I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 838

The ethereal red-clothed said these overbearing words. In his words, his contempt for the Divine Emperor clan was very obvious.

At this moment, that half of the Divine King complexion is gloomy, he was silent for a while, and there seemed to be a thousand blood in his eyes!

After more than ten breaths, he didn’t speak, turned into a stream of light, rushed into the sky, away from the crowd.

“Bong accompany.” red-clothed lightly said, knowing what the other party means!

The battle at this level, once they fight, will spread widely, and even the order rule of the highway will be affected.

Ordinary people will be broken into pieces if they touch it, even the soul flew away and scattered!

Although Divine King didn’t say a word during this half-step, his meaning was obvious. He wants to fight this battle!

Red-clothed will naturally not back down. Since she is here today, she must take Jiang Chen back safely!

“Wait.” Luo Shu lightly said: “If red-clothed loses, then we will all die.”

“Well, if she wins, we can Live, but… the face of the Divine Emperor clan is lost.” The smiling Heavenly God frowned, and said: “Is it okay to offend the Divine Emperor clan?”

“What are you afraid of? I’ve already waited. The world is all enemies.” Hong Lingsha’s injuries recovered quickly, and she stood with a long spear in her heroic posture at the moment.

On the side, Jiang Chen did not say anything, but he also knew that since entering Heavenspan Church, it means that the world is all enemies!

Although he does not know what Heavenspan Church has experienced, and how many enemies Heavenspan Church has, he knows that the road ahead will go against the enemy!

“The half-step Divine King of our race is so powerful. When the woman dies, you will all die!” The descendant of the Divine Emperor has not yet recast the fleshy body, a Divine Soul floating in the distance, still speaking Not small.

“Have you not figured out the situation?” Jiang Chen cold light flashed in his eyes, and said: “We are waiting for the result of fate, and you…we have already controlled your fate.”


After that, Jiang Chen rushed out, and with a punch, the tiger roared to the sky, and a tiger head poured out like gold fell, and the Divine Soul, the descendant of the Divine Emperor, was wiped out and completely dead!

“Damn!? Really killed!?”

“Is this guy really afraid?!”


At this moment, everyone is moved!

Destroying the opponent’s fleshy body and slapped face are actually nothing.

But, really killing the descendants of Divine Emperor, this is very serious!

“Anyway, our life and death are still uncertain. It’s better to kill one first. If we really are going to die, we have to pull a few backs.” Jiang Chen lightly said, gazing all around, and said: ” You, might as well try it, now if you dare to do it, we dare to kill!”

As soon as this word came out, many people complexion is gloomy down.

Most of them come from Top Sect, when have they been threatened like this?

But now, they really dare not say anything!

“It’s raining…”

At this moment, there are raindrops falling in the sky, but it is Yin Hong’s coquettish!

That is blood, the blood of Peak powerhouse!

The blood contains their Tao, a drop of blood fell, directly shattering a mountain!

The void shattered in the drops of blood, it is difficult for the law and order to melt the blood!

“The blood of the Divine King, a drop can transform the ocean, can cut the sun and the moon!” Some people marveled, at that level, a single hair can cut Sun, Moon and Stars!

“Whose blood?” Someone asked, there was blood in the sky, but I didn’t know whose blood was.

“It is the blood of that half-step Divine King.” Jiang Chen said subconsciously.

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen shut up immediately.

On the side, smiling Heavenly God and the others expression looked at Jiang Chen weirdly, as if he knew something.

Daxiong is very honest and asks: “How do you know it is red-clothed blood? You…”

“This is not nonsense, I must have seen Luo Hong Hey, how else would you be so sure.” Luoshu whispered.

Before, red-clothed said that Jiang Chen was his man, and everyone thought they were just ordinary Dao Companion that’s all.

But now it seems that the two have done something!

“cough cough…” Jiang Chen coughed awkwardly, but his heart settled a lot.

There is blood floating in the sky, and what is floating is the blood of Divine King that half step!

This means that in the battle above the clouds, red-clothed has the advantage and suppressed the opponent!

Sure enough, after the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the Divine King fell from the sky and crashed onto a mountain.

The mountain collapsed, turned into dust, and dust drifted everywhere.

After that, red-clothed also fell from the sky, his expression calm, his body was stained with blood.

She beckoned to Jiang Chen and said: “Go home.”

“Uh…that is not my home, it is your sect.” Jiang Chen is weak Said.

However, as soon as this was said, red-clothed glared at him and said: “My is yours, that is my home, and yours.”

After that, red-clothed picked up Jiang Chen’s shoulder and left.

“Hey! What are you talking about!? When is Chedizong the home of Little Junior Brother!? His home is with us!”

“Damn! It’s over, it’s over! Little Junior Brother was abducted!”

“If Sect Master comes back, I will know about this… I’m afraid it will explode.”



Luo Shu and the others expression Weird, secretly thought Little Junior Brother is so gone?

However, they saw the strength of red-clothed, so they didn’t dare to say anything, they could only watch Jiang Chen “go home” with red-clothed.

“Everyone, this matter today, forget it, if next time, someone bully the weak will suppress my Little Junior Brother with realm, don’t blame me for waiting!” Luo Shu glanced over all around, Said: “My teaching has always been very strict with dísciple. As long as the cultivation base is not higher than the two great realms of Little Junior Brother, you can shoot at will!”

“If I know it, there is a limit beyond this. People from the Little Junior Brother do it, just wait!”

After that, Luo Shu pointed nodded at the smiling Heavenly God, and then entire group left.

The Haotian Conference is also over, and the Haotian Conference at this time was turbulent, causing a lot of noise.

And, everyone knows, this time is absolutely endless!

Not only the Haotian Stone is involved, but also several Top Sects and the mysterious sect where Luoshu and the others are located!

Someone has already started to act and left the virtual God World, ready to find the heels and details of Luoshu and the others!

“He’s back.”

Above the clouds, in a certain void, two Elderly stand side by side.

They are wearing white robes, with the word “Hao” engraved on the cuffs.

If anyone sees it, they will be shocked, because these two people are the Supreme Elder of Clear Sky Sect!

From beginning to end, they have been watching from above the clouds, seeing everything in their eyes.

Until the emergence of red-clothed, until the Divine King spoke at the half-step, they were clearly understood.

“Do you want to invite him back?” one of them asked.

“It’s still early, it’s not time.” Another person shook his head: “He will come back eventually, and what I need to do is wait for him to come back.”

“Then… …Kunlun Mountains, absolutely Shadow Sect, what should the three sects of Aolai Tianmen do?” The person asked: “Does it need to be destroyed?”

“Let them go.”


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