I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 839

The Clear Sky Sect has always been guarded by the Clear Sky Sect. Everyone didn’t expect this time that Clear Sky Sect will receive the Clear Sky Sect as a prize.

Maybe, there is something hidden in this, but no one knows.

At the end of the Haotian Conference, many people have dispersed, and some people continue to stay for experience.

However, the Haotian Conference this time is a storm.

“The name of Han Han…cough cough…I am afraid I will become famous in the future.”

“Who dares to provoke him from now on? A lower True God, battle strength sturdy It’s a mess!”

“The most important thing is that the senior brother and senior sister behind him are all the famous powerhouse fierce person of Nine Heavens God World!”

… …

Many people are discussing Jiang Chen, and they don’t know his real name, but the word Han Han has spread throughout the entire virtual God World and even the outside world!

Some people are curious about where Jiang Chen came from and what cultivation technique he cultivated.

Some people are also looking forward to it, I hope I can meet this monster next time!

At this moment, in the Chedi Zong…

Jiang Chen is sitting obediently and honestly in his Cave Mansion, standing in front of him with red-clothed.

Since coming back, red-clothed has been staring at Jiang Chen and didn’t speak. Jiang Chen didn’t dare to ask.

That’s it, until the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Jiang Chen couldn’t stand the red-clothed look. Brace oneself asked, “What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong with me?”

“Should I say it? Or do you say it yourself?” The red-clothed voice was clear and soft.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand what you mean.” Jiang Chen shook his head, but he also knew the meaning of red-clothed.

red-clothed hearing this, walking around Jiang Chen, suddenly smiled, the beauty of that smile, like the most beautiful flower in the world blooming.

“Should I call you Master, or should I call you Divine King, or… I call you a dísciple.” red-clothed faint smile asked.

“Eh…” Jiang Chen wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, knowing that he couldn’t help it.

The red-clothed cultivation base is too high, deep and unmeasurable, as if the road has already been broken!

“Actually, you know my identity from the very beginning, right?” Jiang Chen asked directly without pretending to be confused.

“Fleshy body can be changed, identity can be changed, but your soul will not change.” Red-clothed said: “From the moment I saw you, I knew that you were back.”

Speaking, red-clothed bitterly laughed, seeming to laugh at herself: “In the beginning, a little girl you pointed at with your fingers, didn’t expect now become the Sect Master of the Sect?”


“Perhaps, if I didn’t say it, you would have forgotten it.”

Jiang Chen heard this and smiled embarrassingly.

Don’t tell me, Jiang Chen also thought about it for a long time before remembering it!

After all, when Jiang Chen was the Divine King, he taught too many people.

At that time, the red-clothed was still young, and Jiang Chen did not take seriously.

As for pointing red-clothed back then, it’s all that’s casual.

“This is the case, so you will help me?” Jiang Chen asked, with a weird expression, and said: “Will you sacrifice yourself?”

“Is that sacrifice?” The red-clothed blinked his eyes, the way he looked now, it was not at all empty and dusty, but rather naughty and unearthly.

But, her expression soon became serious, her eyes were staring at Jiang Chen closely, and she said seriously: “At that time, if you didn’t point me, maybe I was already dead, or I have no achievements today.”

“I know that at that time, you never took me in your heart, just as a passerby in your life that’s all.”

“But, at that time, I told myself in my heart that if one day I am made for you, I will serve you for a lifetime and do everything.”


Jiang Chen stared at red-clothed, he could see that red-clothed never lied.

But, just because you have pointed you, you are going to help me like this?

“That…then now…what is our relationship?” Jiang Chen asked, his face blushing.

“What do you think is the relationship?” red-clothed asked.

“I don’t know either.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

To be honest, Jiang Chen is an idiot in terms of feelings, with an ridiculously low EQ!

Perhaps, Jiang Chen can express his love clearly only in front of the Moon God.

And now, Jiang Chen has no idea how to face red-clothed.


Or pretend that nothing happened?

He is still the Honorary Disciple of Chedi Sect, and red-clothed is still the Sect Master of Chedi Sect?

But Jiang Chen knows that this is not realistic.

“Be a teacher once, and be a teacher all your life.” Red-clothed said: “Now your identity is extraordinary. In front of outsiders, you are my dísciple.”

“What about when there are no outsiders?” Jiang Chen asked.

“You have pointed me, and you are my Master.” Red-clothed said.

Speaking of this, the corner of the red-clothed mouth was slightly raised, saying: “Of course, I don’t mind bringing the relationship closer.”

“You guys disciples Why are they like this!?” Jiang Chen said subconsciously.

He thought of Bai Fengyu, and also of Hua Lianyi, Nalan Meier.

Those disciplines are not good for cultivation, and they are thinking about how to sleep with him all day long!

He is not a good Master!

Now, here comes another one!

And this one, Jiang Chen is really gone!

For someone who can beat the Divine King in half a step, how can Jiang Chen dare to turn back! ?

“That…can you go out? I want to cultivated.” Jiang Chen didn’t want to be entangled in this topic.

“You have just cultivated the cultivation technique of the Tetsudi Sect, and you will be a little unfamiliar with it. I will personally guide you here.” Red-clothed said.

After all, red-clothed blinked his eyes and asked softly: “Do you need to vent the yang energy within the body? Too much yang energy is bad for your body.”

“Wait! Don’t come over! If you have something to say!” Jiang Chen was anxious and backed away.

No matter how strong red-clothed is, Jiang Chen was suppressed in a snap of his fingers.

After that, she smiled at Jiang Chen and said, “It’s not the first time. I’m not as shy. What are you shy?”

“I…” Jiang Chen was about to speak, but found helplessly, even his voice was sealed by red-clothed!

Afterwards, something happened in Cave Mansion that everyone can guess…

After a few sticks of incense, red-clothed walked out of Cave Mansion, With a trace of crimson, he looked back at the Cave Mansion door and whispered: “He said no, but his body is still very honest.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is very messy, lying on the ground, wanting Crying without tears.

Could it be… just so compromised?

Could it be…In the days to come, will you always be “bullyed” like this?


I am Divine King, I am not willing to!

However, Jiang Chen looked ugly when he thought of the strength of red-clothed.

I dare not resist, I can only…run away!

Thinking, Jiang Chen got dressed, and after looking outside Cave Mansion for a while, he planned to leave here quietly and return to Heavenspan Church!

“Don’t even think about running, it’s safe in my sect.” Suddenly, a red-clothed voice rang in Jiang Chen’s ear, jokingly: “even more how, do you think you are back to Heavenspan? Church is all right? Do you think anyone in Heavenspan Church can stop me?”

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