I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 845

“After all, weapons are external forces. Unless it is Proving the Dao Tool, in general, it is best to rely on your own strength.” Red-clothed explained.

Speaking, red-clothed suddenly turned around, looking at Jiang Chen with a weird expression, and said: “You…do you want to pit my weapon? Then sell it for money and change the source?”

“…” Jiang Chen’s face blushed. He was so careful that he was suddenly seen through by red-clothed!

“Don’t even think about it. Although the Tohti Sect is rich, you can’t put all the resources on you alone.” Red-clothed said grimly, “I will give you two drops of Daoyuan. It’s pretty good.”

“Okay.” Jiang Chen sighed.

Jiang Chen also understands that Chedi Zong is good enough for him, and he should be content.

“Go to the virtual God World this time, if someone who surpasses my two great realms makes a move, would you stand up?” Jiang Chen asked.

Be aware that Jiang Chen today is an influential figure in the virtual God World!

Don’t say that you have offended the Guangming clan, but now you even bring the Kunlun Mountains, proudly come to Tianmen, and absolutely Shadow Sect.

Even the thousands of barrels of money are looking for Jiang Chen!

Moreover, there is also a Nine Heaven Sect!

“I have waited before, I think no one is so stupid, and no one has the courage.” red-clothed lightly said: “Go with peace of mind.”

“What does it mean to go with peace of mind… Is this to see me off, or to bid me farewell.” Jiang Chen slandered, always feeling weird.

After that, Jiang Chen came to the transmission altar, and after a period of Profound Light, came to the virtual God World again!

And this time, Jiang Chen came to Clear Sky City quite familiar.

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded just after coming out of the transmission altar.

Looking around, there are portraits of him everywhere, and some people hold banners and warmly welcome him.

These people seem to have known that he is back, and they don’t know how long they have been waiting here.

“The strongest True God in history, simple!”

“Warm welcome! Welcome to the only True God!”


Listening to these words, Jiang Chen didn’t mention how comfortable he was.

Although he doesn’t care about false names, it is better to have something than nothing.

“Everyone, many thanks many thanks.”

Jiang Chen laughed, but he was somewhat dreaded in his heart.

After all, no one can guarantee that powerhouse will do anything to him, especially those main gods, you must beware!

Standing on the transmission altar for a long time, when it was determined that no one would act on him all around, Jiang Chen stepped off the altar.

“Han Han Fellow Daoist, I heard that this time Chen Zhulu invited you to a fight. What do you think?”

“Han Han, you have some thoughts about this battle Are you sure?”

For an instant, many people gathered around, staring at Jiang Chen one by one, as if they were interviewing.

Jiang Chen smiled awkwardly and said: “I’m not sure…”

“The only True God is modesty!”

“The battle before you was me I’ve seen it, very strong! It’s definitely not weaker than Chen Zhulu!”

“Han Han brother, I heard that there are bets in this battle between you and Chen Zhulu, but Dao Yuan was actually used! Do you currently lack Daoyuan?”


It’s another round of interviews. Jiang Chen laughed and said nothing, but when it came to Daoyuan, Jiang Chen expressed a Zheng, said: “I need a lot of Daoyuan. If you have Daoyuan in your hands, I can exchange it with equivalent things!”

Jiang Chen said it seriously, but the people present, When I heard Jiang Chen’s words, he took a few steps back.

Equivalent exchange? Who believes it if you are so serious about it! ?

As for the incident of moving away from Guangming Fudi, your credit is long gone!

Still thinking of equivalent exchange? It is estimated that Dao Yuan was snatched by you as soon as he showed up!

“Hey…what do you mean? I am honest and honest, what do you think of me!?” Jiang Chen said cheekily.

“cough cough…that…hanhan Fellow Daoist, everyone understands, what you do…understand.” Someone brace oneself said.

“Fart! I borrowed Guangming Blessed Land, and I will return it when it runs out one day!” Jiang Chen said in deadly earnest.

However, no one believes this.

“And this time, I will not only fight against Chen Zhulu, but also move a few more Cave Mansion back!” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said, “You can announce this. , Let those Top Sects pay attention, maybe one day they will suddenly disappear in Heavenly Paradise of God World.”

As soon as these words came out, many people laughed.

Are you kidding me?

I really thought Heavenly Paradise was very easy to grab! ?

In the beginning, if Song Tingtao hadn’t taken the initiative and had suppressed and killed the two Guardians of Guangming Fudi, how could Jiang Chen move away from Guangming Fudi so easily.

Furthermore, since that incident, all Great Sects have deployed additional manpower, and they are all on guard against Jiang Chen!

“Fellow Daoist…can I take a step to speak?”

At this moment, a Big Fatty wearing a brocade robe squeezed into the crowd.

He winked at Jiang Chen, and secretly stuffed a bottle into the car.

This… naked bribe!

“Aiya Fellow Daoist, what do you mean? Just say it if you have something to say, why be so polite.” Jiang Chen put away the spelling without red heart, and then rushed out of the crowd , Came to a corner.

It didn’t take long for this Big Fatty to arrive with a smile.

“Fellow Daoist, you will lose every bet in the next game. I am the one in Qianqiu’s gambling house.” Big Fatty pointed at Jiang Chen cupped the hands and said: “If you don’t talk secretly, Qianqiu gambling house wants to make peace You cooperate!”

“Qianqiu Gambling House? Every bet must be lost!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, this is the Peak force of Nine Heavens God World!

It is said that the property of Qianqiu gambling house is comparable to that of ten thousand barrels!

However, ten thousand barrels of money houses are on the surface business, and Qianqiu gambling houses are doing some dark business activities.

“Cooperate with me? It depends on whether you are sincere.” Jiang Chen said.

“Can you open the bottle that I gave to Fellow Daoist just now?” asked every bet.

Jiang Chen hearing this, was stunned for a moment. He really hadn’t seen what was in the bottle.

Afterwards, when Jiang Chen opened the bottle, the expression instantly solidified!

Because there is actually a drop of Daoyuan in this bottle!

“This is a little heart, which represents the sincerity of my Qianqiu Bank.” Every gambling must lose said with a smile: “What? Han and Han Fellow Daoist is willing to cooperate with my Qianqiu Bank?”

“I will lose brother, look at what you said, even if you don’t give me this source, I am willing to cooperate with Qianqiu Bank!” Jiang Chen said resolutely: “Qianqiu Bank Mingding Qianqiu, the next is just a small A small cultivator, it’s a great fortunate to work with Qianqiu Bank!”

“It’s hypocritical! I like it!” He gave a thumbs up every bet, and exclaimed: “Not only hypocrisy, but also shameless. It’s great to work with someone like you!”

“cough cough … each other.” Jiang Chen cupped the hands, and touched his own face, secretly thought that his face is really like this now Is it thick?

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