I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 834

The smiling Heavenly God and Hong Lingsha came, they were very calm, but their attitude was very firm.

However, the three powerhouses in the Kunlun Mountains are also very firm. Today, with the support of the Divine Emperor, they are going to grab it!

“Today, it’s not easy for anyone to come here!” The powerhouse in the Kunlun Mountains flashed cold glow in his eyes, and said: “As long as he obediently handed over the Clear Sky Stone, I can wait without hurting his life! “

“Smiling Heavenly God, red-clothed War God Hong Lingsha, are you out of the same door with him? But…what about that!?” The powerhouse of Shadow Sect raised his eyebrows, very It is strong: “Even if you two join forces? I still can’t keep him today!”

The powerhouse of Aolai Tianmen didn’t speak, but took a step forward with a clear attitude and did not give in!

“Senior Sister, it seems that the two of us are unable to subdue these three guys.” The smiling Heavenly God joked: “Maybe our reputation is not big enough.”

“Cut it, just hit it!” Hong Lingsha raised her eyebrows, pointed at the three powerhouses, and said: “You go!”

“Huh? Me?” The smiley Heavenly God is awkward, true Let him go alone?

“Senior Sister, what are you doing then?” Smiling Heavenly God asked.

“I want to protect Little Junior Brother.” Hong Lingsha glared at Heavenly God with a smile, and said: “Senior Sister’s words don’t work?”

As soon as these words came out, The smiling Heavenly God felt bitter in her heart.

He glanced at Jiang Chen, secretly thought, is this discrimination? ?

Even if he looks a little handsome, but Senior Sister is too partial! ?

On the other side, the big bear also came, standing aside weakly, afraid to say anything.

Of course, he was not afraid of the three powerhouses in the Kunlun Mountains, but he did not dare to get too close to the red rhombus.

What if you let him also shoot? Big Bear does not have the strength to compete with these three powerhouses.

“My Senior Sister has spoken, let me hit the three of you alone.”

At this moment, the smiling Heavenly God brace oneself walked out with a cold sweat on his back.

If you are alone, smiling Heavenly God is not afraid of any of these three!

But, one dozen three, this is no joke!

These three people in front of me are all Lord Gods!

“Big Bear! Come and watch Little Junior Brother, I’ll go!” Hong Lingsha had just made a joke before, how can the smiling Heavenly God fight these three by one person.

When her voice fell, Da Xiong came to Jiang Chen’s side, said with a smile: “Don’t worry, under the Lord God, no one can hurt you.”

” Senior Brother Xiong, it’s all up to you.” Jiang Chen lightly said.



Suddenly, there was a burst of noise, and I saw Hong Lingsha directly shot without hesitation!

A red-clothed, as if stained with the blood of enemies.

A long spear pierced the void, like a raging fire, directly provoking the body of that awesome Shadow Sect powerhouse!

Under the shaking of the gun head, there seemed to be a cherry blossom blooming, and then the powerhouse of Shadow Sect exploded!

One shot, cherry blossoms blooming, red-clothed sassy, ​​called War God!

At this moment, everyone was moved. When looking towards Hong Lingsha, there was a sense of horror and fear in their eyes!

“This woman is too fierce!?”

“Heh, have you never heard of her reputation? red-clothed War God! The Lord God who died in her hands There are not ten and there are five!”

“This woman is really strong! How can she marry in the future? Who controls it? “Some people have special ideas, and they care about Hong Lingsha Where to return in the future…

“Smelly woman! You are too impudent!”

At this moment, the powerhouse fleshy body of Shadow Sect has been recast and stepped aside, coldly said: ” Aren’t you afraid of being retaliated by Shadow Sect?!”

As soon as these words came out, many people trembled involuntarily.

Absolute Shadow Sect is notoriously brutal, the assassination method is profound, and Divine King was once assassinated!

Now, the powerhouse of Shadow Sect is too heavy, and people have to be afraid!

“Absolutely Shadow Sect, right? If you dare to come to me to teach, let you have no return!” A long spear of red ling yarn stood in front of him, his hair dancing, a red-clothed hunting!

Heavenly God smiles awkwardly on the side of the smiling face. He knows that since his Senior Sister has taken the shot, there is nothing wrong with him here.

After all, Hong Lingsha’s battle strength and smiling Heavenly God still know some.

“Let’s go together!”

“We will meet this red-clothed War God today!”


Just now , The remaining two people did not know when they reached a consensus, and they went up together.

One person condenses the seal, and a towering mountain illusory shadow falls, crushing the void, and even the Order Chain is broken!

This is the supreme method seal of Kunlun Mountains, Kunlun seal!

On the other side, the powerhouse of Aolai Tianmen displayed seventy two gods, each of them looks like a daoist!

A group of “gods” rushed out, and various magical skills broke out, like a sea tide, submerging the red rhombus yarn!

The brilliance and ripples are spreading and colliding, and under the attack of the sky, you can vaguely see a red-clothed dancing!

The long spear keeps hitting, the light and shadow are heavy, like a cherry blossom!

However, after more than ten breaths, the powerhouse of Shadow Sect suddenly shot, like a black shadow, quietly came behind Hong Lingsha!

“Senior Sister! Be careful!”

“Be careful!”


Jiang Chen and the others hurriedly shouted, But it’s still too late!

I saw an ice thorn in the hands of the powerhouse of Shadow Sect, piercing the divine force of the red rhombus, and then piercing her chest!

The blood dripped, and the body of Hong Lingsha staggered for a while. After sweeping the long spear in his hand, he broke through the many attacks in front of him, and then stepped aside.

“What red-clothed War God, let you die here today!” Absolute Shadow Sect’s powerhouse coldly said, the ice thorn in his hand was dripping with the blood of red velvet yarn!

“You are really shameless! Three main gods, besieging my Senior Sister!” The smiling Heavenly God said coldly, blocking Hong Lingsha’s body.

“It’s okay, three that’s all in World War I, what are some waste wood gods, what!?” Hong Lingsha pushed away the smiling Heavenly God with one hand and said, “Just protect Little Junior Brother.”

“But…Senior Sister…” The smiling Heavenly God was worried. He could see that Hong Lingsha was seriously injured, and the powerhouse of Shadow Sect made a heavy move!

“I still said that, I don’t want to fight to death, as long as he handed over the Haotian Stone, this matter can be stopped.” Kunlun Mountains powerhouse said.

“Little Junior Brother said, he doesn’t want to hand over the Haotian Stone.” Hong Lingsha raised his eyebrows!


However, after the tone barely fell, the red rhinestone face suddenly turned pale, and a mouthful of dark blood spurted out!

“Damn it!” Hong Lingsha cursed. At this moment, I realized that the ice thorn of the powerhouse of Shadow Sect was very poisonous!

At this moment, her body is weak, and her cultivation base seems to be sealed!

Especially in the wound area, a layer of black mist is constantly eroding her fleshy body, and even the toxin is moving towards her soul spreading away!

“Everyone, is it really good for you to treat my Junior Brother Junior Sister like this?”

At this moment, a scholar who looks like a scholar stepped into the air.

He holds a folding fan depicting mountains and rivers, his face is delicate and pretty, but in his eyes, there is a suffocating chill and killing intent!

The name of the last piece of Hongling Yarn was wrong, not Hongling, but Hongling Yarn, please correct it here.

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