I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 827

“Oh, I’m waiting.” The descendant of the Divine Emperor chuckled, then turned and left.

In the next few battles, Jiang Chen never paid attention.

He tried to use inextinguishable fire to detoxify Jiang Liu, but the effect was not great.

Even, Jiang Chen secretly used Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp to burn with the heart of lights, but it could not be obliterated that was Devouring Soul Poison!

“How can the descendants of the Divine Emperor be so insidious?” Mu Xingyun frowns on the side, saying: “According to legend, Divine Emperor saved Nine Heavens God World in the first place. He was considered a great man and made great achievements. , A hundred races worship, and all spirits worship.”

“The dísciple he taught, not to mention strength, its temperament should be upright.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, secretly nodded.

From the first sight of the descendant of the Divine Emperor, Jiang Chen felt that this person was weird.

And now, Jiang Chen is even more sure that there is definitely something wrong with this descendant of the Divine Emperor!

“Louying, Shadow Sect is well-informed, do you know about the descendants of the Divine Emperor?” Jiang Chen asked.

Loying’s hearing this, shook the head, said: “Divine Emperor lineage is rarely born, and Shadow Sect has very little information.”

“I feel that this person does not Too right.” Jiang Chen glanced at the Divine Emperor descendant from the corner of his eye.

“Perhaps… his identity is correct, maybe the inheritance is wrong.” Lou Ying speculated: “Nine Heavens God World has seen more than one Divine Emperor. The inheritance he inherited may be another. It’s a Divine Emperor.”

Speaking of this, Lou Ying stretched out three fingers and said: “The one who is remembered most by the world is Emperor Hao Heavenly God, who made great achievements and saved Nine. The one from Heavens God World.”

“The other two people, one heard that she was a woman, very strong, but also very mysterious. There are very few records in the ancient book, and she did not hear about her inheritance. Next.”

“And the last one is recorded in some mountain magazines, and it seems to be called the Poison Divine Emperor.” Lou Ying said: “Do you think this Divine Emperor descendant is a Poison? A descendant of the Divine Emperor?”

Throughout the long history, there have been many powerhouses at the God Emperor Level, among which the most prestigious is Hao Heavenly God.

As for the other two, there are not many records.

Of course, in addition to these three, there may be several Divine Emperors, but they have not been recorded.

At this moment, Lou Ying speculates that the descendant of the Divine Emperor who came to participate in the Haotian Conference may be the descendant of the poisonous Divine Emperor.

“Poison Divine Emperor?” Jiang Chen frowned, but he had also heard of this Divine Emperor.

However, this Divine Emperor has an extremely bad reputation.

At the beginning, when the poisonous Divine Emperor was alive, it caused public outrage in the world, and eventually disappeared suddenly and disappeared.

There are rumors that the poisonous Divine Emperor was killed by another Divine Emperor.

It is also said that the poison Divine Emperor is secluded cultivation, which hits a higher cultivation base level.

But no matter what, as the Divine Emperor, his strength is naturally beyond doubt.

And the strength of its descendants will not be weak!

It’s just that, in the previous battle, the descendant of the Divine Emperor only made one move, and simply couldn’t see his true strength.

The only thing people can see is that the descendants of Divine Emperor will use poison, and it is very insidious!

“No matter which descendant of the Divine Emperor he is, Jiang Liu’s revenge must be reported!” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“If it is really the descendant of the poisonous Divine Emperor, then this guy should be careful.” Lou Ying reminded: “Those who use poison, need to be treated with caution.”

“No problem, I want to give it a try, how strong is the poison of Divine Emperor!” Jiang Chen said.

In the next few battles, Jiang Chen has not been watching, and he is helping Jiang Liu suppress Devouring Soul Poison.

Until half a day later, the second round begins.

The people who are promoted are Jiang Chen, Ruoxiao, Tianzi, Chen Zhulu, and the descendant of the Divine Emperor.

However, due to minor injuries and temporarily unable to shoot, there are only four people left in the second round of fighting.

“This time, I must kill you!” The emperor glared at Jiang Chen, angrily in his heart.

Chen Zhulu did not speak, but the cold glow flashing in his eyes is enough to show how much he hates Jiang Chen!

As for the descendant of the Divine Emperor, he has been laughing and watching Jiang Chen, seemingly mocking.

“Let’s draw lots.” The host Elderly said, with four lotteries standing in front of him.

“You come first!” The emperor stared at Jiang Chen and said: “This time I must face you! I must kill you!”

“Oh? Yes. Is it?” Jiang Chen chuckled and pointed to the descendant of Divine Emperor, and said: “I would rather fight him.”

“Always wait.” The descendant of Divine Emperor raised his eyebrows: “Just, you If you meet me, it will probably be a dead end.”

“Try.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Then, the draw began, and Jiang Chen got the second lottery.

Next, Chen Zhulu and Tianzi won the first and fourth picks respectively.

“Damn! Fate!? Neither of them can draw the number three pick!?” The emperor looked anxious and looked towards the number four pick in Chen Zhulu’s hand with a depressed look.

Chen Zhuilu is also speechless, one third chance, the result just missed it!

“That’s all that’s all, the descendants of the Divine Emperor will educate you.” Chen Zhulu sighed, unable to personally kill Jiang Chen, feeling very uncomfortable.

The emperor was grind his teeth even more anger, even he said to the descendant of Divine Emperor: “Don’t kill him! I will kill him by myself!”

“Okay.” The descendant of Divine Emperor said with a smile: “Then I will leave him a breath.”

“Good!” said the emperor.

Listening to the two of them, it seemed that Jiang Chen was bound to lose.

Of course, in everyone’s minds, Jiang Chen must be defeated.

After all, the descendants of the Divine Emperor are not a joke, even more how this descendant of the Divine Emperor will use poison, and the path of poison is very profound!

“What did the two of us say? Do you really want to fight you to death?”

At this moment, in the ring, Chen Zhulu and the emperor are fighting against each other, with a strange expression.

They have a good relationship, and privately they are more like the biological brother.

Now, let them fight a fight, these two people are naturally reluctant.

“Then the old rules.” The emperor had a weird expression. He shook his palm and said, “Let’s get started.”

“Okay.” Chen Zhulu nodded, he also clenched tightly. fist.

At this moment, the audience is boiling!

The battle between Emperor Tianzi and Chen Zhulu attracted everyone’s attention.

You must know that these two people are not just in name only, but also in reality, the enchanting Tianjiao, but also the “rich family” born in Kunlun Mountains and the dísciple of Aolai Tianmen!

The battle of these two people hasn’t started, everyone has guessed it, it will definitely be exciting!

However, next moment, a group of people was completely messed up.

I saw the two of them in an imposing manner very full, holding a fist, and then shooting at the focal point of ten thousands at the same time!

“Rock, paper, scissors!”



“What the hell!?”


Everyone is dumbfounded, this is what you said to follow the old rules! ?

Guess the box! ?

big brother, this is the Haotian Conference, not a playhouse!

“cough cough……sorry, I won.”

At this moment, Chen Zhulu was slightly embarrassed. After all, this is the Haotian Conference. They use boxing to determine the outcome, indeed Something is wrong.

Fortunately, Chen Zilu won, a cloth, firmly holding the fist of the emperor…

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