I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 853

“Little Junior Brother, you must be a habitual offender! Did you do this kind of thing when you were in the lower realm?” The smiling Heavenly God stared at Jiang Chen, feeling that Little Junior Brother was too cruel Up!

I just moved back to one of them not long ago, but now it’s better, just come to three!

“This is good, Heavenspan Church is already clanging poorly, and now Little Junior Brother has moved to a few blessed places, Heavenspan Church seems to have a brand name.” Hong Lingsha lightly said, completely on Jiang Chen’s side.

Luo Shu on the side wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, but did not dare to say more.

After all, the current Jiang Chen is backed by Hong Lingsha!

“By the way! Little Junior Brother, after you cultivated Heavenspan, is there anything special?” Daxiong asked suddenly.

Jiang Chen hearing this, with a dumb face, shook the head, and said: “Except for the Spirit Physique, the strength will be strong, there is no other special place.”

“No way?” Daxiong frowned, looked towards Luoshu and the others, and said: “How many Spirit Physiques did you drop at the beginning and gave birth to abilities?”

“I am three hundred, right.” laughed Said to Heavenly God.

“I am one hundred and seventy.” Hong Lingsha said.

“I…98.” Luo Shu said.

After all, everyone looked towards Jiang Chen very puzzled, as if they didn’t understand that Jiang Chen is now about to fade out of 500 Spirit Physiques, why hasn’t a special ability been born yet?

Be aware that after cultivation Heavenspan, it’s not just as simple as removing Spirit Physique!

After fading to a certain extent, Heavenspan will be available, and some special abilities will be obtained inexplicably.

“Strength, spells, spells, performances, and abilities are obtained after the cultivation Heavenspan scripture. Generally speaking, there are four kinds of abilities.” Luo Shu explained: “It stands to reason that you should have acquired certain abilities now. “

“Huh?” Jiang Chen dumbfounded, said: “Really not.”

Speaking, Jiang Chen also felt the situation on his own, not at all. Variety.

“This is impossible!” The smiling Heavenly God said with certainty: “You must have made some changes, maybe you can’t notice that’s all.”

” What can be changed? My own situation is still unclear?” Jiang Chen said grimly: “I really didn’t gain any ability!”

“This…is it because of your Dragon Vein?” Hongling yarn frowns saying.

Jiang Chen’s Dragon Vein can always be advanced, and now it has advanced to the Horned Dragon Dragon Vein, which is higher than Luoshu and the others.

But as a result, Dragon Vein, a higher-level one, has not gained any special powers up to now.

This…the problem should be with Dragon Vein!

“The Great Elder is in retreat, and the Master is not there. We can’t tell you what happened to you.” Luo Shu said with a bitter smile: “We can only wait for the Master to return, or wait for the Great Elder. It’s okay to leave the customs.”

“It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry, anyway, I’m having a good time now.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Little Junior Brother, have you ever thought of upgrading your Dragon Vein again?” Daxiong’s eyes flashed, and said: “If you advance to Rain Dragon Dragon Vein… Maybe you can The originator of the mountain beyond Heavenspan Church!”

“I have also heard of this. The originator of Heavenspan Church lost a lot of Spirit Physique at the beginning. The specifics are not clear, but it is definitely very strong! “

“I’ve heard Great Elder talk about it. At that time, after Old Ancestor merged the fallen Spirit Physique, he suppressed a main god while turning his hands, and in that era… Old Ancestor seemed to It is the cultivation base of the following True God, and is on the same level as other powerhouses at God King Level!”


Listening to everyone’s words, Jiang Chen’s heart is also itchy, and even more looking forward to it!

Finally, Jiang Chen felt bitter.

It is too difficult to advance Dragon Vein!

In the beginning, Jiang Chen swallowed a lot of Dragon Fruit before he advanced the snake vein to the Horned Dragon vein!

The further you go, the more Dragon Fruit you need!

Jiang Chen gave a rough estimate. If you advance from the Horned Dragon pulse to the Rain Dragon pulse, it will definitely not work without three or five thousand dragon fruits!

And three to five thousand Dragon Fruits, where to find them! ?

“Isn’t there a Fruit Tree in the Bright Fortune Land? If you nurture it, it will grow a lot.” Jiang Chen thought.

However, there are not many Fruit Trees, even if it produces three fruits a year, there is not that much output!

even more how, it takes a hundred years for the Dragon Fruit to mature once!

“Senior Sister…Do you want to see Little Junior Brother’s Dragon Vein advanced?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen blinked his eyes, bright and intelligent looking at Hong Ling yarn.

Without waiting for Hong Lingsha to speak, Jiang Chen felt wronged again, whispered: “Forget it, there are not that many shed Dragon Fruit, it seems that I can’t advance to Dragon Vein in my life.”

“Let me be plain and plain, try nothing and accomplish nothing in this life…”

“You are so plain and plain!?”

“attempt nothing and accomplish nothing!?”


The smiley Heavenly God and Daxiong stared at Jiang Chen, wishing to beat him up!

As far as your current strength, as far as the Horned Dragon vein you have, are you still plain? Still nothing! ?

Deserves a beating? This is it!

“Little Junior Brother, Senior Sister will help you find a way!” Although Hong Lingsha knows that Jiang Chen is pretending, she really treats Jiang Chen as her own brother.

She once lost her closest relatives, and now she puts that affection on Jiang Chen.

Although Hong Lingsha knew that the boy in front of her was not her brother.

“Junior Sister, let’s talk about it when the Master comes back.” Luoshu said solemnly: “Don’t think about some useless.”

“I know.” Hong Lingsha nodded, It’s rare to not put your face down.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen stayed in Heavenspan Church for a while, and it didn’t take long for the red-clothed to come.

After she picked up Jiang Chen, she smiled at Heavenly God and the others look at each other in blank dismay, secretly thought that her Little Junior Brother was really abducted!

“Heavenspan Church and Chedi Zong, where is his home in the end?” Da Xiong was puzzled and jealous.

After more than ten breaths, Chedi Zong is in the Cave Mansion where Jiang Chen is located.

red-clothed stared at Jiang Chen, his eyes gleamed brightly. From the time he came back to the present, he hadn’t spoken, and looked at Jiang Chen all over.

“Just tell me if you have something to say, what do you look at me doing?” Jiang Chen said weakly.

“Do you know if you… caused a big disaster this time?” red-clothed said solemnly.

“I know, but they don’t know who I am.” Jiang Chen shrugged indifferently, saying: “They can’t find me.”

“They can’t find me. I’m here, but I can find the Torudi Sect.” red-clothed said in an angry tone.

Unlike Heavenspan Church, Thudi Zong simply does not need to be hidden.

Therefore, in Nine Heavens God World, many people know that “Han Han” is a red-clothed man.

Nowadays, Jiang Chen directly moved out of the three Cave Mansion. Those Top Sect people, the first place that comes to mind, must be Tohti Zong!

Perhaps, now Kunlun Mountains, proud to Tianmen, the powerhouse of the Nine Heavens Sect is on the way to Chudi Sect!

“Unless you have a quarrel with them and put aside all considerations of face thoroughly, if you are in trouble now, I can’t use the background of the sect to protect you.” red-clothed said straightly.

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