I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 822

Looking at the face of Young Master Cassia, Jiang Chen knew that his identity was exposed!

“Lou Ying, you will see Young Master in your visit and let him talk less!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“Don’t worry, he is still quite afraid of me.” Louying nodded and said.

But, next moment, Jiang Chen’s whole body and hair are upside down.

Because the emperor is actually holding a mirror and looking at Jiang Chen!

“Fellow Daoist, I think you are quite familiar, I will take a look at your true appearance, don’t worry, I won’t say it.” The emperor secretly sounded transmission, with a friendly meaning: “I see you are familiar, if we meet together later, I will show mercy.”

“You…” Jiang Chen’s face was dark and he covered his face directly!

After a few breaths, the emperor’s expression solidified. He looked at the artifact mirror in his hand in a daze. After a few breaths, the complexion is gloomy came down.

He grinds his teeth, clenches his fists, staring at Jiang Chen, his eyes are about to burst into flames!

Familiar! ? Fellow Daoist? show mercy?

Go special!


At this moment, the emperor couldn’t help it. The gnashing teeth let out a low roar, and then pointed at Jiang Chen, angrily roared: “Don’t let Laozi meet I’m going to kill you!”

“What? Naked?”

“This name sounds familiar.”



For a while, many people reacted, isn’t it the one who moved Guangming Cave Mansion before?

“Little thief! It’s really you!?” With a killing intent in the pretty face of Nine Worlds, he said directly to the book boy beside him: “Wait when you meet this kid, I will fight to death!”

“hahaha, I finally found it!” Chen Zhulu was also a killing intent, staring at Jiang Chen, and said: “Don’t be met by me!”

“Everyone , You have misunderstood, I am not that silly.” Jiang Chen explained, but he looked pale and weak.

Because the mirror in the hands of the emperor is the secret treasure refined by the Lord God, all cultivators under the Lord God can basically be photographed in its original form!

“You are dead!”

“Han! My bright clan will not let you go!”


There are many people from the Guangming clan here, and they shouted out one by one.

At the same time, the people from the ten thousand barrels bank also came forward and bluntly said that Jiang Chen would be cut!

“cough cough…Boss, what have you done? Did you commit a crime?” Jiang Liu curiously asked.

“What else can he do, move away from Guangming Blessed Land.” Mu Xingyun whispered: “It’s really a scourge, wherever he goes, where does the scourge go.”

“I …… Just borrow it!” Jiang Chen said weakly.

At this moment, the host Elderly spoke and said: “There are nine people left, one-on-one, and directly advance to the next round.”

“Why?” Jiang Liu asked stupidly.

Everyone hearing this, couldn’t help but despise Jiang Liu angrily.

Some people even said straightforwardly: “Isn’t someone a girl, won’t you be promoted directly?”

“This stupid boy is really a straight man of steel.”


“I’ll be promoted directly, are you idiot dissatisfied!?” Jiu Tianxia said, raising her eyebrows.

“I’m not convinced.” Jiang Liu is very honest and does not tell lies.

“Unacceptable? Wait for you to meet me and punch out your shit!” Jiu Tianxia tenderly shouted.

A woman who spoke so rudely did not sleep.

After that, the host Elderly spoke again, saying: “Choose your opponent.”

“I choose a hanhan!”

“I want to fight Han Han has a battle!”

“Leave this Han Han to me!”


Elderly’s voice just fell, the emperor and the others are rushing Speak!

Jiang Chen hearing this, the corners of his mouth chuckle for a while, these people really want to kill him! ?

“If I didn’t get rid of it, I would definitely choose him! It’s so irritating that I moved away from Bright and Blessed Land!”

“This guy is just a scourge. It can be regarded as an enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven!”


The people of the Guangming family and the Ten Thousand Barrel Bank are angry and want to see the scene of Jiang Chen being suppressed and killed.

“That…this little friend named Hanhan, so many people choose you, why don’t you pick one yourself?” The host Elderly expression is weird, but also didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be so “popular” .

“Sorry, I’m late, can this finals count me a place?”

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, a teenager came here leisurely.

This person is the descendant of the suspected Divine Emperor!

He didn’t participate in the melee for some reason before.

Now that the melee is over, he just came out, and even more bluntly, he will participate in the finals.

This, of course, is against the rules!

However, after the host Elderly saw the boy, frowned, said: “You are late, so let’s participate in the next session.”

“Really?” This boy Raising his eyebrows, he was very arrogant, and he took out a token engraved with the word “Emperor”, and said, “Can you give me the face of my teacher?”

At this moment, the audience fell silent. .

Everyone is looking at that token, especially those Elderly, the expression has changed drastically, and the eyes are full of energy!

“Emperor Order!”

“Really a descendant of the Divine Emperor!”


Formation Sect, Xuanzhen Sect’s Several Elders were shocked. They really didn’t expect the rumors to be true. In this Haotian Conference, the descendants of the Divine Emperor have really come!

The host Elderly was also very frightened. After careful consideration, he said: “The Divine Emperor once made great contributions to the world. Today, he made an exception and gave the Divine Emperor a face.”

“Oh, what a good point, don’t you dare to give it?” The young man said contemptuously: “If the master was born, there would be no place for you to speak in this world.”

” Boy, don’t be too crazy!”

“The Divine Emperor is just a legend. Whether it is still alive now is a question!”

“Under the name of the Divine Emperor, the ghost knows you Is it a descendant of the Divine Emperor!”


Many youngsters said, suspecting that the descendant of the Divine Emperor is a fake.

However, the host Elderly smiled awkwardly and said: “What the little friend said is the face of the Divine Emperor, I dare not give it up.”

, Everyone moved.

This… is really the descendant of the Divine Emperor! ?

“Since there is one more person, there is no bye. Nine Worlds also have to participate.” Elderly said, “You can choose by yourself.”

tone barely fell, Jiang Chen pointed to Jiu Tianxia without the slightest hesitation and said: “I challenge her!”


“This guy……”

In an instant, everyone was speechless.

Ten people in the audience, just pick a girl?

have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex is there no such thing?

And Jiutianxia’s face is even more ugly. She was beaten by Jiang Chen before and knew that she was not Jiang Chen’s opponent.

Now, Jiang Chen unexpectedly chooses her, it is obvious that he still wants to be fat and beat her!

“I didn’t say I want to choose you! I won’t agree!” Jiu Tian was so angry that he bulged his cheeks and said: “There is a kind of fight with my book boy!”

” Your book boy, I’ll come!” Jiang Liu stepped out, staring at the book boy next to Nine Worlds, and said: “Dare you?”

“Dare not.”

Who knows , The book boy directly shook his head and said: “I only listen to the little master. He lets me hit anyone. I don’t accept other people’s challenges.”

After all, the book boy looked towards Jiang Chen, said: “I challenge you, can you accept it?”

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