I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 837

A red-clothed dress, not staining the world, descending here like a fairy.

Xianzi is scorching, like Fairy in dreams.

However, her words are very direct, not at all to explain who is covering.

It’s just that everyone present knows who is this woman for!

Jianzong, Xuanzhenzong, Heavenly Talisman Sect three people shelter Jiang Chen.

Jiangshan Painter, red-clothed War God, smiling Heavenly God came here also for Jiang Chen.

And now, this woman is here, without thinking about it, it must be Jiang Chen!

“Who?” The god stared for a while, he did not directly move his hands, but moved towards the back for a certain distance.

He has a feeling that the ethereal woman in front of him is not to be trifled with!

“red-clothed.” The woman said lightly, even her words were so ethereal that people couldn’t hear her thoughts and emotions.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was so excited, his eyes fell on the red-clothed body and shouted: “Sect Master!”

“Sect Master?”


“Could it be…the one from the Torudi Sect!?”


For a while, everyone speculated, But almost everyone has a person in their mind!

The man was said to have been advised by Divine King three thousand years ago. He became famous after the first battle, but disappeared in a short time.

No one knows that person’s name, only that it is a woman who likes to wear red clothes, beautiful and ethereal.

There are rumors in the world that after the Divine King fell three thousand years ago, the woman also disappeared.

There are only some stories about her circulated in the world, but many people’s impressions of her appearance are blurred.

“Trudizong red-clothed? Three thousand years ago, under the guidance of the Divine King of Tianchen, a morning of enlightenment, the Lord of Enlightenment, the Lord of Enlightenment, the Martial God, became famous in the first battle, and then disappeared.” That half of the Divine King lightly said: “That person, but you?”

“That person is covered by me.” red-clothed did not answer directly, slender jade hand pointed to Jiang Chen, and said: “He is me. The Honorary Disciple of the land.”

“What!? The Honorary Disciple again?”

“An Honorary Disciple can lead to so many powerhouses!? The Honorary Disciple is not a real dísciple. Huh?”

“Hiss…what’s the situation with this kid? Honorary Disciples are everywhere, but these people are still willing to shelter him and help him, what is going on?”


For a while, everyone wondered, for an Honorary Disciple, is it worth fighting Divine Emperor lineage?

“Honorary Disciple only, are you sure you want to be an enemy of my Divine Emperor clan for him?” The Divine King frowned at the half-step, and said: “Not worth it, right?”

” He is also my man.” Red-clothed said, without any concealment.

Perhaps, for her, it is, it is not.

As for what people in the world would say, how they would judge, and how they would look at her, she didn’t care.

However, as soon as these words came out, a group of people were completely messed up, envy, jealous, and doubtful.

Of course, there are also some surprised and excited!

“Damn!? Little Junior Brother, you can do it! It’s only a few days since I went to Chedi Zong? I won the red-clothed Sect Master!?” Big Bear stared at Jiang Chen, very gossiping “How did you get it?”

“Little Junior Brother…you are…too great, right?” The smiley Heavenly God expression is weird, secretly thought my Little Junior Brother is really enough Yes, even red-clothed is taken!

Even Luoshu is speechless. I have been an Honorary Disciple in Chedi Zong for two months, so I won the red-clothed?

Too… unexpected!

“This…cough cough…” Jiang Chen blushed and didn’t know how to explain it for a while.

At the same time, a woman’s face suddenly appeared in Jiang Chen’s mind.

In his impression, there was a young child who had encountered him when he traveled around.

Jiang Chen was the Divine King at that time. Seeing that the young boy had extraordinary talents, he gave some pointers.

Now, after hearing these people’s words, Jiang Chen can be understood. The young child who pointed out at the beginning has now grown up and is even more beautiful and ethereal!

And she is now the Sect Master of Tohti Sect, red-clothed!

Jiang Chen didn’t expect anyway, things in the world will have such fate.

Perhaps, this is the cause and effect that is invisible and intangible.

At the same time, Jiang Chen is also guessing that perhaps red-clothed knew his identity the moment he saw him.

If not, how can you sacrifice yourself for an Honorary Disciple as a red-clothed?

“If you want to hurt my man, I don’t mind going to war.” red-clothed lightly said: “I won’t think about the outcome and the outcome.”

“Do you know the strength and heritage of my Divine Emperor?” The Divine King said solemnly at that half-step: “My Divine Emperor has an undead Divine Emperor!”

“So what? He can Are you born?” red-clothed said: “Your Divine Emperor has a big problem, otherwise, why can’t it be hidden from the world?”

“Don’t use the Divine Emperor to scare people, he If it is born, he will decide the world, but unfortunately…he can’t.”

Speaking of which, red-clothed eyes flash with a cold light, staring at the Divine King half step, said: “Divine The Emperor clan has a deep background, but don’t think I can’t do it with a thorough Dizong background.”

As soon as these words came out, some Elderly expressions who had lived for a long time changed one after another.

As for the Tehdi Sect, the younger generation naturally don’t know.

But people of the older generation know well the terrifying of this sect!

They also know that Chedi Zong and Heavenspan Church are the same small sect!

Even, they also know that Heavenspan Church was almost destroyed when the Heavenspan Church suffered a catastrophe, but the Trudi Sect was all right!

Are those enemies letting go of Tetsudizong?

Obviously not!

So, there is only one possibility!

The force that was able to almost destroy Heavenspan Church back then, they were so afraid of the land!

The force that can almost wipe out Heavenspan Church is so terrifying, but they dare not take action against the Tetsudi Sect. This shows that the foundation of the Tetsudi Sect is beyond imagination!

There are even a few Old Monsters who know some of the secrets of the year. The incident is very involved. It is said that it involves the Great Thousand Worlds outside the South Wall!

“Hand over the Haotian Stone, I can leave.” Divine King said that half step.

In this half of the step, Divine King seems to be very talkative, but in fact everyone can see that he is afraid of red-clothed!

A powerhouse that is about to become the Divine King is scared!

“This red-clothed…what kind of cultivation base?” Someone whispered to the people around him.

“I can’t see clearly.” Someone frowned, “But it can make a half-step Divine King jealous, and her cultivation base is not weak!”

“Haotianshi, This is his. If he doesn’t want to give it to you, you can’t get it.” Red-clothed raised his eyebrows and said, “Can you continue? If you can’t continue, let’s fight.”

“Are you really not afraid of my Divine Emperor family?” The Divine King coldly said that half-step, if he retreats again today, the Divine Emperor family’s face will be lost!

“What is there to be afraid of? Half a step Divine King, I haven’t killed it. I haven’t seen the real Divine King. As for the Divine Emperor, heh…he dare to come? Can he come? “Red-clothed lightly said, under the ethereal appearance, there is an arrogant heart hidden!

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