I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 819

A rune, turned into a sharp sword, circulates divine light, as if to open the sky!

At the same time, Daoyi and the others also condensed the same rune, five swords dropping from the sky, in a sudden, fell on the Wanrong Formation!

Moreover, all around and attacks fall, such as howling wind and torrential rain, flooding the Jiang Chen entire group!

“This is…the Six Gods Killing Sword of Daomen!” Someone exclaimed.

The Six Gods Killing Sword is jointly displayed by six people. It is so powerful that it can skipping grades to kill. God comes to death, Buddha comes to kill Buddha!

However, there are only five of the original Six God Killing Swords, because Dao Liu was injured by Jiang Chen before and failed to participate in the Haotian Conference.

However, five killing swords are powerful enough to crush everything!


Seeing that the situation is not right, Muxing Chief Yun screamed, the shadow Dao Soul manifested, and the sky full of shadows rushed out of the Formation like a black mist!

The shadows exploded one by one, weakening the power of the five killing swords, but they still couldn’t stop them. After all, the five killing swords fell on the Formation!




Along with the five bursts, Formation vibrated violently, and the brilliance was extinguished Uncertain flashes, seemingly about to be breached!



At the same time, Xiao Qingyi’s strength was slightly weaker, and he was directly shaken out of blood. Blood foam spurted out of his mouth, which seemed miserable. Looks like!

“Damn! I’m bleeding!” Xiao Qingyi cried out strangely, with a fierce light in his eyes, under both hands forming seals, and slapped a palm on the ground!

He also shouted: “Is it more than people!? Ten thousand ghosts pilgrimage, let me go!”



When the voice fell, I saw bones suddenly appeared, and ghost shadows and ghosts broke through the void and stepped into the small battlefield!

“Spirit Master dead!?”

“Oh, this is a profession in the Nether Realm. After becoming a god, it still cultivation this thing, is it useful?”

Many people ridicule that the lower realm is the lower realm after all. In their eyes, everything in the lower realm is inferior!

However, what is shocking is that these ghost shadow ghost generals, and even the bones, are very special!

They have divine light and black mist on them, which is different from the ghosts from the normal dead Spirit Master summon!

They have a very strong battle strength, and they are densely packed. A few people were injured because they were too careless!

“such insignificant ability that’s all!” A Buddhist cultivator recites the Buddha’s name, Buddha light illuminating everything on his body, and the sound of the scriptures!

“Five you!” This person shouted, and the culture became a flame, wherever he passed, all ghosts turned into smoke and dissipated!

“Damn! How come there are Buddhist cultivators!? People who say that the cultivation base don’t fight, what are you doing in the Haotian Conference!?” Xiao Qingyi exploded!

Buddha people, self-cultivation, do not fight, who would have thought that among so many contestants, there would be people who practice Buddha!

And those who practice Buddha are the nemesis of all ghosts!

“Really can’t hold it anymore!” Jiang Liu was sweating cold on his forehead, and the power within the body was consumed too much, almost exhausted!

“Charge ahead! Fight with them!” Ruo Xiao is very direct. Because of his dominant body, he has always been direct!

“What will charge ahead do?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly joked and said: “I will send them out!”

“What? “

“What do you mean?”


A group of people are full of doubts, send them out? What do you do?



And at this moment, Wanrong Formation was finally broken!

The power of the Six Gods Killing Sword is too strong, and everyone’s power is consumed too much, after all, he could not hold on.

“Boy, don’t worry, there is a host watching here, and it won’t hurt your lives!” Dao San said, another sword fell, and went straight to Jiang Chen and the others!

“Goodbye.” Jiang Chen chuckled, and suddenly runes broke out around him!

In a blink of an eye, rune condenses into a Formation!

Furthermore, this Formation is constantly expanding, covering half of the battlefield within a few breaths!

“This is…”

“Damn!? Transmission Array!?”


Xuanzhenzong and the formation The two Elders of Zong exclaimed, now that the Transmission Array is arranged, what are you going to do! ?

In the battlefield, many people have seen this Transmission Array. Although I don’t know what Jiang Chen is going to do, there are still many people moved towards the back for safety.

“As long as you are out of this battlefield, you will be lost, right?” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile, folded his hands together, and lightly shouted: “Dou Zhuan-displacement!”



The voice fell, and the Formation suddenly started!

In an instant, the expression of the person enveloped in the Formation changed drastically, and one after another ripple broke out!

In a flash again, only a group of people disappeared in place.

When they appeared again, a group of people were dumbfounded!

Because they were actually sent out of the battlefield!

Looking at it, in the crowded battlefield, there are now more than half of the people missing!

“This is fine too!?”

“Host! Is he too much!? Can still use Transmission Array!?”



Someone refused to accept and shouted to Elderly in the air.

“This…according to the rules, anyone who leaves the battlefield is considered defeated.” Elderly’s expression is also very strange.

He has hosted several Haotian conferences, and he has never seen anyone use Transmission Array!

This is so… God!

And Dao Yi and the others are the closest to Jiang Chen, at this moment all five people have been transported out of the battlefield!

“Is it comfortable now?” Jiang Chen smiled and looked at Daoyi and the others outside the battlefield, jokingly: “If you don’t take a good road, I have to send you off!”

“Boy! This is not in compliance with the rules!” Dao San angrily shouted: “You are a fraud!”

“You are a fraud? Ask the host, am I a fraud? Is it? Say, it’s wrong to use Formation?” Jiang Chen said with a smile, then looked towards Xuanzhenzong and the two Elders of Formation Sect, and asked: “What they said… do you look down on Formation?”

“What’s wrong with Formation!? Formation can’t be used for fighting anymore!? What logic!”

“If you have abilities, you also use Formation! What’s wrong with my Honorary Disciple using Formation!? You are not convinced!? “

Xuanzhenzong and Zhenzong Elder shouted immediately, their faces ugly.

Moreover, they also looked towards the host Elderly, with their eyes flashing, and the meaning is obvious: you have to speak well! Justice!

This Elderly expression is weird. After thinking about it for a while, I reluctantly spread my hands and said: “There is no rule that Formation cannot be used. Transmission Array is also Formation. That’s right.”



At this moment, Daoyi and the others almost vomited blood!

Be aware that if the five of them do not encounter accidents, they can survive the melee and enter the next round!

But now it’s good, it was sent directly!


“Don’t Bilian! You use the means”!

Those who were teleported out even yelled at them. Among them, there are some Peak arrogances, and their hearts are exploded at this moment!

“Are you dissatisfied?!” Ruo Xiao stared at the people outside the battlefield, coldly said: “If dissatisfied, after this Vast Sky Conference, I will fight with you one after another !”

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