I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 821

Dongfang Wushuang is very domineering and very domineering!

He is bluntly threatening, not afraid of everything!

On the other side, the emperor, Chen Zhulu and the others are the same. Although it is not that important, the implication is to make some people leave.

In the face of these few people, many people are really scared.

After all, it is Life and Death Battle. Once defeated, if the opponent refuses to let you go, it is death!

Soon, a few more people left in the battlefield, and only 13 people were left in the ten-odd time.

Jiang Chen remained silent, standing quietly on the spot, looking at several people on the battlefield.

The emperor, Chen Zhulu, and Cassia Young Master are all “old acquaintances” and they are very strong, except for Cassia Young Master.

And this Dongfang Wushuang makes Jiang Chen somewhat dreaded, but it’s just that’s all.

If you really fight, you don’t necessarily have the power to fight, even Jiang Chen feels that he is better than him.

For the remaining few, Jiang Chen can’t see much.

However, when he saw a girl in a corner, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but stunned.

“This little girl…” Jiang Chen lightly said, isn’t that the illegitimate daughter of the Sect Master of Nine Heavens Sect, Nine Worlds!

Didn’t expect, this Little Lass is still there!

Beside this Little Lass, there is a boy dressed as a book boy, standing calmly, with his hands on his stomach and back, very calm and confident.

“I said, what do you guys still keep? I think everyone can retreat except for that overlord body.”

At this moment, Dongfang Wushuang looked down On the Jiang Chen entire group.

In his eyes, in the Jiang Chen entire group, only if the small strength is okay, you can fight against it.

Everyone else, forget it.

“It’s just as you said.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, and then nodded, said to Xiao Qingyi and Nalan Meier: “You two go down.”

“Okay.” Xiao Qingyi didn’t say much. He knew his strength, and he knew that his profession hadn’t been cultivation in place yet, so he really couldn’t compete with these arrogances.

As for Nalan Meier, she didn’t have any comments. After all, she came to accompany Jiang Chen. This Haotian meeting was not important to her.


next moment, in the envy and jealousy of everyone, Nalan Meier smiled charmingly, and then took advantage of Jiang Chen not paying attention, and kissed his face. on.

So, this is how I walked out of the ring.

“Eh…” Jiang Chen was shocked, touched a cheek, then pretended to be angry, and said: “Dare to eat my tofu!?”

“Damn! This kid!”

“Such a beautiful beauty kissed you, and you still hate it!? You still eat your tofu!?”

“It’s shameless!”

… …

Many people have blown up their hair, but they can’t envy it!

Even the emperor and the others are confused. Who will eat whose tofu?

“Jiang Liu, fight this battle well, as it is to hone yourself.” Jiang Chen looked towards Jiang Liu, said resolutely: “Every powerhouse has to go through the test of blood and fire , I have to linger between life and death.”

“Boss, don’t worry! Although my Jiang Liu is not strong, I will not lose your face!” Jiang Liu has a loud voice, but speaks very much. serious.

“Oh, I think I’m not strong, but I want to stay? Be careful to lose my life!” Dongfang Wushuang contemptuously said: “If you meet me, you will be miserable!”

“It’s just a trifling body, how!? I thought it was great to have Saint Physique!?” Jiang Liu stared, and said angrily: “Who doesn’t have a Saint Physique in this era?”

“Oh? Look? You are also Saint Physique?” Dongfang Wushuang was surprised, but he quickly calmed down.

Saint Physique?

Well, let’s take a look today, is it your Saint Physique better, or my domineering body stronger!

At this moment, there are not many people left in the battlefield.

Jiang Chen, Jiang Liu, Ruo Xiao, Mu Xingyun, Tianzi, Chen Zhulu, Dongfang Wushuang, Jiu Tianxia and the book boy around him.

“That…you guys, I won’t mix up.” Young Master Jue Ming smiled awkwardly, he has more financial resources, as for the strength…cough cough…slightly embarrassing.

Sometimes many people are wondering, with your strength, how can you inherit the Lord of Farewell Valley in the future?

“No one will retreat, right? Then nine people, compete!” The host Elderly said, waving a big hand to signal everyone to go down and prepare first.

Jiang Chen stood there, hesitated for a moment, and then asked weakly: “You can’t do anything in Clear Sky City, right?”

“Of course not, no matter the village , Town, city, can’t do it.” Elderly said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, sighed in relief, slowly stepped off the ring.

He was somewhat guilty. Just now he sent out that many people. If these people go violently, they can really tear him apart!

“Boy! If you are met by me in the future, I will kill you!”

“Don’t get out of this Clear Sky City!”


Many people roared, and when they looked towards Jiang Chen, their eyes were full of anger.

Jiang Chen hehe smiled, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, secretly thought this time he was in trouble again.

“cough cough…hanky.”

Suddenly, a dark figure came to Jiang Chen’s side and said in a very low voice.

Jiang Chen hearing this, his expression changed drastically, and he turned back suddenly!

He was shocked and his identity was exposed!

But when he saw the shadow of the building, he couldn’t help but settle down.

This is my own person!

“Speak down! If they knew it, I would be miserable!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“You sent me off the battlefield!” Lou Ying said with a black face, “It’s interesting, you!”

“This… is a complete misunderstanding! “Jiang Chen explained: “There were too many people just now, I didn’t see you.”

“It’s OK.” Lou Ying waved his hand, then his face became straight, and said: “Be careful. I heard that the book boy next to Jiu Tianxia is very strong and has a very mysterious origin!”

“So what? Do you think I am weak?” Jiang Chen joked.

Lou Ying naturally knows that Jiang Chen is very strong, but he got news that the book boy next to the Nine Worlds is said to be a supreme powerhouse who failed in Nirvana!

Because of the failure of Nirvana, I became a teenager and re-cultivation.

Its profound background is unimaginable!

“Be careful.” Lou Ying said: “There is one more thing…Case Ming Young Master may also know your identity.”

“Huh?” Jiang Chen Astonished, how did Cassia Young Master know?

“Don’t underestimate Cassia Young Master, that guy is not simple, don’t be confused by his appearance.” Louying said solemnly: “This kind of person is the most terrifying, and according to the news from Shadow Sect As I know, Cassia Young Master has double pupils, which can break all falsehoods!”

“What!? Double pupils!?” Jiang Chen’s face turned dark, secretly thought this time can be troublesome!

Double pupils, not Saint Physique, but also a very strange physique!

A person with double eyes is like a Heavenly Eye, not only has the mysterious Divine Ability, but also can break through all the falsehoods in the world!

Thinking, Jiang Chen quietly moved towards Cassia Young Master and took a look, just to see Cassia Young Master was also looking at him.

That faint smile expression made Jiang Chen get goose bumps!

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