I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 818

Jiang Chen was well prepared. The moment he stepped into the battlefield, he secretly gathered the formation mark and talisman and arranged the Formation.

However, although Formation is strong, it can’t stop everyone’s attacks.

Furthermore, Formation needs continuous energy to support!

Jiang Chen abolished the cultivation technique himself, and even lost the heavenly star within the body. As a result, it is difficult for him to maintain the operation of the Formation alone.

“Use your power.” Jiang Chen said solemnly. In just a few breaths, Formation has been attacked thousands of times. The rays of light on Formation are dim and will soon be destroyed!

At the same time, the strength of Jiang Chen within the body is rapidly consuming, and if this continues, Formation will be breached!

Once the Formation is broken, they will definitely be beaten immediately!

At this moment, Mu Xingyun and the others did not hesitate to input the power of within the body into Jiang Chen’s within the body.

For a time, Jiang Chen’s strength skyrocketed, and his body bloomed with many kinds of glow, and Formation was even more brilliant!

Like a huge melting pot, covering Jiang Chen entire group in it!

The ups and downs of the formation mark and talisman blocked all attacks!

“Oh, how is this kid?” Xuanzhenzong Elder has been following Jiang Chen.

When I saw this Formation arranged by Jiang Chen, he exclaimed: “Wanrong Formation can melt all attacks!”

“Formation is good, but unfortunately, this Formation It takes a lot of energy to keep it running, and only a few of them may not last long.” Zhenzong Elder frowned: “If it’s a round trip…it would be ugly.”

“Two people This is not a simple Wanrong Formation. There is also a talisman engraved on it, which can absorb World’s Essence Qi and then run the Formation.” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder explained with a bright eye, “In this way, the energy required for this Formation , It will be much less, and the persistence will be longer.”

“be that as it may, but……” Zhenzong Elder stared at Jiang Chen, his face a little ugly.

Because there are too many people around Jiang Chen!

These people, pick soft persimmons!

And Jiang Chen, the lower True God, is undoubtedly a soft persimmon in this small battlefield!

As a result, more and more people are attacking Jiang Chen and the others!

Of course, before switching to another job, Jiang Chen will lose if they lose, whatever they do.

But the point is that Jiang Chen is their Honorary Disciple now!

Although it is not formal, but in case of cruise, it really lost their face.

“Let’s just look at the results.” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder lightly said, winning or losing does not seem to matter to him.

At this moment, the battle in the battlefield has become more intense, and many people have been beaten out of the battlefield.

However, there are a few places that seem weird.

In the east of the battlefield, a young man wearing an azure robe stood there quietly, and no one dared to act on him all around.

Even if it is a team of six people, each of them is extremely powerful, and I dare not do it alone.

And this person is the Young Master of Dongfang Family, Dongfang Wushuang!

As a domineering body, the strength is extremely strong, one person can beat the crowd!

His existence is a deterrent!

Similarly, on the west side of the battlefield, the emperor stands proudly, charging into the sky in an imposing manner, like a dragon dormant!

No one dared to do anything to him, not only because of his strength, but also because of the three words Kunlun Mountains!

In the north, the same is true for Chen Zhulu, who is proud to come to Tianmen. One person shocked everyone!

These three are the Seeded Contestants of the Haotian Conference, and they are also the famous powerhouse for the younger generation!

In contrast, the West on this battlefield is a bit special.

I saw Cassia Young Master standing there, surrounded by people!

I saw him full of spirits, standing in the crowd, shouting: “Squad one! Go over there! Fight!”

“Squad two, team three, protect Me!”

“Fourth team, fifth team, sixth team, you also protect me!”


Faced with this situation, even host Elderly of this Haotian Conference was speechless.

Although there can only be six people in a team, the point is, Cassia Young Master is rich!

He bought more than a dozen teams in advance, all under his command!

Now there are hundreds of people around him!

“There is no thing in the world that money can’t do. If it can’t be done, then money is definitely not in place!” Someone said with a bitter smile.

“This…it’s nice to have money!” Someone envied it.

At this moment, Jiang Chen and the others are in trouble!

Because they met Daoyi and the others!

Daomen, also known as Dao Sect, has always been Nine Heavens God World Top Sect, not even weaker than the Guangming family.

And the dísciples that come out of the door are all Peak powerhouses!

Now, I don’t know what fate is, or it’s a crime, Dao Yiwu were beaten near Jiang Chen.

As the saying goes, the “enemies” meet, they are extremely jealous!

“Boy! If you hadn’t injured the sixth man, how could I have only five left in the six-man team! And I won’t be crushed and beaten by someone!” Dao said five said solemnly, with fierce eyes. mango!

“Since you weren’t willing to join our team, we will eliminate you today!” Dao San raised his eyebrows and came straight to Jiang Chen and the others!

Melee, there is no enemy or ourselves.

Regardless of whether there was an enemy before, in this melee, one less person means one less opponent.

At this moment, Daoyi took the lead and led his Junior Brother Junior Sister, the five-person seal of the Dharma Seal, the vast power rolled down like a star!

“Hey, it was not my fault at the beginning. Is it necessary to target me like this?” Jiang Chen’s face went dark and said: “If I don’t join your team, you will eliminate me?”


“This is the battlefield! You are not dead, we are not alive!” Daoyi was very direct, saying: “There is no grievance at all, just to fight!”

“Okay, then you guys Let’s break this Wanrong Formation first.” Jiang Chen joked.

But, be that as it may, Jiang Chen is still very nervous.

He knows the strength of these five people, extremely strong!

These five people work together, and most people really can’t stop them!

And this Wanrong Formation is okay to block the average person. It is very difficult to block these five dísciples from the door.

Because of the Taoist people, repairing power of Grand Dao, all Formation Formation can be broken for them!

“Hold on for a while.” Jiang Chen said solemnly, with his hands constantly forming a seal, he is setting up the second Formation!

“Can’t hold on.” Jiang Liu was very honest, and said: “What are these people? One trick and one trick, too fierce!”

“Yes, consume The power is too much, every time they attack is too heavy!” Xiao Qingyi said solemnly: “It’s like targeting this Formation. We need continuous input power to maintain this Formation!”

“Thirty breaths will do!” Jiang Chen stared at him: “After the thirty breaths, kill them!”

“Boy, True God, you should have left long ago! Haotian Conference, you can’t Participate!” Dao Si said contemptuously, a rune in his hand condensed, like a sharp sword, piercing directly on the Wanrong Formation!

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