I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 843

Swindle is good at?

Jiang Chen immediately responded seriously: “This God King is upright and never does those things!”

After all, Jiang Chen quit Soul World.

After that, he got up suddenly and lightly said: “I know you have been following me. I am going to Heavenspan Church now. Are you sure?”

” , I will go with you.” The red-clothed voice rang in Jiang Chen’s ear, and the tone barely fell appeared beside Jiang Chen.

Afterwards, before Jiang Chen’s reaction, red-clothed waved his big hand, all around the starry sky, and directly tore the void, in a flash came to the gate of Heavenspan Church!

“You…Don’t you ask me what I am doing here?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“Don’t you tell me, why should I ask?” red-clothed raised her eyebrows, and said, “I am here to accompany you. I am worried that you will not leave after you come.”


“I was originally the dísciple of Heavenspan Church!” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

However, after saying this, Jiang Chen saw that red-clothed’s face changed, a little gloomy.

In an instant, Jiang Chen became nervous, and hurriedly said: “That…I am also the Honorary Disciple of the True Dizong…hehe…”

“Little Junior Brother! You! Finally back!”

“Did you bring us good things!? Don’t you know, we are all starving to death!”


At this moment, the big bear and the others rushed out. After all, with their strength, someone outside the mountain gate could be detected instantly.

But what they didn’t expect is that this time red-clothed is here too!

“I have seen the Sect Master of Sect Master.”

“I have seen the red-clothed Sect Master.”


Big Bear and the others expression is weird, but also polite. After all, the identity of the other party, like Song Tingtao, is a Sect’s Master.

“senior brother and senior sister, I didn’t bring anything with me this time.” Jiang Chen was embarrassed.

At the beginning, I promised to come back from the turning point of the Tehdi Zong to pay tribute to Heavenspan Church.

But after so long, Jiang Chen came empty-handed.

“It’s okay, it’s fine if Little Junior Brother can come back.” Hong Lingsha said, very fondly walked to Jiang Chen’s body, and touched Jiang Chen’s head.

Jiang Chen is also used to it. He can feel that Hong Lingsha really treats him as her own brother.

However, the red-clothed on the side was a little uncomfortable, lightly said: “A man’s head, do you just touch it casually?”

“You…” Hong Lingsha eyes flash with a cold light, but due to the strength of red-clothed, I didn’t say much, just glared at Jiang Chen, as if to say: OK, your woman is so stingy?

“Senior brother and senior sister, I am coming this time…cough cough…I want to ask you if I have something to do.” Jiang Chen blushed and said weakly.

As soon as these words came out, Luo Shu and the others did not ask Jiang Chen about the purpose of this visit, and they agreed.

“I want some Daoyuan…” Jiang Chen watched everyone agree and said his purpose.




At this moment, Luoshu and the others were surprised Breathing out, one by one stared at Jiang Chen, like… anti-thief!

“I said Little Junior Brother, if you didn’t bring your things back, then you still want to take things back from Heavenspan Church?” Daxiong said irritably, “Don’t you know what your own conditions are? Now the entire Heavenspan Church, except for a blessed place, there is nothing else!”

“That’s right, I didn’t bring anything back, but I still want to go along with something. The key is Daoyuan!? Little Junior Brother , What do you think?”


Even the smiling Heavenly God spoke up, pointed to Heavenspan Church, and said: “You think there is a way in Heavenspan Church Source?”

“Isn’t there one more drop?” Hong Lingsha said with a smile: “Little Junior Brother just give it to him if he wants it. We don’t need it.”

“I said Senior Sister, this is what is wrong with you. The source is supposed to be reserved for me.” The smiling Heavenly God hurriedly said: “I am also your Junior Brother, you can’t do this Eccentric!”

“Yes, there are two drops left. One is for Senior Brother, and the other is for me. We will meet bottleneck in the future, or when we integrate Spirit Physique, we must Used.” Big Bear said.

As soon as the words came out, Jiang Chen’s eyes shined and said: “There are two drops!?”

“Ah? Are there two drops? I always thought there was only one drop.” Hong Lingsha laughed at Big Bear and said: “Big Bear Junior Brother is still upright.”

“Damn!” Big Bear reacted, secretly thought that he is so cheap!

At this moment, Jiang Chen rubbed his hands, looked towards the red lingsha, blinked his “pure” eyes, and said: “Senior Sister, can you help a bunch of Little Junior Brothers?”

“Little Junior Brother wants it, of course I have to give it.” Hong Lingsha said, eyes full of doting.

Speaking, Hong Lingsha looked towards Luoshu again, squinted, and said: “Senior Brother, now the Master is not here, Great Elder is closed, now you have the final say about Heavenspan Church.”

“Now, Little Junior Brother wants Daoyuan, will you give it?”


Luoshu, Honglingsha cannot use Daoyuan now After all, their cultivation base is almost the same. Although Daoyuan is useful, the effect is not great.

So, Luo Shuben didn’t care about Daoyuan.

However, everyone knows the conditions of Heavenspan Church, that is two drops of Daoyuan for everyone’s frugality!

This is for the smiling Heavenly God and Big Bear!

In theory, Jiang Chen cannot give Daoyuan if he wants to.

But everyone knows that now in Heavenspan Church, Song Tingtao is not there, and Lao Chai is in retreat. Luo Shu is in charge.

And everyone knows Luoshu’s feelings for Honglingsha.

It can be said that the person in charge of Heavenspan Church now is Hong Lingsha!

“Little Junior Brother wants it, just give it to him.” Luo Shu said with a smile: “Junior Sister, what you say is what you say.”

“Senior Brother! I…” Smiling Heavenly God is anxious, but he is about to break through, and is planning to use Daoyuan to stabilize his Spirit Physique foundation!

“That…cough cough…Since the senior brother and senior sister have spoken, I…let’s give my…my drop to Little Junior Brother. Anyway, my Spirit Physique is still very small. I will use it temporarily No.” Big Xiong said, but he felt aggrieved in his heart!

“Unknown, you don’t seem to understand what I mean.” Hong Lingsha came to the smiling Heavenly God’s side, patted his shoulder, and said: “Come on, go to the mountainside, Senior Sister and you Tell me well.”

“Senior Sister…cough cough…Since Little Junior Brother wants Daoyuan, just give it to him, don’t talk to me.” The smiley Heavenly God stiffened. , Do you dare to go to the mountainside? !

If this goes, I am afraid that Hong Lingsha will give the fat a beating!

Furthermore, if Daoyuan is gone, you can continue to look for it. With the strength of Luoshu Honglingsha, going out and looking for a drop of Daoyuan back is not easy, but not difficult.

“Here, take it.”

After a dozen breaths, Luo Shu brought the two drops of Daoyuan from the treasure house of Heavenspan Church and handed them to Jiang Chen. .

The smiling faces of Heavenly God and Da Xiong on the side are all smiles. They dare not say more, but they feel wronged to the extreme!

“many thanks senior brother and senior sister, waiting for Little Junior Brother to succeed in the cultivation base in the future, I will definitely not forget everyone!” Jiang Chen seriously said.

Speaking, Jiang Chen subconsciously said: “I will buy a blessed place for you all!”

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