I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 850

Chen Zhulu has always had confidence in himself, and Aolai Tianmen has high hopes for him.

If not, he would not be the little Holy Son of Proud to Heaven.

But just today, he began to doubt himself.

In order to step into a higher level of realm in the future, he has condensed the cultivation base and realm, and now the cultivation base has been condensed to Xuanzun.

However, without condensing the cultivation base, his strength is indeed weaker than Ye Yun.

Now, when he heard that Jiang Chen could defeat Ye Yun, his heart tightened.

In the eyes of outsiders, Chen Zhulu is still so calm, even full of confidence.

No one knows better than him, his back is already covered with cold sweat!

“You are not weaker than Ye Yun, you are only stronger than Ye Yun in the same realm battle.” An Elderly comforted who accompanied him: “It’s just that your cultivation technique has some problems, so in the eyes of outsiders, you Can’t compare to Ye Yun.”

“It’s no match but it’s no match.” Chen Zhulu said calmly.

As Elderly said, he Chen Julu is very strong. Unfortunately, the cultivation technique is too problematic!

In order to pursue Supreme’s strength, he chose the taboo cultivation technique of Aolai Tianmen!

This cultivation technique is too difficult to cultivation, and the requirements are too strict, which has also caused Chen Zhulu’s strength to be unable to truly display.

But, in general, this strength is enough!

But now…

“If I lose, I will lose my identity as the little Holy Son of Aolai Tianmen.” Chen Zhulu lightly said: “Aolai Tianmen will also be lost because of this. Keep your face until you abandon me.”

“This…No way, Aolai Tianmen is the Top Sect of Nine Heavens God World. Sometimes I have to do some things,” Elderly sighed.

“But I…don’t want to lose.” Chen Zhulu said solemnly.

He has gone from a common disciple all the way to the present, and he is expected to become the true Holy Son of Aolai Tianmen.

But who could have imagined that after his Avatar lost to Jiang Chen because of a Haotian conference, he actually caused such a big trouble!

Now, he has no choice but to come in real life to fight Jiang Chen.

He was very confident before, but now… there is no confidence!

“To this day, there is only one battle.” Then Elderly said: “Don’t worry, even if you lose, you can stay in Aolai Tianmen, but…”

“It’s just that I am no longer a little Holy Son, and I have no chance to become a real Holy Son.” Chen Zhulu said with a bitter smile.

This is the cruel competition in Top Sect!

“Everyone, I am a naive friend, he is having something wrong now, and he may have to come later.”

At this moment, every bet is going to be lost, facing Chen Zhuilu and Elderly bowed their hands and said, “It’s better to go outside the city first. After a while, he will come over.”

“Since it’s here, this battle cannot be avoided.” Chen Zhulu sighed. : “Go outside the city and wait for him.”

“It’s going to go to war!”

“Finally waited!”

“Make a fortune this time! Han Han will win!”

“It’s a pity, after Chen Zhulu’s battle, I’m afraid he won’t be able to turn over again.”


all Around, the noise shook the sky, ignoring Chen Zhulu’s thoughts.

On the other side, the emperor also came.

As a friend of Chen Zhulu, he also entered the virtual God World with his real body this time.

However, he did not go to say hello to Chen Zhulu.

He knows that now Chen Zhulu is more nervous than anyone else.

“Where are the people?”


5 minutes later, everyone is outside the city, waiting for Jiang Chen.

However, Jiang Chen has never appeared until now.

Chen Zhulu frowned and asked, “What the hell is going on with him? Why is he not coming?”

“This…maybe he is a little angry. , A little emotion.” Every gambling must lose, he explained: “He has entered the virtual God World long ago. He has waited for you for several days. Now he does not appear. Maybe you want you to wait for him some time.”

“Something makes sense.” Chen Zhulu was nodded, but he didn’t doubt it.

As for others, no one doubts.

Just because Jiang Chen can beat Ye Yun, so why should he be afraid of Chen Zhulu.

Since it is a must, they all firmly believe that Jiang Chen must be delayed, but he will definitely come!

In this way, a group of people waited quietly until after the three sticks of incense, Chen Zhulu asked again: “Isn’t there yet?”

“On the way. “Every gambling must lose said with a smile, his expression is natural and calm, and he said: “It’s coming soon.”

“Then wait.” Chen Zhulu lightly said.

At this moment, near Qingyun Fudi, a dark figure quietly approached here.

After observing all around for a while, he found that there was no one in Qingyun Fudi, so he wanted to watch Chen Zhulu’s battle.

“Hey, wait slowly!” The shadow jokingly smiled, and the face in the darkness was Jiang Chen!

After that, he started to arrange the array, which consumed a lot of materials, set up a large “shift” array here, and set the coordinates!

And this time, Jiang Chen has experience and erased the mark in the blessed land!

Next, Jiang Chen went to Bibo and Yaoguang, two blessed places, and found that there was no one inside.

This made him very excited. It seems that those people have gone to watch Chen Zhulu fight with him.

Moreover, the owners of these blessed places are all Top Sect. They would never have thought that someone would be so bold and come to move the mountain!

“Half a day has passed, is he coming?”

Half a day later, Chen Zhulu was still waiting outside Clear Sky City, but he did not see Jiang Chen’s silhouette.

Every gambling must lose, his face is calm, and he said: “I am sound transmission with him, he is on the road, but the journey is a bit far, but I think there will be another 5 minutes of time. “

“That’s all, I have waited for so long anyway, and I care about it for a while.” Chen Zhulu said, but his heart became more nervous.

At the same time, a few people’s expressions became a little weird.

Just because they sensed that there seemed to be an accident in their blessed land, and the power of the imprint seemed to disappear.

“It may be that the power in the blessed land fluctuates too much, so I temporarily conceal the imprint.”

“Who dares to make trouble in my blessed land in Kunlun Mountains?”

These people are very calm, completely didn’t expect, at this moment their blessed land has been hacked by Jiang Chen!

Time passed slowly, until sunset, until the sky turned dark, and Jiang Chen did not come.

Finally, when the moon rose, his face suddenly became ugly when he was betting.

He walked to Chen Zhulu’s side, first hesitated to “act”, and then said: “He said… he is not your opponent, he has given up.”


“Accept defeat?”

“You lose without a fight!?”


The sound of losing the bet is not loud, but not small!

After his voice fell, all around was fried!

Especially those who bet on Jiang Chen, all of them are unsteady, their eyes are black, and they almost fainted!

And Chen Zhuolu was also dumbfounded, staring blankly at every bet he would lose, and asked: “Are you sure? He lost without a fight and gave up?”

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