I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 836

Chen Zhulu, the emperor, although the two are out of the ordinary in sect, they are not really “Holy Son” after all.

Speaking harder, they are just candidates that’s all, substitutes!

However, both of these two people are ambitious and confident enough. Their goal in the future is to become a true Holy Son and inherit the Sect Lord’s Position of their respective sects in the future!

However, these are their respective “house matters”, and under normal circumstances they will not speak out in front of outsiders.

But now, this powerhouse in Aolai Tianmen does not give Chen Zhulu any face!

He just satirized Chen Zhulu very directly, especially when he said the three words Little Holy Son, he used extra force and aggravated his tone!

“What about you? Do you also think that I am not the real Holy Son, so I will not obey me?”

At this moment, the emperor looked towards his powerhouse, faint smile.

As soon as these words came out, the Divine Soul of the powerhouse in the Kunlun Mountains trembled. After a while of silence, he said: “Holy Son is the Holy Son after all, no matter how big or small it is.”

After that, his Divine Soul directed at Jiang Chen and Luo Shu nodded, said: “many thanks for not killing.”

“Don’t thank me, thanks to Little Junior Brother and Junior Sister Right.” Luo Shu said.

After that, Luo Shu waved his hand and said: “Let’s go, go home.”

“Go home? Oh, you are afraid you can’t go back!”



Suddenly, the sky in Clear Sky City became dark, as if an invisible palm covered the entire Clear Sky City!

Immediately afterwards, a silhouette came directly into the split open space, standing in the air like an emperor.

The wisps of divine air permeated and turned into a sky full of rune, just like stars embellished.

Beside this person, the sound of the great road rang out, just like the ancient and obscure sound of chanting!

“Half-step Divine King!”

“Is this the powerhouse of the Divine Emperor family!?”


Everyone I am shocked, the strength of the comer is so strong that it can be called the peak group of people in Nine Heavens God World!

Jiang Chen and the others were also heart palpitations, took a secret look at Luo Shu, and found that his expression was a bit ugly.

“Today, it seems that I really can’t go back.” Luo Shu said with a bitter smile, and said directly: “I can’t beat Divine King for half a step, but… I can stay today , I must send you away!”

“Senior Brother, face it together!” The smiling Heavenly God is fearless, very free and easy, and the smile on his face becomes more and more exuberant, saying: “Go out together, life and death One!”

“Then there will be no retreat!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “My current strength, in front of the half-step Divine King, although like an ant, I also have a heart that shakes Azure Dragon. !”

“Senior brother and senior sister say whatever they say, and I will not leave Big Bear.” Big Bear said.

At this moment, the Divine King’s eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s body in a half-step in the air, and a hint of unknown suddenly flashed in his eyes.

It’s like guessing, fear, doubt, all kinds of complex emotions!

“en? Can you see through my details at a glance!?” Jiang Chen was shocked.

For the half-step Divine King, it is already a clear comprehension road.

Perhaps, Divine King only needs a look in this half of the step to see the details of Jiang Chen.

However, from the trace of doubt in his eyes, Jiang Chen can also guess that the other party is mostly skeptical, not sure.

“Where do you… come from? What is your true identity?” Divine King asked halfway.

He didn’t name him, but everyone followed his eyes and knew he was asking Jiang Chen.

“Han.” Jiang Chen said: “A nameless person comes from an unknown sect.”

“You are very similar to someone I know.” This half Step Divine King said solemnly: “But… he should be dead.”

“Hi…” Jiang Chen hearing this, held breath cold air!

He knew that Divine King was suspicious of him during this half-step, and his guess was very accurate!

But, Jiang Chen is impossible to admit!

Once you admit, this Nine Heavens God World will no longer have a place for him!

“Where is Lao Chai? Didn’t he come?” Jiang Chen asked secretly.

“Great Elder? He was hit by the Sect Master. He is now secluded cultivation, thinking about integrating Spirit Physique as soon as possible.” Big Bear said with a bitter smile: “But even if the Great Elder comes, it’s not half. Step against Divine King’s opponent.”

“So today…is a dead end?” Jiang Chen sighed, feeling that after being reborn, his fate was ill-fated!

“To be honest, although your realm is low, it gives me an inexplicable sense of jealousy.” Divine King said half-step, with a low voice, but it moved the people present.

A half-step Divine King, actually afraid of a lower True God?

Is this…really? !

Even the descendants of the Divine Emperor are messed up. What is going on! ?

“Tell your roots, maybe I can let you go.” Half-step Divine King said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, frowns, after thinking about it for a while, there is really nothing to make up that can shock the other’s identity!

In desperation, Jiang Chen simply fell silent.

“Unknown, take them first, I will block him!” Luo Shu said to the smiling Heavenly God.

With a smile on Heavenly God hearing this, he shook his head and said to Big Bear: “You are leaving with Senior Sister and Little Junior Brother, and Senior Brother and I are blocking for you!”

“Since you refuse to say it, then I will take it as a mistake.” Divine King looked at Jiang Chen for a while and said, “Then, don’t even think about leaving today.”

The voice fell. I saw him a finger pointed, Dao Mark appeared, like a shining sun falling down!

The breath of horror permeates, and the coercion shocks the creatures in the entire Clear Sky City!

He is aloof and remote, like a master who controls everything!

When one finger fell, Luo Shu and the smiling Heavenly God shot together, using all their strength directly!

The Luoshu folding fan is unfolded, the picture scroll of the country emerges, and Power of Heaven and Earth is blessed, as if there really is such a country!

Mountains and rivers are manifested, green trees stand tall, and beasts roar!

However, all of this, under the finger, is like a piece of paper, with a single tap, it turns into a cloud of smoke.

Similarly, the smiling Heavenly God just shot, and was suppressed by the rays of light overflowing from his fingertips, and he fell to the ground, covered in blood!

The gap is too big!

“I’m really not reconciled!” Jiang Chen sighed and wanted to use the forbidden technique, but under the coercion of the Divine King in half a step, it was difficult for him to even move a finger!

“Dare to fight against my Divine Emperor clan, this is the end! I will die!” The Divine Emperor heir sneered.

But suddenly, a ray of rainbow appeared in the originally gloomy sky.

That touch of red is very coquettish, but also beautiful!

At the same time, a woman appears out of thin air, like a red diamond yarn, dressed in red-clothed, but it gives people a very dusty feeling.

It’s like a deity, not in the world, not in the world.

With a light wave of her palm, the originally gloomy sky suddenly became clear, and there were ray of enchanting rainbow light up and down by her side like rain.

“Don’t you know, he was covered by me?”

When everyone was in a trance, the woman spoke clearly, her voice was very nice and soft, but she also gave People have the arrogance of hard to describe.

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