisman circulating around him, he felt much more at ease.

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