I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 820

If Xiao Xiao is always domineering, even if his cultivation base is not high, he will dare to fight with anyone!

In his heart, there is no such word as dare!

However, Jiang Chen is panicked at the moment!

A Transmission Array has sent most of the people out. This is undoubtedly offending many people!

“Han Han’s identity can’t be used anymore. It’s good now, even this identity can’t be used anymore.” Jiang Chen secretly sighed, it seems that next time I enter the virtual God World, I will have to change my identity again.

“That’s okay. I left a group of ants and cleaned up a lot.” The emperor lightly said, watching Jiang Chen from time to time, always feeling that this person gave him a familiar feeling.

Thinking, the emperor said with a smile at Jiang Chen: “This Fellow Daoist, do we know?”

“Don’t know!” Jiang Chen shook his head directly and said: “Never met!”

“Uh…really?” The emperor frowned, but the feeling in his heart became stronger.

“Boy, there are a few times, but you have to know, among the people you sent, some of them are my friends.”

At this moment, Dongfang Wushuang stepped Out, moved towards Jiang Chen came slowly.

His domineering body rises into the sky like a changhong, and his eyes are open and closed, it seems that there is an emperor sitting up and down under his eyes!

“This person is very strong!” Jiang Chen was shocked.

“If you want to do it, your opponent is me!” Ruoxiao stared at the other party, already clearly understood the identity of the other party!

The two are tyrants, and when they meet, they feel self-conscious!

Dongfang Wushuang was also stunned for hearing this. When he took a closer look, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

He stopped suddenly, staring at Ruo Xiao, lightly said: “Overlord?”

“Exactly!” Ruo Xiao raised his head, his body exploded in an imposing manner, a purple light up and down!

He also moved towards the front and took a step forward, saying: “This is my boss, move him first!”


” Me!? Two tyrants!?”

“This…stronger and weaker!? The cultivation base is the same!”


This At a moment, everyone was moved. Two tyrants appeared in the same era at the same time, and they encountered each other. The cultivation base was almost the same!

Such things are rare!

“Of course Dongfang Wushuang is powerful, but he is the young Master of the Dongfang Family family. He is exceptionally natural talent and extremely strong in battle strength. Even the Supreme Elder of the Dongfang Family family has said that Dongfang Wushuang is matchless in the world!” someone said.

“This year’s Haotian Conference is Interesting.”

“Hey, the two tyrants are facing each other, which is very interesting!”

” You seem to have missed one thing. This overlord calls the lower True God the boss.” Someone said solemnly: “is it possible that…The lower True God is very strong?”

” Strong, the cultivation base is there, it’s destined to be trampled on!”


At this moment, if Xiao and Dongfang Wushuang are fighting against each other, no one all around will take action. .

Although it is a melee, but at the moment it seems to be stunned.

The atmosphere in the court became a little weird, and many people stepped back, seeming to want to see the duel between the two overlords.

However, before the two of them could do anything, Elderly, who presided over the Haotian Conference, said, “There are enough people, and the melee is over.”


“It’s over?”

The exclamation sounded one after another, and some people’s eyes widened.

Even, the number of people rose, and after careful counting, there are really less than a hundred people on the battlefield!

Fighting, First Stage melee, is to compete for a hundred people.

Once the number is reached, the melee is over.

Everyone didn’t expect. I thought it was a fierce melee, but because of Jiang Chen’s Transmission Array, it ended so early.

“This kid! I will kill him sooner or later!” Dao San’s face was ugly.

They are the dísciple of Taoism, they should have entered the finals, and even hit the leader!

But who would have thought that he was actually defeated in the melee of First Stage!

If they really lose, they will recognize it.

But the point is, they haven’t used their full strength yet, they have been wronged!

“This guy…how does it become more familiar!”

Among the crowd, Lou Ying hides well, but he feels aggrieved.

He was also sent by Jiang Chen’s Transmission Array!

With his strength, not to mention winning the championship, at least he can enter the finals!

Now, like most people, he has been eliminated directly!

However, he has been staring at Jiang Chen, always feeling that this guy is very familiar!

“Heavenly Eye!”

At this moment, Lou Ying secretly used mystery, a ray of bright light glittering in his eyes, invisible, a light glow fell on Jiang Chen’s body .

Immediately, Lou Ying stared, almost breaking out.

“Fuck! Naive!?” Lou Ying roared in her heart.

He is very angry, secretly thought, did you make a mistake? ! Even his own people do it! ?

“Take a break, and then go to the second melee.” said the host Elderly.

Because there are still many people, it will waste a lot of time to play one-on-one.

“No need, keep the strongest people and start the final directly.” Dongfang Wushuang said: “What is the point of melee? I stand there, how many people dare to do it to me?”

“It makes sense!” Chen Zhulu nodded: “Don’t waste time, this time we are here to participate in the Haotian Conference, only for Haotian Stone!”

“That’s a waste What time does the time do? Stay if you think it is good enough, and the others retreat by themselves!” said the emperor.

As soon as these words came out, the host Elderly couldn’t help frowning, seemingly hesitant.

But he also knows very well that no matter how many melee battles are, there are only so many people who can stand at the end.

“Choose your own choice. If you think you are strong enough, stay, or go down.” The host Elderly thought for a while and said.

After that, he was silent for a while, knowing that these people were impossible to go down by himself.

After a few breaths, he added: “Life and Death Battle.”

As soon as this word came out, someone left the battlefield immediately.

Life and Death Battle, who can bear it! ?

A little carelessness, you will fall here!

Many people are here to meet the world, and they have no plans to win the championship at all, and they know they don’t have that strength.

Therefore, in just a few breaths, there are only a dozen people left on the battlefield.

“en? Their team, none of them left?”

“No way? Life and Death Battle, this is killing people!”


At this moment, everyone’s eyes are on the Jiang Chen entire group.

There are six Jiang Chen, none of them left.

“Twenty-three are left, this can go directly to the finals.” The host Elderly nodded and said.

“Get down!”

Suddenly, Dongfang Wushuang shouted angrily at a young man not far away: “With this strength, I still want to participate in the finals!? It’s a waste of me Waiting time, or do you think your life is too long!?”

“I…” The face of the yelled boy condensed, but he dared not say a word.

After he was silent for a while, he lightly said: “Dongfang Wushuang, you are very strong, but you are not invincible. Excessive arrogance will eventually bring you disaster!”

“There is something for you to stay! If you meet me, I won’t give you a chance to surrender!” Dongfang Wushuang raised his eyebrows: “Do you still dare to stay?”

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