I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 823

Someone wants to challenge Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen wants to challenge others, so this is difficult.

Finally, the host Elderly chose the fairest way to draw lots!

Number one to number ten, number two to number nine, and so on.

“That many people want to find you, you should smoke first.” Elderly said to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen has no objection, it all depends on fate.

With a big wave of his hand, Jiang Chen drew a lottery condensed by divine force from Elderly’s hand, and when he opened it, the number nine was written impressively.

“Don’t let Lao Tzu be drawn to number two! I want to kill you!” With a fierce glow in the eyes of the emperor, he rushed up to draw the lot!

He is so angry, he can’t wait to swallow Jiang Chen raw!

As a result, he drew the number ten.

“Let me come!” Chen Zhulu also drew, but unfortunately, he got the eighth.

Next, Jiang Liu and the others drew lots one by one, but none of them got the second number.

Until the end, the eyes of the audience fell on Nine Heavens.

Just because, there is only one person left, one signed!

And now, the second pick has not come out!

This means that there is no need to draw in Nine Worlds, the iron and iron No. 2 pick.

“hahaha, fate! It’s fate!” Jiang Chen laughed, eyebrows raised at Nine Worlds, and said: “Little Lass, wait for the big brother to show mercy!”


“You!” Jiu Tianxia stared at him, but he felt very wronged!

Why? ! Why do I feel so wronged every time I encounter this naive man! ?

However, the lottery is drawn, or if you don’t surrender to the ring, you will have to be beaten by Jiang Chen!

“I am Jiu Tianxia! I can’t lose the face of Jiu Tianzong!” Jiu Tianxia thought, but he was really wronged.

She thought, would you like to say something nice and let Jiang Chen act lightly?

“Hey, let me tell you, if you act lightly or give up, I can leave the blame for the past.” Jiu Tianxia sound transmission secretly.

“Little Lass, you lack discipline.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, and I have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.”

“Really? Then you wait for me to play a few more rounds, don’t make me lose too ugly, okay?” Jiutianxia blinked his eyes, very pitiful.

Jiang Chen will not be deceived by the appearance of Jiu Tianxia. He knows that Jiu Tianxia is very ruthless and a Little Demoness!

“Okay, I’ll put some water later, and fight with you for three hundred rounds, to give you some face.” Jiang Chen agreed.

Of course, as for what to play next, only Jiang Chen knows.

“Start! Number One vs. Number Ten!”

At this moment, Elderly spoke, and then the book boy next to Nine Worlds stepped onto the ring.

He got the number one pick!

And his opponent is naturally the emperor who got the tenth pick.

“I have heard the name of the emperor for a long time, please enlighten me today.” The book boy cupped the hands, very polite.

“What nonsense to you!” The emperor coldly said, he didn’t get the second lottery, and his mood was burst. Now there is no intention to be hypocritical with this boy.

When the voice fell, I saw the emperor rushing out, like a Kunpeng going to sea, turning into a big Peng, swept, and directly sent the book boy out!

“Second kill!”

“It is worthy of being the emperor! I am worthy of the Kunlun Mountains, worthy of the words of the emperor!”


The audience was boiling, even Lou Ying was a little surprised.

He knows some things about that boy, which is very strong!

I didn’t expect, but was defeated by the emperor!

“Hurry up! After this round, I must face Han Han in the next round!” The emperor urged.

When the voice fell, I saw Jiang Chen come to the arena, smiled and waved at Nine Worlds, and said: “Come on.”

“Say OK! Do it lightly!” Jiutianxia’s complexion is ugly, if it weren’t for the sake of Jiutianzong’s face, she wouldn’t go up!

“Don’t worry, a real man one word worth nine sacred tripods! Say that if you play three hundred rounds, there will be no one less round!” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

Listening to these words, Nine Worlds was relieved, and jumped up, like a bird, falling on the ring.

However, before she could react, Jiang Chen rushed out suddenly, the Tiger Soul Dragon Vein vibrated, and the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow manifested behind him!

He was extremely fast, and with the power of Dragon-Tiger, he couldn’t tolerate the reaction of the world, so he grabbed the opponent!

Moreover, Jiang Chen used a secret technique to seal the voice of Nine Heavens and Divine Soul!

“Little Lass, I have some connections with your father. I will take your father today and discipline you!” Jiang Chen said resolutely, he slapped Nine Heavens to the ground, then raised his palm , Under everyone’s horrified eyes, slapped Jiutianxia’s ass with a slap.


This slap went down, it was extremely loud, and even more tears came out of the painful nine heavens.

She stared, wu wu screamed, but her voice and Divine Soul were sealed, and she couldn’t say a word, even sound transmission!

“You still want to kill me!? Oh, teach you a good lesson!”

“I don’t learn well at a young age, I want to kill people all day long, and be a gentle girl. Okay?

“It’s really a headache, who is used to you? “

“If it weren’t for your young age, I would slap you down, you would be dead!” “

Jiang Chen is babbled in his mouth. Without saying a word, he has to hit a few butt scrapers in the world.

“Boy ! Don’t go too far! “That boy is so quick-eyed, it is even more angry!

That is the illegitimate daughter of the Sect Master of the Nine Heavens Sect, the Little Princess of the Nine Heavens Sect!

Normally, a hair is lost. They have to alarm the entire Nine Heavens Sect, now it’s good, being suppressed by Jiang Chen on the ground, scraping next to his butt!

This…it’s just unbearable!

“Little Lord! Give up! “Shutong said.

Heearing this, rolled the eyes, tears are flowing in the corners of her eyes.

She wants to admit defeat too, but she can’t speak, Divine Soul is sealed. That’s it!

“If you insist on three hundred rounds, then it must be three hundred rounds! I think you dare to deal with me in the future! “


After a few ten breaths, Jiang Chen hit three hundred butt-scrapers, which threw Nine Heavens out of the ring and unlocked her Seal.

“I’m going to kill you! “Nine Heavens is full of tears of grievances, one hand covers her ass, the other finger points to Jiang Chen.

She is really angry this time!

With so many faces, she was spanked!

Even if she is called Little Demoness, she is a woman anyway!

“Little Lass, this time Give you a small sect training, dare to mess with me next time, believing or not, I will strengthen you! ? “Jiang Chen threatened.

“You! you dare! “The pretty face of Jiu Tianxia is red, ashamed and angry!

She feels that Jiang Chen is not a human. Such words can be said in front of so many people!

“You Dare to beat her? Ok? “

At this moment, Nalan Meier stared at Jiang Chen, with a charming expression on her face, but a cold glow flashed in her eyes, and said: “What’s the matter? Is it because the few of us are not serving you well? “

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