I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 826

After more than a dozen breaths, someone went up in the ring again.

And this time is a duel between Mu Xingyun and Chen Zhulu!

“Who is this guy? When you meet Chen Zhulu, I guess you will lose in a few rounds.”

“The nameless rat that’s all, how can Chen Zhulu’s opponent be? .”


All around, ridicule and contempt are endless.

Because they only know Chen Zhulu, they only know that Chen Zhulu is very strong, but they don’t know Mu Xingyun!

Similarly, even Jiang Chen does not know how strong Mu Xingyun is.

“As my old enemy, don’t let me down.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

However, what is surprising is that as soon as Mu Xingyun entered the ring, he said with a smile: “I admit defeat and admit defeat.”

As soon as these words came out, A group of people couldn’t help being dumbfounded.

Anyway, you also take a shot, just give in, don’t you fear to lose face? !

Only Jiang Chen is very calm, he has long known that Mu Xingyun would be like this.

Jiang Chen knows very well that Mu Xingyun is very tolerant and never does anything uncertain.

Perhaps, Mu Xingyun’s battle, fighting to the end, can defeat Chen Zhulu.

However, that does not conform to Mu Xingyun’s style of behavior.

If he makes a move, he has a 100% chance of winning!

“You are so prudent.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked at Mu Xingyun who returned to his side, and said, “You don’t need a face?”

“What’s the use of face?” Mu Xingyun said with a smile, very indifferent: “If you want to worry about face, my life is long gone.”

“I hate you very much “Jiang Chen seemed to be joking,” he said, “You are too stable and tolerant. Sometimes I also think, maybe one day, I will really die in your hands.”

“Don’t worry. , If there is such a day, I will give you a happy one.” Mu Xingyun joked.

“Boss, it’s my turn.”

At this moment, Jiang Liu lightly said, and then stepped onto the ring.

His opponent is not someone else, but the descendant of the Divine Emperor who arrived last!

“Be careful.” Jiang Chen warned repeatedly: “This guy has a problem.”

“Okay.” Jiang Liu expression grave, after all, no matter who it is, facing the descendants of the Divine Emperor When, will not be easy.

After that, Jiang Liu stood on the ring, and the descendant of the Divine Emperor also came.

“Go down by yourself.” The descendant of Divine Emperor raised his eyebrows and said contemptuously: “You all know who I am, and you don’t have to doubt my strength. You are not my opponent.”

“How do you know if you haven’t played before!” Jiang Liu is honest and honest. Since he has been in the ring, he has to fight!

If not, what are you doing in the ring? Come to show your face?

“Oh, act recklessly.” The descendant of the Divine Emperor smiled contemptuously, and the silhouette suddenly disappeared!



next moment, when he appeared again, an explosion sounded.

The palm of his hand was suddenly pressed on Jiang Liu’s body!

“What a fast speed!”

“The power of this palm…the people of the same realm are afraid that it can’t be stopped.”


Everyone was amazed. Although they had never personally experienced the power of that palm, they could still feel it.

However, what is surprising is that Jiang Liu stands in place, completely motionless.

Even, Jiang Chen looked at the palm of his hand in doubt, subconsciously asked: “This is over?”


“No way?! Hardly shook the Divine Emperor’s heir, but he was unharmed!?”


At this moment, the audience exclaimed When it sounded, more people kept wiping their eyes, suspecting that they were mistaken!

Even the descendant of the Divine Emperor was taken aback for a while, looking at the completely motionless Jiang Liu in front of him, wondering if his palm was wrong?

“As for the descendants of the Divine Emperor, if I only have this strength, then I will win this battle.” Jiang Liu is very direct and never speaks falsehood.


When the voice fell, I saw Jiang Liu punch down directly, blasting the descendant of Divine Emperor away!

Immediately, he strode out like a Great Desolate beast!

It exudes the brilliance of scarlet gold, and the whole body is like pouring gold!

“This is…what a fierce power!”

“The blood energy is soaring into the sky, with red gold, this is…Primordial Saint Physique!?”


Someone clearly understood Jiang Liu’s physique, but he still doesn’t like Jiang Liu.

After all, the four descendants of the Divine Emperor are not a joke!


Suddenly, Jiang Liu stopped where he was, and blood spurted out of his mouth without warning.

He lowered his head in a daze, and touched the place where he was hit by the descendant of the Divine Emperor before, and a cold glow flashed in his eyes!

“You, mean!” Jiang Liu coldly said, staring at the descendant of the Divine Emperor not far away.

“Only about the outcome, regardless of the process and the means, don’t you know this?” The descendant of the Divine Emperor jokingly said: “Go down!”

After that, I saw He hit out with a palm, and his palm print was like a cloud of clouds, directly blasting Jiang Liu out of the ring!

Jiang Chen rushed over, caught Jiang Liu, and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“That kid, poison!” Jiang Liu said solemnly: “As Primordial Saint Physique, I can say that it is not invaded by poison, but that kid’s poison is a little weird!” “Poison?” Jiang Chen stared at him, and hurriedly probed Jiang Liu’s situation.

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen suppressed the toxin of Jiang Liu within the body with an unquenchable fire, but was unable to eradicate it!

“This poison…Devouring Soul Poison!” Jiang Chen’s expression was extremely cold, and he said: “This is anti-drug! It was banned thousands of years ago!”

“Boss, what will this Devouring Soul Poison do to me?” Jiang Liu worriedly said.

He also felt that this Devouring Soul Poison cannot be eradicated!

“I can’t help you detox, you have to take an antidote!” Jiang Chen said: “Moreover, once you have Devouring Soul Poison, you can not only use the power of within the body, let alone Cultivation, otherwise Devouring Soul Poison will erupt and it will swallow your soul and fleshy body!”

“Ah?! So vicious!?” Jiang Liu’s face collapsed.

On the other side, the descendant of Divine Emperor walked off the ring and came to Jiang Liu jokingly, saying: “Kneel down and say something nice, I can help you detoxify.”

“You dream!” Jiang Liu angrily scolded: “Even if I die, I won’t kneel on you!”

“Okay, then wait for you to die.” Divine Emperor’s heir said with a smile, shrugged, said: “A fate that’s all, you die if you die.”

“You, very good!” Jiang Chen got up, stared at him, there seemed to be a thunderbolt deep in his eyes Roaring!

He stared at the descendant of Divine Emperor. After a few breaths, he said: “If he is dead, even if you are the descendant of Divine Emperor, you must be buried for him!”

“Just you? The next True God?” The descendant of the Divine Emperor contemptuously said: “If you meet me next time, I will also let you feel the taste of Devouring Soul Poison.”

“Me too I am looking forward to meeting you.” Jiang Chen coldly said: “If you meet, your life and death will be in my control!”

“Arrogant.” The heir of the Divine Emperor raised his brows and said: “Just at you In this case, I will not give you the antidote for Devouring Soul Poison, so let your good brother wait to die.”

“You will give it, I’m sure.” Jiang Chen lightly said , Pointed to the gate of Clear Sky City, and said: “Unless you leave here, you will definitely give me the antidote!”

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