I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 833

“You are absolutely the sect master of Shadow Sect. You were a Honorary Disciple in my Xuanzhen Sect. Do you know this?” Xuanzhen Sect Elder said.

“There is also an Elder in your Kunlun Mountains, who was also cultivated in Heavenly Talisman Sect at the beginning!”

“An Old Ancestor in Aolaitianmen, who was in my sect thousands of years ago Cultivation has passed Formation.”

At this moment, these three Elders said repeatedly, which clearly shows that they are oppressing people!


“cough cough……”


Kunlun Mountains, absolutely Shadow Sect, proud The three powerhouses in Tianmen heard this, and couldn’t say a word for a while!

What can you say?

I said nothing!

The few great characters of my own are all dísciples of these three sects!

Now, they are about to build relationships, how can this be done?

“I said, don’t talk about it, it’s all the same.” Shadow Sect’s powerhouse said solemnly: “Let’s just say this now!”

“Now It’s also very clear now, he is the Honorary Disciple of Heavenly Talisman Sect!”

“Yes! If you dare to steal, we dare to protect the calf!”


The three sect Elders are very hard-spirited, and they do not give in a bit!

At this moment, the other three are gone.

Do you really want to put aside all considerations of face?

Be aware that Heavenly Talisman Sect, Zhenzong, Xuanzhenzong these three sects have a special status in Nine Heavens God World.

No one wants to provoke them until it is a last resort.

“Three, just do things, my Divine Emperor clan supports you!” The descendant of Divine Emperor suddenly spoke, with cold glow flashing in his eyes, and even took out the Divine Emperor token, saying: “This token In my hand, what I said was just like the Divine Emperor’s own words!”

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere in the audience seemed a little depressed.

Because the Kunlun Mountains, proud to heaven, and shadow Sect are all three sects, they are all strong, they are Peak.

They have their own concerns, and they don’t want to get too close to the Divine Emperor clan, so as not to cause some unnecessary trouble.

However, they really want to get the Haotian Stone!

After more than ten breaths, the powerhouse of Shadow Sect spoke, saying: “Today, Heavenly Talisman Sect, the face of the Three Great Sects of the Zhenzong, Xuanzhenzong, I will never give the Shadow Sect!”


“Hey! Be careful when you speak! Absolute Shadow Sect is not your decision!” Lou Ying looked ugly, staring at the Absolute Shadow Sect powerhouse, and said: “Can this matter be approved by my father?”

“Natural.” The powerhouse nodded of Shadow Sect saluted Lou Ying and respectfully said: “Without the consent of Sect master, subordinates would not dare to come here.”

” What? No way?” Lou Ying was stunned, he simply didn’t know about this, and his father hadn’t told him about it!

“Young Master, now the Divine Emperor is backing us, so why not fear these three sects.” said the powerhouse of Shadow Sect.

Loying is hearing this, browse tightly knit, and I don’t know what I’m thinking.

On the other side, the two powerhouses heard the words of Shadow Sect’s powerhouse, and after hesitating for a while, they also spoke up, saying that they were robbed today!

“But you can’t do it here!” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder raised an eyebrow: “You don’t let him go, we won’t go, see who consumes whom!”

” Anyway, I can’t do anything in Clear Sky City, at worst I’ve been consuming here.” Xuanzhenzong Elder said, smiled at Jiang Chen, and said: “Honorary Disciple is also a dísciple. Don’t worry, there are three of us here. You’re all right.”

“Many thanks three.” Jiang Chen lightly said, but his heart palpitated inexplicably.

He has a feeling that today this thing will not be so simple!

“Divine Emperor token, are there any rules to bind?” The descendant of Divine Emperor raised his eyebrows, looked all around, and said: “Do you all know the meaning of Divine Emperor token?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone fell silent.

Just because, as this young man said, holding the Divine Emperor token, all the rules of the world can be broken!

This is the power of the Divine Emperor!

At this moment, I saw the Kunlun Mountains, proud to Tianmen, and Shadow Sect Three Great Powerhouses stepping forward one after another, moving towards Jiang Chen.

Since there is Divine Emperor token backing, then in Clear Sky City, you can do it!

“What are you going to do!? Do you really want to do it!?” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder expression changed drastically, warning: “Don’t come over! Believing or not I yelled, some powerhouse come out to help!”


“Yes! Don’t mess around!”


Xuanzhenzong, Zhenzong, the three elders of Heavenly Talisman Sect are anxious, their foreheads are more Is in a cold sweat.

They are Elder, but they majored in Formation and talisman. If they are fighting against people, if they are not prepared, they are afraid that they will not be able to defeat the three in front of them!

“There is a kind of wait for me to arrange the Formation, you guys will do it again!” Elder of the Zhenzong is anxious, and the words of meet force with force simply cannot stop the three!

“Dare to give me time for thirty breaths! When this seat condenses the talisman, one person will suppress the three of you!” Heavenly Talisman Sect Elder is also anxious, and his hands have begun to seal.

However, the three of them are well aware of the power of Heavenly Talisman Sect, Formation Sect and Xuanzhenzong, so how can they give them time to form a formation?



In an instant, only three people shot, the speed is so fast, just like a thunderbolt!

Three palms, they are heading for Jiang Chen!

“Don’t hurt him!”

“Don’t kill him!”


At the same time, Chen Zhulu, Lou Ying, the emperor and the three hurriedly spoke.

They can’t help much, but they can save Jiang Chen’s life anyway.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is a little desperate, but he is helpless and powerless.

This is the gap. Without the strength, you can be talented, and in front of the real powerhouse, it is nothing.



However, before the palms of these three people hit Jiang Chen, a sky-splitting sound suddenly appeared!

Immediately afterwards, a red diamond burst through the air, like a red thunderbolt, which instantly rolled up Jiang Chen and pulled it aside.

After that, a beautiful woman came from a distance in the air, she was very eye-catching in red-clothed!

“Even my Little Junior Brother dare to bully?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, looked up, his eyes flashed lightly, excitedly said: “Senior Sister!”

“Little Junior Brother, what’s the matter with you, why is someone making trouble for you again.”

At the same time, the smiling Heavenly God also appeared, following the Hong Lingsha Behind him, he smiled.

“Smiley Heavenly God!? Hongling!?”


Everyone exclaimed, many people don’t know, Smiley Heavenly God and Hongling is also out of Heavenspan Church!

However, the Kunlun Mountains, the absolute Shadow Sect, and the three powerhouses of Aolai Tianmen don’t care.

They stared at the two Hongling, not at all a trace of fear and dread.

Because they are strong enough!

“Smiling Heavenly God, Hongling, you two want to keep this brat?”

“This is actually very simple. He only needs to hand over the Haotian Stone, everything is easy to say “


The three said.

“Little Junior Brother, will Haotianshi give them?” Smiling Heavenly God asked with a smile.

Jiang Chen hearing this, shook the head, and said: “I don’t want to give it to them.”

“Then don’t give it.” Hongling came to Jiang Chen’s side, very spoiled Touched Jiang Chen’s head and said: “Senior Sister will support you.”

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