I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 851

Everyone waited for a day, everyone didn’t expect this result!

For a time, many people scolded and even threatened that this bet was not counted!

“Everyone has conceded, and since they have conceded, then this bet is considered complete.”

“Yes, I will only look at the results, not the process.”



People from major gambling houses have spoken, and they are determined not to refund!

Even, some casinos have directly sent powerhouses to guard the branches of major casinos!

“Han! You are cheating!”

“Too miserable! Bankruptcy!”


For a while , Many people were unsteady and overwhelmed all their net worth. As a result, Jiang Chen didn’t play in the battle, so he surrendered!

It’s a terrible loss!

The blood is lost!

At this moment, Jiang Chen defeated without a fight and directly surrendered. For some people, it is undoubtedly the best and the happiest!

For example, every gambling must be lost. No matter what the process is, as long as Jiang Chen loses, then this matter will be done, and Qianqiu will make a lot of gambling!

There is one more person, that is Chen Zhulu!

He has been worried, as if he would lose everything if he lost!

And now, Jiang Chen admits defeat, he has won!

Although there is no match, so many people are watching and listening!

He doesn’t care about the process, he just needs to win!

“Congratulations to Little Holy Son.” Elderly beside Chen Zhulu is also sighed in relief.

As long as Chen Zhuilu wins, then Chen Zhulu will still be the little Holy Son of Proud to Heaven, and Proud to Heaven’s face will be preserved.

Even after this time, Chen Zhulu will have a higher position in Aolai Tianmen in the future, and will even be named Holy Son!

“He can even fight Ye Yun, why not dare to fight Chen Zhulu!?”

“There must be something tricky!”


Many people are angry and feel that something is not right!

However, the people from the major gambling houses have also spoken. They don’t care about this. If these people think there is a problem with the gambling game at this time, they can just ask the Han Han. Don’t ask these things to the gambling house. !

For a time, a lot of people started to act and sent a lot of people to look for Jiang Chen!

They want to ask to understand, they want to find out!

“He’s coming…”

Suddenly, every gambling must lose, his face turned black, and I saw the distant sky, there are three high mountains moving towards this side. Move here!

In front of these three mountains, a young man stood volleyed in the sky, surrounded by brilliance, and Formation talisman was fighting around!


“It looks like a blessed land in the sky.”

“It looks like a blessed land in Bibo, right?”

“The one behind…is…damn! That’s the blessed place of my house!”

At this moment, many people have blown up their hair, look. My own blessed land is floating towards the direction of Clear Sky City!

“That’s silly!”

“This…what is he doing?”

Soon, Everyone saw the boy’s face clearly, isn’t it Jiang Chen?

“He’s moving the mountain again!”

Someone had a strange expression and gave a strange cry.

Until this moment, everyone has reacted!

“A habitual offender! Definitely a habitual offender!”

“He…stole the blessing again!”

In an instant , The people of the great blessed land got up and rushed directly!

They don’t want to lose their blessings like the Guangming clan!

Without Young Master’s god, he shot directly, separated from the distance of ten thousand li, palm prints and fist light like a big day, struck out!

Someone also used a secret technique, shocking Thunder Dao, and directly strikes Jiang Chen!

But, this time Jiang Chen is well prepared!

He not only deployed mobile Formation, but also deployed many Defensive Arrays!

He not only saved the three blessed places, but also protected himself!

When those attacks fell on Bai Yumi beside him, they exploded one after another, and they were all blocked by Formation!

Even the attack of the Lord God has no effect at this moment!

After more than ten breaths, Jiang Chen brought three blessed places to the outside of Clear Sky City.

He saw Chen Zhulu, waved to Chen Zhulu, and said, “We met again, what a coincidence.”

“You…are here to challenge?” Chen Zhulu thought. A tight, secretly thought this battle is still going to be fought after all.

He has no bottom, he is really panicked!

“I have given up and I am not your opponent.” Jiang Chen said straightly: “I am not here to fight with you, I am going home.”

“Give up? Go home?” Chen Zhulu blinked his eyes, then frowned, and asked Elderly beside him: “Is the blessed land of Aolai Tianmen in the virtual God World still there?”

“Hmm… …Is still there, can sense the existence of the imprint.” Then Elderly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and hurriedly sensed it, finally sighed in relief.

But the emperor on the other side was angry!

“Han Han! Put down my blessed land of Kunlun Mountains!” The emperor roared and rose into the air.

This time, he entered the Void God with his true body!

However, for Jiang Chen, whether you are an Avatar or your real body, it has nothing to do with him.

Being all around him, Formation layered on top of each other, even if the main god took action, he couldn’t hurt him!

“God, I will borrow a period of time. When the time comes, you can pay it back.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Why don’t you come to the blessed land of Tianmen by arrogance!?” The emperor said subconsciously, angrily in his heart.

“Limited means, you can only move three seats at a time.” Jiang Chen said, touching his chin, nodded and said: “But what you said is a bit reasonable, proud to come to the blessed land of Tianmen, It’s not bad to think about it, and you can think about it next time.”

“The emperor! How do you talk!? Your family’s blessed land has been moved away, and you want to do harm to our family!?” Chen Competition stared.

“Don’t make a noise! ​​Stop him!”

“Can’t let him go like this!”

At this moment, many people have retreated, leaving only the main Divine Grade and others!

They surrounded Jiang Chen with various means. The occult attacks were like howling wind and torrential rain, and Jiang Chen was submerged!

However… everything is useless!

“Don’t bother you, unless Divine King takes the shot, otherwise…you can’t stop me.” Jiang Chen laughed.

“Too much! You moved a bright blessed land before, is it not enough?!”

“Are you going to vacate all the blessed land in the Void God World!?”


Many people shouted.

“If I have the opportunity, I really want to move out of the virtual God World.” Jiang Chen said seriously: “There are too many good things in the virtual God World, and I look greedy.”





Everyone is speechless, secretly thought, your heart is really big!

I still want to emptied God World! ?

Why don’t you just move the virtual God World away? !

“You are too much.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded like Sanskrit.

Jiang Chen expression changed drastically, his body was tight and cold sweat broke out on his forehead!

Just the words “You are too much”, almost didn’t explode Jiang Chen’s fleshy body, even the soul and Divine Soul were shocked!

“Divine King!?” Jiang Chen was frightened, secretly thought Has anyone become a Divine King now? !

Otherwise, under the protection of multiple arrays, the main god simply cannot hurt him, only Divine King has that strength!

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