I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 842

Jiang Chen is very speechless now, as if he saw hope, but found that hope is elusive and out of reach!

Looking at the seed blankly, Jiang Chen didn’t know what to do. He really didn’t know what this seed would become after it germinated.

It may be a grass, it may be a vine, or it may be turned into a tree.

However, if you only advance once, you will definitely not be able to advance into the ancient Heavenspan tree!

“I have to work hard for cultivation! What if one day, I can really advance to the ancient Heavenspan tree!?” Jiang Chen said resolutely, he was encouraging himself, cheering for himself!

“Ascend the soul magic power, a day can only cultivation one morning…” undying bird jokingly said: “With this cultivation time and speed, I really want to advance the imperial vine to the ancient tree of Heavenspan. No one million years is impossible.”

“What should I do?” Jiang Chen’s face turned black and said: “If you don’t hit me, I will die!? You are my Dao Soul!”

“I’m telling the truth.” Undying bird said.

However, as soon as I finished speaking, a ray of flame flashed in the eyes of the undying bird, and said: “Your cultivation, the power of the ascending soul magic power, has been incorporated into me, the Emperor Vine and Myriad Transformations. In the light, so… I know what kind of power this is.”

“So?” Jiang Chen asked.

“So, as long as you can get these powers, even if you don’t cultivate the devil power, you can still wait for me to advance!” undying bird Dao Soul excitedly said.

You know, he has advanced several times, but he is still a long way from the primordial form.

undying bird Dao Soul has his own consciousness, he desperately wants to “return to the ancestors” and return to the original strongest form!

Therefore, he told Jiang Chen that there is a kind of power in this world, which is the same as the power produced by the cultivation of the Ascending Soul Demon Art, which can improve Dao Soul!

“Daoyuan! Daoyuan! The power that comes out of the cultivation of soul-enhancing demon art is Daoyuan! Daoyuan is a thing in the world, but it is very rare.” Undying bird Dao Soul said.

“That means, as long as I have enough Dao source, I can let you quickly Nirvana, advancement, and transformation!?” Jiang Chen excitedly said.

However, Jiang Chen knows that Daoyuan is very rare, even very rare!

Taoyuan with a bigger thumb is enough to cause a foul wind and bloody rain!

Daoyuan, as its name suggests, contains the Source Power of the Dao. No matter who it is, as long as you take this thing, you can not only improve the cultivation base, but also comprehend the Dao, and even sublimate it on the spot!

“Where should I go to find Daoyuan.”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen quit Soul World and suffered a lot of headaches.

After he got up, he left Cave Mansion and found Mrs. Qi, and asked directly: “Ms. Qi, is there a source of Taoism in the sect?”

“Daoyuan What do you want that thing for?” Old lady Qi was stunned.

Of course, there is something like Daoyuan in the Taoist sect.

However, this stuff is prepared for Sect Master.

Of course, it will also be prepared for those who are expected to inherit Sect Lord’s Position in the future.

As for Jiang Chen, it’s just an Honorary Disciple, even if it exists in the True Land Sect, it can’t be used by him.

“I have an urgent need!” Jiang Chen said: “Can you give me some?”

“This…Isn’t it inappropriate?” The old lady frowned.

After all, it is just an Honorary Disciple. Even if Jiang Chen has a special identity, even if he has that kind of relationship with red-clothed, but… it’s really not suitable for giving!

“Give it to him.”

But at this moment, the red-clothed voice sounded here, and she has been paying attention to Jiang Chen.

After hearing about red-clothed, Mrs. Qi has nothing to say, after all, red-clothed is the Sect Master.

Later, Mrs. Qi asked Jiang Chen to wait in Cave Mansion. After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, she brought a small pot.

Talisman is engraved on the jar, divine light flashes, and the sun and moon shine.

“There are two drops of Daoyuan in it, which is considered to be my total inventory.” Lady Qi said: “As you know, Daoyuan is rare and can have two drops. That’s pretty good.”

“many thanks, mother-in-law.” Jiang Chen hurriedly took the jar, and then said with a smile: “Mother-in-law, I want to start cultivated.”

” Pay attention to yourself, don’t worry about cultivation, take your time,” said Mrs. Qi.

“Okay.” Jiang Chen nodded and said, very well-behaved.

And when Mrs. Qi left the Cave Mansion, Jiang Chen directly opened the jar and swallowed two drops of water similar to water directly into his mouth.

Daoyuan, in the eyes of most people, is water droplets.

Even, sometimes even if you encounter Daoyuan, you can’t tell whether it is water or Daoyuan.

“en!? Budding!”


After more than ten breaths, Jiang Chen entered his Soul World and saw two drops of Under Dao Yuan, that seed is growing rapidly!

Sprout at the speed that naked eye can see, and then stretch the branches and leaves, until finally, it turns into a…vine!

“Damn!? Why is it still a vine!?” Jiang Chen exploded, feeling the same.

He took a closer look, except for the more leaves, the main vine became sturdy, and the rune on the leaves was a little bit more. It was no different from the previous imperial vine.

“Is this considered advanced?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Of course.” Undying bird Dao Soul said: “But… it’s the first time to advance, and the changes are of course very small. Moreover, the Emperor Fujino Peak Dao Soul, you think it’s just one or two advancements. Can a big change happen?”

“You look at me, I have advanced a few times, but it is not like this, and there is not much change.”


Jiang Chen hearing this, rolled the eyes, thinking that the Emperor Vine will undergo a big change this time.

At least, it should turn from a vine to a tree! ?

“Get more Daoyuan, you can’t support the three of us by cultivation alone.” Undying bird Dao Soul jokingly said, pointing to the Myriad Transformations next to it. Said: “This big brother is really ruthless.”

“You have been cultivating soul-enhancing magic, and you have taken two drops of Daoyuan just now. If you look at this big brother, you have no reaction at all. No…” undying bird Dao Soul said with a bitter smile: “The power from your cultivation is like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea.”

“No.” Jiang Chen Shaking his head, staring at the Myriad Transformations Tianzhan, said: “When I first cultivation, the Myriad Transformations Tianzhan had some changes.”

“At that time, I saw a blur ‘S silhouette appeared next to the Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp, like… a lantern-bearer!”

However, it was only that time. After Jiang Chen cultivated the Soul Ascending Demon Art, I never saw Myriad. Transformations Tianzhan has changed.

“So, this big brother is the hardest to raise!” undying bird Dao Soul said: “Don’t be fussy, go find a way to get more Dao source.”

“When the three of us are strong, you will be strong. Not only for the three of us, but also for yourself.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, can’t help saying with a bitter smile: “Trudi Sect is so profound There are only two drops of Daoyuan’s background. Where do you want me to find that many Daoyuan to support you?”

“You can figure this out yourself.” Undying bird Dao Soul said, the expression is quite For weirdness: “Swindle, aren’t you very good at it? If you don’t do it, just go and pit a little bit. You are familiar with it, I believe you can do it!”

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