I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 841

The high cultivation base, Heavenspan with hands and eyes.

Heavenspan is strong.

Heavenspan is capable of breaking through falsehood, and some secrets are clearly understood.

With the red-clothed cultivation base, things about Jiang Chen can be clearly understood.

Similarly, the Divine King in the previous half-step of the virtual God World also clearly understood the identity of Jiang Chen, but he did not clearly understand that’s all.

But Jiang Chen has a feeling that his identity will be exposed soon.

“Mrs. Qi, can the Tetsudi Zong compete with the Divine Emperor?” Jiang Chen asked suddenly.

Because, in the virtual God World before, red-clothed’s confidence was too strong, and he did not fear the Divine Emperor.

In this way, Jiang Chen believes that the Tehdi Sect has a strong foundation, and even has a stronger presence in the clan than red-clothed!

“You don’t need to know about this matter.” Mrs. Qi said: “If one day there is a real disaster in the Tetsudi Sect, you will know the details of the Tetsudi Sect.”

After that, Mrs. Qi asked Jiang Chen to cultivation, and then left.

Jiang Chen is quite at ease now. Although he did not get an accurate answer, from the words of Mrs. Qi, the Tou Di Zong should be very strong.

In the next few days, Jiang Chen cultivation in the early morning, while cultivating Tiger Soul and Heavenspan Sacred Cultivation.

Until half a month…

On this day, Jiang Chen’s heart was moved, and one after another wave came from his soul!

He hurriedly looked inside, and divine sense sank into Soul World. When he saw the screen in Soul World, the whole person was moved!

I saw that beside the soul, the imperial vine turned into wisps of divine light, as if it was broken, in Dao Transformation!

However, these divine lights did not dissipate, but changed, beating like stars!

At the same time, a ray of obscure aura envelops the divine light, and after careful sensing, it is the power derived from the cultivation of the soul ascending magic power!

Under the action of these forces, the divine light transformed into the emperor vine slowly converged until a long time later, the divine light dissipated, and a seed fell beside the soul.

The seed is very ordinary, there is no special thing, even Jiang Chen can’t control this seed!

“What happened? My imperial vine is gone? It became a seed?” Jiang Chen was dumbfounded.

He came to the seed and used some methods, but there was no movement at all.

Could it be that… after cultivated the soul-rising magic power, he accidentally destroyed the emperor vine! ?

“This is in Nirvana!” undying bird Dao Soul flapped its wings and said: “Just like I did before, it turns into a cocoon and goes to Nirvana.”

“Oh So…what will the imperial vine turn into?” Jiang Chen curiously asked.

When these words came out, undying bird Dao Soul was also taken aback.

He was silent for a while, seeming to flip through his inherited memories in his mind.

Until a few breaths later, undying bird Dao Soul expression changed drastically, staring at the emperor vine, and said: “Do you know the ancient Heavenspan tree?”

“The ancient Heavenspan tree?” Jiang Chen lightly said, then stared at him, and said, “You mean, the ancient Heavenspan tree that is as famous as World Tree!?”

“Yes! That’s the one!” Undying bird Dao Soul said, and then gave it to Jiang Chen explained the source of the ancient Heavenspan tree!

According to the information found in the inherited memories after undying bird Dao Soul Nirvana several times, the ancestor form of the imperial vine is the ancient tree of Heavenspan!

There are rumors in the world that the entire world is like branches and leaves, standing on an invisible ancient tree.

This tree is the so-called World Tree.

However, World Tree is emptiness and ethereal. Perhaps you can perceive World Tree, but no one has seen it.

Perhaps, World Tree really exists, in a certain mysterious time and space, in a certain special place.

And in this world, the same name as World Tree, also to have one, is the ancient Heavenspan tree!

According to legend, when Heaven and Earth first opened, the road divided many “powers.”

Among them, World Tree is one, and the other is the ancient Heavenspan tree.

World Tree created the world, Heavenspan ancient trees created Taoism!

But according to some unreliable rumors, the ancient Heavenspan tree was cut off at the moment when the first batch of cultivators were born a long time ago!

Heavenspan ancient tree is known as World’s First ancient scripture, and it contains the Supreme Avenue. It is the ancient tree of Heavenspan, and the Tao!

Just like that, when many cultivators robbed them, they were cut off in the battle and then dissipated.

Of course, that’s all unreliable rumors.

However, according to the inherited memories of undying bird Dao Soul, the ancient Heavenspan tree not at all disappeared.

That is the Divine Tree transformed by the Taoist method between Heaven and Earth, how can it be destroyed?

It is said that after the ancient tree of Heavenspan disappeared, it merged into the avenue and turned into Dao Soul, inheriting the situation of Dao Soul.

However, since ancient times, no one has owned the ancient Heavenspan tree!

The only thing that can be verified is that the ancient Heavenspan tree did exist.

It is also speculated that the ancient Heavenspan tree was degraded and turned into something unknown.

“The emperor is the sky, the sky is the Tao, the Tao is the root, and the root law comes from Heavenspan…” undying bird Dao Soul lightly said: “Among many Dao Souls, it seems that only the emperor vine has the emperor. Two words…”

“And… before the imperial vine has not transformed, it is already like an ancient tree… You said… will your imperial vine really evolve? To become an ancient tree in Heavenspan?” undying bird Dao Soul whispered.

Jiang Chen hearing this, has long been stunned.

Heavenspan ancient tree, that is the incarnation of the Supreme Avenue and Taoism!

If the imperial vine can really advance to the ancient tree of Heavenspan, then… Doesn’t Jiang Chen control the Supreme Dao? ?

“After mastering the Supreme Dao, am I invincible?” Jiang Chen said subconsciously.

“You wishful thinking.” Undying bird Dao Soul poured cold water and said: “Even if the emperor vine can really advance into the ancient Heavenspan tree, it is not that easy.”

“Just like me, it took Nirvana a few times before it transformed into what it is now, but it is far from the real primordial form!” Undying bird Dao Soul said.

If the primordial form of the imperial vine is really the ancient Heavenspan tree, then… I am afraid there is no Nirvana ten times or eight times, and simply cannot be transformed into that level!

Furthermore, although the ancient Heavenspan tree is the foundation of Taoism, do you think that if you master the ancient Heavenspan tree, you can master all Taoism?

What a joke!

“At the beginning, the first batch of cultivators born between Heaven and Earth wanted to snatch the ancient Heavenspan tree to make their way perfect!”

“As for control All Taoism, this is unrealistic.”

undying bird Dao Soul explained: “Everyone is born different, and the Taoism that suits them is also different. Under normal circumstances, one person can only master one kind of Taoism. . And, this kind of Tao, without special circumstances, can’t be achieved in a lifetime.”

“That’s not bad too.” Jiang Chen excitedly said: “I master a kind of Tao, if I can Consummation, you should be invincible in the world, right?”

“Theoretically.” undying bird Dao Soul said: “The key is…whether your imperial vine is really an ancient Heavenspan tree, and is it true? It’s still unknown whether the tree can be advanced into the ancient Heavenspan tree.”

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