I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 824

Nalan Meier has a charming face, but there is a sourness in her words.

Jiang Chen hearing this, shaking his whole body, smirked, and said: “I will scare and scare her.”

“hmph!” Nalan Meier was coldly snorted, and then suddenly laughed When I got up, I smiled very charmingly.

She beckoned to Jiang Chen, and said softly: “Master, come here, and the discipline will rub it for you.”

“…” Jiang Chen is standing upside down, Looking at Nalan Meier’s expression, I knew there was nothing good!

However, this battle is over, and Jiang Chen should indeed step out of the ring.

“Boss, don’t flirt, the next battle is Ruo Xiao and Dongfang Wushuang!” Jiang Liu expression grave, said: “Dongfang Wushuang murderous aura is very heavy!”

“Don’t worry, the two of them have similar cultivation bases, and they are also hegemony.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “It should be fine.”

“I heard them say Dongfang Wushuang is very strong and was Known as the young generation matchless in the world!” Jiang Liu worriedly said: “In case of a small defeat, Dongfang Wushuang will kill you…”

“You must have confidence in your brother.” Jiang Chen patted Jiang Liu’s shoulder said: “If you don’t have this confidence, what else would you do brother.”

Jiang Liu hearing this, opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

He is still worried.

At this moment, Ruoxiao and Dongfang Wushuang have already stepped onto the ring.

The two looked at each other for a while, then Dongfang Wushuang raised his brows and raised his chin, and said: “Dongfang Family, Dongfang Wushuang.”

“The overlord, Ruoxiao .” Ruoxiao said lightly, eyes closed, there seemed to be a warlord floating in the bottom of his eyes.

A purple domineering, when the hair is dancing, it is like a violent battle!

A trace of contempt flashed in Dongfang Wushuang’s eyes, and he joked: “You should know that the same cultivator and the same cultivation base will have different strengths.”

” Even if you, like me, have the same overlord body, but the distance between you and me is always great, like a chasm and cannot be crossed!”

If Xiao Xiao is hearing this, his eyes droop slightly, reached out and beckoned, said: “War!”

“Then fight.” Dongfang Wushuang’s pupils shrank suddenly, his feet slammed on the ground, and the whole person thrust out like a human tyrannosaurus!

The same is true for Ruo Xiao, like the Barbaric Ox of the ancient times, under the rampage, the power of the whole body is burning like a purple flame!



next moment, I saw the two collided, without using any magical skills, the fists and palms collided, which is the fleshy body In the competition!

“The battle between the tyrants is like this.” Someone exclaimed: “You don’t need any fancy things, punch to the flesh!”

“It depends on who can hold on to the end That’s it!”


Jiang Chen is also looking at Ruo Xiao.

He can see that after a period of time, Ruo Xiao is getting stronger!

Especially his Saint Physique, what seems to have changed, the blood within the body has become purple!

On the other side, Dongfang Wushuang is very brave, and his shots are extremely strong.

“Cowering, you are also called hegemony? Also hegemony?” Dongfang Wushuang said contemptuously, and he hit Ruo Xiao in the chest, and at the same time he hit Ruo Xiao with a palm!

“cowering?” If the small eyebrow raised, then loudly shouted: “Then desperately!”

“There can only be one hegemonic body! Only one person can dominate!” Dongfang Wushuang roars, his fists move faster, his fists are like a big day, blooming with golden rays of light!

If Xiao Xiao is not afraid, he also gave up his defense, his fists are constantly attacking, the purple divine light is very eye-catching!

Between the two, the brilliance collided, the divine light was chaotic, and when the fists and palm prints collided, it seemed like the bright moon collided with Yaoyang!

The explosion sound continued, and golden blood and purple blood splashed all over the ring!

In just a dozen breaths of time, I saw that both of them were colored!

If Xiao Xiao’s chest is sunken, purple blood is overflowing in his mouth and nose!

Dongfang Wushuang was not much better. Ruo Xiao interrupted one hand, and dropped weakly to the side. The golden blood dripped from his shoulder, like gold.

“The strength is equal!”

“birds of a feather! It is estimated that it is a draw.”


Present The people are not ordinary people, and after watching it for a while, I know that Ruo Xiao and Dongfang Wushuang are almost the same in strength.

If you continue to fight like this, it will be a tie sooner or later.

Even Elderly, who presided over the Haotian Conference, shook his head and said: “Stop it, it’s a draw, and you will be promoted at the same time.”

“A draw!? You see it! Dongfang Wushuang coldly said: “I haven’t fallen yet, and he is still there!”

“After all, one person will fall!” Ruo Xiao yelled, punched out, his fist was like a big Peng , Hit the door of Dongfang Wushuang!

Dongfang Wushuang still has no defense, allowing himself to be punched, and at the same time his palm burst out, printed on Ruo Xiao’s chest!



At this moment, the two of them flew upside down at the same time. Blood was spilled along the way, and there were fragments of internal organs from them. Sprayed out of his mouth.

At the same time, the aura of the two of them is depressed a lot, and even the power within the body is almost exhausted!

Although the battle between them didn’t use any magical skills, they were all punches to the flesh, and every punch and punch was exhausted!

This kind of battle can’t be stopped by ordinary people, and it won’t last long!

“I am Dongfang Wushuang, matched in the world!”



Between three breaths , I saw the two struggled from the ground almost at the same time, covered in blood, but never flinched.

Their speed is much slower, the imposing manner has also weakened a lot, and the power within the body is even weaker.

But they never stopped!

In the eyes of everyone, the two are fighting together again!

After more than ten breaths, the two of them couldn’t hold it anymore, and the power within the body was exhausted. At this moment, they were fighting together like a rogue.

There is no longer any power in the body, the two of them are fighting hard!

As they said, one must fall down!

Even if the divine force within the body is exhausted, even if the hand is broken and the bone is cracked, a victory must be played!

“If you continue to fight like this, you will be crippled!” Jiang Liu was shocked, but didn’t want to see Ruo Xiao accident.

All around, the exclamation is also constant.

Some people are wondering, who is secretly thought, who is secretly thought to be able to compete with Dongfang Wushuang, and it’s still on par.

It’s even more frightening. If a small powerhouse like this one actually respects Jiang Chen as the boss, then how strong is Jiang Chen, the lower True God?




The time it takes half an incense stick to burn After the two struggled for a long time, until this moment, they fell one after another.

The divine force is exhausted, the strength is gone, the skeleton is broken more than half, and the whole person is bloody.

The floor is full of blood, and the purple and gold are mixed together, which looks very gorgeous.

“Boy, I, Dongfang Wushuang, admit that you are very strong, and you should be with me.” Dongfang Wushuang was lying on the ground feebly, it was difficult to move a finger!

But, at this moment, if a ray of light bursts out of his small eyes, he said: “I am not the same! I am not weaker than you!”

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