I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 835

The comers are beautiful, and can even be described as thin.

However, when he unfolded the folding fan in his hand, the Mountains and Rivers Chart appeared, and everyone present was moved!

The three powerhouses that I did before have even stepped back one after another, full of fear in my eyes!

“Shanhe Painter, Luoshu!”

“Are they all from the same door!?”


Everyone was horrified, and they couldn’t imagine which sect could cultivate so many enchanting monsters!

Luoshu, a painting by mountains and rivers!

red-clothed War God Red Ling Yarn!

The smiling Heavenly God is unknown!

There is also a big bear who has never shot, as well as the following Jiang Chen who is a true divine force!

These people are all evildoers among evildoers!

“I’m very reasonable, I normally don’t like to fight and kill.”

At this moment, Luo Shu came to the front, after investigating the situation of Hong Lingsha , Sighed slightly in relief, said: “It’s nothing serious, you can solve it yourself.” After that, Luo Shu looked towards Jiang Chen again, shook the folding fan in his hand, said with a smile: “Little Junior Brother, don’t be afraid today, senior brother and senior sister will support you.”

“Luoshu! You are all from the same small sect!?” someone asked.

“What do you mean?” Luo Shu raised his eyebrows, pointed at Jiang Chen and the others with a folding fan, and said: “I am their Senior Brother and Sect’s Second Senior Brother.”


As soon as these words came out, a group of people set off a stormy sea!

Luoshu, a painting by mountains and rivers, this powerhouse can be compared to the Peak Lord God. In its sect, it is actually just a second disciple! ?

So, what is the strength of the sect and Head Disciple where they are located! ?

Could it be said that it has been able to compete with Divine King! ?

When I thought of this, the three people who had done it before were all cold, secretly thought this time was in big trouble!

An unknown mysterious sect, a group of monsters that make people fearful.

What will happen to this group of people! ?

“Divine Emperor’s powerhouse hasn’t come yet?” Jue Shadow Sect’s powerhouse has an ugly face. He knows he is not an opponent of Luoshu, and knows that Luoshu will not let them go today!

Now, the only one who can support them and shelter them is the powerhouse of the Divine Emperor clan!

“It’s almost here, I have the feeling, it’s not far from here.” Divine Emperor said.

Speaking, he took a step forward, fingered Luo Shu, and said: “This is the matter of my Divine Emperor clan. If you have great strength, don’t interfere! Otherwise, take responsibility for the consequences!”


However, after the tone barely fell, Luo Shu’s folding fan lightly waved, directly blasting the descendant of the Divine Emperor away!

Even its fleshy body exploded in the air, leaving only a Divine Soul!

“I said, I like to be reasonable, I don’t like to fight and kill.” Luo Shu lightly said, eyes open and close, there seems to be a country up and down, more endless killing intent emerges!

“But today, I, Scholar, also want to taste the taste of blood!”

After that, Luoshu looked towards Kunlun Mountains, proud to Tianmen, absolutely Shadow Sect The three powerhouses of Kunlun Mountains had a sharp cold glow in their eyes and screamed: “How to solve it, you should understand?”

“Luoshu! Don’t go too far!” Kunlun Mountains powerhouse said coldly: “I Kunlun Mountains are Top Sect!”

“Oh? Threat me?” Luo Shu smiled jokingly, and said: “If I’m afraid of being threatened, I won’t be here today.”



When the words fell, I saw the folding fan in Luo Shu’s hand struck out, an illusory shadow manifested, in a flash, crashing into On the powerhouse in the Kunlun Mountains!

Like the descendant of the Divine Emperor before, this Kunlun Mountains powerhouse was shattered on the spot, and the fleshy body was shattered, leaving only one Divine Soul!

“First Senior Brother, don’t hurt their lives.” Jiang Chen frowned, and said with some embarrassment: “Chen Zhulu, the emperor, Lou Ying also asked me to beg for mercy before, and now even if he pays them back Love.”

“Oh? Is this?” Luo Shu lightly said, but hooked the head again, saying: “Your Senior Sister is injured.”

Obviously, Luo Shu I didn’t intend to let those three people go!

He rarely shoots, but every time he shoots, someone will definitely fall!

“Little Junior Brother is what he said! What?”

But what made people didn’t expect is that Hong Lingsha glared at Luo Shu and said, “You still I want to go the other way!”

As soon as these words came out, Luo Shu coughed sharply, and the expression asked strangely: “Junior Sister, do you spoil Little Junior Brother so much? Should you not? It will be…”

“He…looks like a person.” A trace of sadness flashed in Hong Lingsha’s eyes, not at all saying who that person is.

However, Luo Shu knew that the person Hong Lingsha said in her mouth was her own brother.

It’s just that, because of some changes, Hong Lingsha’s brother died.

Now, maybe Hong Lingsha has seen his brother’s shadow on Jiang Chen.

“Senior Brother, stop pretending, Senior Sister tells you to stop, you can stop, you dare not resist.” The smiling Heavenly God joked.

Several dísciples of Heavenspan Church, even Song Tingtao and Lao Chai, they all know Luoshu’s feelings for Honglingsha.

In the eyes of outsiders, Luo Shu is a hand-painted country with graceful demeanor, seemingly weak with endless arrogance and domineering.

But in the eyes of Heavenspan Church and the others, someone as powerful as Luoshu meets Honglingsha, and that is a little sheep!

“Then let me teach you something.”

At this moment, Luo Shu lightly said, and the folding fans in his hand waved out one after another, which shattered Aolai Tianmen and Jue Shadow Sect Two Great Powerhouses. The fleshy body.

However, they didn’t hurt their lives. They kept their Divine Soul. After a while, they could recast the fleshy body and recover.

However, this time, it can be said that it hit Three Great Sects in the face in front of everyone!

“I will never give up Shadow Sect!” The powerhouse of Shadow Sect roared, and only one Divine Soul remained, but the tone was still very strong!

“Shut up to me! What thing are you!? Forget your life, what do you want!? Go back to me! Do you really think my Young Master is a decoration?!” Lou Ying was angry After staring at the powerhouse of Shadow Sect, coldly said: “You are just a servant after all!”

As soon as these words came out, Divine Soul of Powerhouse of Shadow Sect trembled.

In Shadow Sect, the ranks are very clear and detailed, even if he is strong, he dare not disobey the meaning of Lou Ying.

Before, the reason why he made a move was because the Shadow Sect sect master had orders.

But now, Lou Ying, Young Master has also ordered!

Furthermore, he now only has one Divine Soul left, and it is useless to stay!

“Young Master, goodbye.” This person lightly said, then turned into a stream of light and left.

“You should thank others. If it were not for pleading, you are already a dead person.” Chen Zhulu said to his powerhouse: “The fault is with you, I should apologize.”

“Chen Zhuolu! You are just the little Holy Son that’s all, the real Holy Son dare not talk to me like this!” The powerhouse of Aolai Tianmen coldly said: “Just as your little Holy Son, Still want to order me!?”

“Little Holy Son? He…One day, I will become a true Holy Son and inherit the Aolai Tianmen Datong!” Chen Zhulu coldly said.

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