I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 840

With the strength of red-clothed, all the troubles in the sect cannot escape her eyes!

She might have expected Jiang Chen to run away, so she has been staring at Jiang Chen.

At this moment, Jiang Chen smiled and didn’t dare to say more. He returned to the Cave Mansion dingy.

“This girl, really plan to put me here for a lifetime!?” Jiang Chen whispered.

But thinking about it, this is not bad!

At least it’s safe here, and the roots of the sect are profound, and there are almost all cultivation resources!

“In fact, think about it carefully, except for being bullied by her, everything else is good here.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Not long after, Mrs. Qi came and sent a lot of “tonics”, beautifully named, for Jiang Chen cultivation.

But Jiang Chen looked at the supplements in front of him, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

“Are these yang supplements again?” Jiang Chen asked with a dark face.

“Cultivation Tiger Soul requires a lot of Yang Qi. You have only cultivated a tiger bone now. There is still a long section of the road to go from Great Ascension.” Said: “Your tiger bone is different from ours.”

“What’s the difference?” Jiang Chen asked.

His tiger bone is now “activated”, and a “rose” appears on a tiger bone, which is considered metamorphosis.

“Our tiger bone is one body, different from you. You are separated from the roots, and each root may change.” Possession Qi explained: “Just like you are now The root tiger bone turned into a rose.”

“Next, your other tiger bones may also be transformed into different things.” Lady Qi said: “Our tiger bones are different, only It can be transformed into one.”

“Is that so?” Jiang Chen was astonished, a little excited, and even more hopeful.

If his tiger bones are all turned into different “things”, with different abilities, then his strength is not as simple as doubling!

However, Jiang Chen is still a little confused now. One of his tiger bones has turned into a rose, but Jiang Chen really doesn’t know what the rose has specific capabilities.

I only know that whenever this rose manifests, his battle strength will skyrocket!

The others seem to be nothing special.

“Relax your cultivation.” Mrs. Qi said: “Don’t leave Chedi Sect for the time being, now the outside world is looking for you everywhere.”

“Uh…cough cough… “Jiang Chen coughed awkwardly, knowing that he was really making trouble in the virtual God World.

It was the first time to enter the Virtual God World, Star River took control of the town and wiped out a lot of people, and the simple name made a little difference.

After entering for the second time, it was even more “excessive”, not to mention the dísciple of Three Great Sects, and moved away from Guangming Blessed Land!

As for this third time, he won the first prize in the Haotian Conference, obtained the Haotian Stone, attracted the powerhouse of the Quartet, and killed the descendant of the Divine Emperor.

Every time I enter the virtual God World, the noise is getting bigger and bigger, and it is not difficult to not be noticed.

The most important thing is that this time is different from before.

This time Jiang Chen killed the descendant of the Divine Emperor. This is a major event!

It’s like piercing the sky!

You know, in this world, few sects, and few people dare to kill people from the Divine Emperor clan, even more how they are descendants of the Divine Emperor!

Now, it is estimated that the Divine Emperor clan already knows about this, maybe the decent people are looking for Jiang Chen.

Once found, with the power of the Divine Emperor clan, it is enough to destroy Jiang Chen!

Even the people around Jiang Chen will suffer!

“Now I mean, I want to hide here forever?” Jiang Chen asked.

“If it’s really boring, you can go to the virtual God World to stroll around.” The wife Qi said: “The virtual God World is connected to this Nine Heavens God World, and there are those inside.”

“Moreover, there are many treasures in it, including inheritance left by the ancestors, rare treasure, and even some ancient tombs, which may be buried with Divine King or even Divine Emperor.”


Jiang Chen hearing this, eyes shined, what does this old lady mean?

Is he going to Virtual God World again?

But now, if he enters the Virtual God World again, he really doesn’t know if he can come out alive!

After all, he has too many enemies!

“Don’t worry, Luo Shu and the others have spoken. In the future, you will be in the virtual God World. Under normal circumstances, people who surpass your two great realms will not do anything to you.” Mrs. Qi seems to know what Jiang Chen is worried about.

“Oh? I am currently the lower True God……” Jiang Chen expressed a strange expression, saying: “Two realm higher than me……Heavenly God……Xuan Shen……”

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laughed.

With his current strength, as long as he doesn’t encounter a Peak-level upper mysterious god, other cultivators can basically suppress it easily!

As long as Divine Grade doesn’t make a move, Jiang Chen can walk unhindered!

As for the title gods above the gods, and even the main gods, Jiang Chen doesn’t have to think about it.

If those people really dared to do something with him, they would not sit back and watch if they want to come to Luoshu and the others.

“I know you are very strong, but you have to remember one thing, there is always someone who is better than us.” Mrs. Qi reminded: “I was in God World before, and I met you. My friend, very strong, not weaker than you.”

“Which one?” Jiang Chen asked.

“The one who has the shadow Dao Soul.” The old lady Qi frowned: “That person hides very well, maybe even you didn’t find out. His strength is extremely strong, not under the emperor and Chen Zhulu. “

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen was shocked.

He has always known that Mu Xingyun is very strong, but in Jiang Chen’s mind, Mu Xingyun, who has just ascended, should not be so strong yet!

However, Mrs. Qi is who, she can see the depth of Mu Xingyun at a glance, otherwise she would not remind Jiang Chen.

“By the way, I will tell you again, the emperor you met in the virtual God World, Chen Zhulu, and even Cassia, they are actually an Avatar that’s all.” Said the old lady.

Be aware that the Peak dísciple of those sects will not really enter the virtual God World with their real bodies.

After all, once you die, there is nothing left.

Under normal circumstances, those people will use Avatar to enter the virtual God World, and use Avatar for trial. In this way, even if the Avatar is dead, their body is still there, at most they are injured. all.

“What!? They are all Avatars with blood essence and consciousness!?” Jiang Chen moved.

Only Avatar is so strong, then the body of Chen Zhulu and the others, isn’t it a mess of battle strength! ?

But it’s right to think about it carefully.

The son of emperor, Chen Zhulu, and Cassia Young Master are three great characters among the peers of Nine Heavens God World!

If they only have the little strength shown in the Virtual God World, they will probably not be so famous, and they will not be valued by their respective sects.

“You used to be Divine King somehow, don’t you know that the water in Nine Heavens God World is deep?” Mrs. Qi stared at Jiang Chen, as if puzzled. The person in front of him was really Divine King before. ?

“Um…you know that too?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Sect Master told me.” Mrs. Qi said: “Don’t worry, your identity will not be revealed. It is not good for you, and it is not good for me.”


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