I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 844

Jiang Chen has moved a Cave Mansion back, and moving a few more is normal for him.

“A habitual offender! Definitely a habitual offender!”

“When I was in the lower realm, I must have done this kind of thing!”


Everyone was maligned, even the red-clothed was stunned.

If she took a deep look at Jiang Chen, secretly thought, is this really the Divine King?

“Okay, many thanks everyone, I’m leaving now, and I will buy you a Cave Mansion!” Jiang Chen smiled and waved, and then left with red-clothed.

Luoshu and the others look at each other in blank dismay, secretly thought Little Junior Brother is really not at all polite.

After getting Dao Yuan, did you just leave?

Don’t even enter the mountain gate?

“He…really kidnapped!” The smiling Heavenly God was very serious, looked towards Luoshu, and said: “Sect Master lets you take a good look at Little Junior Brother…”

“I…what can I do?! Have you ever played red-clothed?” Luo Shu said angrily: “That’s a female fierce person who can suppress even a half-step Divine King!”

“fierce person is fierce person, how many women do you mean?” Hongling yarn said solemnly.

“That…cough cough…it’s all right, let’s go to dinner.” Luo Shu smiled and disappeared.

“Really no reaction at all.”

At this moment, in the Cave Mansion of the Chudi Sect, Jiang Chen looked sluggish, looking at the unchanging Myriad Transformations Tianzhan , The whole person is going to explode!

After taking Liangdi Daoyuan, Myriad Transformations is very quiet, there is no movement at all, it is still the same.

“I said, this big brother is the hardest to raise.” undying bird jokingly said: “This is the first Dao Soul, I have never heard of advanced.”

“But at the beginning, I really saw an illusory shadow emerging next to the Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp, which seemed to be a lantern bearer!” Jiang Chen said.

“Perhaps it is, but now it seems that you can’t raise Myriad Transformations Celestials.” Undying bird said: “But it’s okay. It’s just as good to raise me and the emperor vine!”

“But I still look forward to the advancement of Myriad Transformations!” Jiang Chen said.

However, Daoyuan is scarce. Jiang Chen has all the Daoyuan currently available. Where can I find so many Daoyuan! ?

When he thought of this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but get a headache, and finally calmed down and started cultivation.

Time slowly passed, Jiang Chen’s daily cultivation of the soul-enhancing magic skills, and the Heavenspan scripture and the tiger soul skills also declined.

So, until a month later…

In the Cave Mansion at this moment, Jiang Chen has shed more than two hundred Spirit Physiques, like a pile of hills. .

He asked his wife Qi to send these Spirit Physiques to Heavenspan Church and put them in the backyard of Heavenspan Church together with the previous Spirit Physiques.

At the same time, one of his tiger bones has changed. Vaguely, it is still a rose!

“Rose again?” Jiang Chen frowned, somewhat incomprehensible. Why does tiger bone give birth to roses?

Is it really a tiger sniffing the rose?

But, what is the uniqueness of this tiger bone transformed into a rose, Jiang Chen really doesn’t know at all.

Except for a little improvement in battle strength, this rose seems to be useless.

“Someone posted a war post, let you go to the virtual God World to fight.”

At this moment, red-clothed came, holding a war post, and said:” To go or not to go?”

“Who posted this post?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Chen Zhulu.” Red-clothed said: “At the Haotian Conference, you defeated Chen Zhulu, he was not convinced.”

“Hey.” Jiang Chen chuckled lightly. After a while, I felt very indifferent and didn’t even want to challenge.

Only because it doesn’t make much sense to him whether he will fight or not.

If it’s just a fictitious name, Jiang Chen doesn’t need it.

“This time, Chen Zhulu entered the virtual God World with his real body.” Red-clothed said: “Before, the Chen Zhulu you saw, and even the emperor, were all Avatars.”


“Oh? Real body?” Jiang Chen stared.

For enchanting evildoers like Chen Zhulu, under normal circumstances, simply will not enter the virtual God World in their true form.

Even if he himself was willing, the elders in his clan would not agree.

After all, Chen Zhulu within the sect is too good, and the elders in his clan don’t want him to have an accident or even die.

“Aolai Tianmen seems to be very concerned about Chen Zhulu’s defeat.” red-clothed said: “Chen Zhulu has the title of little Holy Son in Aolai Tianmen. His victory represents the Aolai Tianmen. The face.”

“Why not let the real Holy Son of Aolai Tianmen take the shot?” Jiang Chen curled his lips: “Send a little Holy Son out, what is this? Are you despising me?”


“The battle strength of Chen Zhulu’s real body is much stronger than you think.” Red-clothed said: “It’s up to you to go or not.”

“It’s no good to go. No.” Jiang Chen is very real.

Now, he is anxious for cultivation and wants to advance Myriad Transformations Tianzhan!

He doesn’t have time to fight, and he doesn’t want to fight meaninglessly.

“The other party invites you to fight, you can naturally make some demands, as long as it is not too excessive, I think Pride Heavenly Sect Assembly agrees.” Red-clothed said: “Furthermore, you cultivated for a while , It’s time to verify my own strength.”

“Make some requests? Then I want ten drops of Daoyuan!” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as these words came out, red-clothed froze for a while, secretly thought this is really Divine King?

Don’t you know that Daoyuan is precious and rare. Even a Top Sect doesn’t necessarily have ten drops of Daoyuan.

However, red-clothed didn’t say anything. After I ordered nodded, he said, “I’ll send someone to discuss it.”

“Just ask for 20 drops, so bargain. If you come down, you can get ten drops without saying anything.” Jiang Chen reminded.

“Um…you…you have a good business mind.” red-clothed didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Three days later, red-clothed is back.

This time, she said directly: “Ao Lai Tianmen agreed, but there is a request.”

“If you win, I will give you six drops of Daoyuan. If you lose, you won’t give a drop.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, without saying anything, immediately got up and said: “Go!”

“Are you sure? You are sure to defeat Chen Zhulu Is it?” red-clothed asked.

In these three days, red-clothed not only sent people to discuss with Aolai Tianmen, but also secretly inquired about Chen Zhulu’s strength.

As far as she knows, the cultivation base of Chen Zhulu’s true body is suppressed by the upper Profound God!

That was forcibly suppressed by the gods!

The purpose is to solidify the foundation, so that in the future it will be easier to enter the realm of the titled god!

So, to be precise, Chen Zhulu cannot be regarded as suppressing realm, but condensing the cultivation base!

His current battle strength is no less than the lower gods!

“Recently, I have shed a lot of Spirit Physique, and the tiger bone has changed again. The problem is not big.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, with a gleam in his eyes, and said: “You should also The world proves what I am.”

“Then you go.” red-clothed said.

After all, red-clothed just left.

Jiang Chen stood on the spot, watching red-clothed’s leaving back, weakly asking: “I’m going to challenge, shouldn’t you give me some weapons?”

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