I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 854

At the beginning, Heavenspan Church suffered a catastrophe, but Chedi Sect was safe and sound. This shows that the foundation of Chedi Sect is too strong!

However, the roots of the Torudi Sect cannot be easily used, it is used to resist the crisis of life and death!

Now, although red-clothed wants to help Jiang Chen, it can’t use the roots of the true sect for Jiang Chen.

Even if she agrees, several Supreme Elders of the Trudi Sect will not agree.

“What should I do?” Jiang Chen asked.

“My own trouble, now ask me what to do?” red-clothed glared at Jiang Chen and said, “Have you never thought of retreating yourself?”

” Go, go to Yong Prefecture.” Jiang Chen said straight: “Since you know my identity, then you should know that I have a dísciple, the overlord of Yong Prefecture, he should be able to protect me for a while.”

“The one from Yong Prefecture?” red-clothed frowned and opened his mouth, as if he had something to say.

Jiang Chen saw the red-clothed expression clearly, he couldn’t help but slammed in his heart, and hurriedly asked: “What’s wrong with him…?”

“Yours A few disciplines… as far as I know… there is not much left.” red-clothed sighed: “Since you fell, many people around you have died!”

“The most famous It is Shen Nianzhe, he is your best friend, but a pity…”

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen expression suddenly calmed down.

He didn’t speak, his eyes were hollow, and he seemed to be lost.

red-clothed didn’t bother, just standing like this, until a long time ago, Jiang Chen suddenly smiled and said: “I’m back.”

“But you now… …Not strong enough.” Red-clothed sighed.

Nine Heavens God World, who didn’t know how strong Jiang Chen was! ?

After stepping into the titled deity, Jiang Chen became proficient in his entire profession again, pushing his opponents horizontally, all the way to the Divine King!

But now, Jiang Chen is only the next True God, even if the battle strength is sturdy, but he is definitely not the opponent of those main gods.

Even, when encountering a god, Jiang Chen must admit defeat!

“I am not strong enough now, but one day, the original me will come back.” Jiang Chen said.

Speaking, Jiang Chen suddenly turned around and after taking a few deep breaths, he slowly asked: “How many of my dísciples are left?”

” Three.” Red-clothed said: “Your eldest apprentice was hunted down and hid in the forbidden area. Now life and death are unknown.”

“Second apprentice was imprisoned by the Dark Lord in the endless abyss, It’s hard to get out after all the torture.”

“The third discipline is missing, but there are rumors that he is still alive.”


Speaking of which , Red-clothed walked over, Patted Jiang Chen’s back, softly said: “If you want to cry, cry out.”

“Cry? Why cry?”

Jiang Chen turned around suddenly. Although his eyes were red and his eyes were moist, he did not shed a tear.

In his hand, he drew a map with rune, on which the names and geographical locations of the Great Sects were written impressively.

At the same time, several places were marked by Jiang Chen.

“The vast Tianyuan, Nine Heavens Divine Academy, is adjacent to the academy.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “Nowadays, only these three places can shelter me.”

“The premise is that if my identity is not revealed, otherwise, these three colleges would not dare to accept me.”

Be aware that if someone knows that Jiang Chen is the reincarnation of Tianchen Divine King , This Nine Heavens God World is really few people, few forces dare to protect him.

Once you shelter him, you are tantamount to offending the 36 Peak Gods!

Just ask, in this world, who now dares to offend the 36 Peak Gods at once?

“Are you going to the Academy?” red-clothed lightly said, then he was relieved.

Academy, no matter where it is, is extremely special existence.

In history, there are many powerhouses, all from these academies.

Some people, after leaving the Academy, built their own sect and established a strong Great Influence on the side.

There are also idle cloud wild cranes, but their cultivation base is extremely strong. Once the name is reported, they are said to be somewhat afraid.

It can be said that if you don’t have to be a last resort, who will not fight these Academy.

“Have you thought about it? What Academy are you going to?” red-clothed asked.

“Adjacent to the Academy.” Jiang Chen glanced at the map, and said: “This is the nearest Academy to the Tehdi Zong, and it is also…I am only one familiar Academy.”

“Do you have an acquaintance in the adjacent Academy?” red-clothed frowned, worriedly said: “You are going to find him? But… what if he reveals your identity?”

“She? No.” Jiang Chen was very confident.

No one knows better than Jiang Chen what kind of person the one next to the Academy is.

And Jiang Chen, for that person, is very special!

Jiang Chen is sure, as long as he goes to the adjacent Academy, that person will do everything possible to protect him!

“It’s not too late, let’s leave now.” Red-clothed said.

She has a hunch that it is estimated that today, the Kunlun Mountains and even the powerhouse of the Guangming clan will come here.

“Then… okay.” Jiang Chen nodded, took a deep look at red-clothed, suddenly stretched out his hand, his fingertips twitched red-clothed’s hair, and said: “Waiting to meet in the future , You should call me a different name.”

“Oh? What should I call you? Master? Or?” red-clothed faintly smiled and said.

“Think of it yourself.” Jiang Chen said.

After all, Jiang Chen got up. He has found the coordinates. As long as he passes through the Transmission Array of the Chudi Zong, he will soon be able to enter the adjacent Academy!

“Wait!” red-clothed grabbed Jiang Chen and handed a Clean Jade Bottle to Jiang Chen’s hands, saying: “As far as I can, that’s all.”

“This is What?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I know you need Daoyuan, this is what I entrusted to collect, you can use it.” red-clothed lightly said with a smile: “Maybe, this time parting, it may be Forever.”

“Forever? Farewell? Impossible, I will come back.” Jiang Chen believes himself.

After that, Jiang Chen and red-clothed came to the vicinity of the Transmission Array of Chedi Zong.

However, before Jiang Chen stepped onto the Transmission Array, the sky above Chedizong suddenly dimmed!



One after another there was an explosion, the sky seemed to be torn apart, one after another a terrifying crack appeared!

That is the void has been pierced through, a powerhouse is crossing the void, and the destination is here!

“Thirteen main gods! Three Peak main gods! One and a half step Divine King!” Red-clothed sensed it in an instant, and the expression became ugly.

It’s just because the aura emitted by that half-step Divine King is a bit stronger than that of the Divine Emperor clan!

“Trudi Zong! Hand over the people!”

“Hand over that little kid to me!”


People haven’t arrived yet, one after another The sound of thunder-like roar was transmitted through the void to the Torudi Sect.

At this moment, dísciple Elder, and even Supreme Elder were shocked!

Because of this, in the last ages, Tetsudizong has always been safe and stable. It has never caused any trouble, and no one dares to come to Tetsudizong.

But today, so many powerhouses have come at once, and there is also a very strong half-step Divine King, which makes the people of the thorough sect a little scared, is there a major event today! ?

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