I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 855

In an instant, the void was completely torn apart, dozens of silhouettes stood in the air, and the pressure covered the entire Chedi Sect!

“Here!” A man covered in purple brilliance saw Jiang Chen at a glance, his palm fell, like a five-finger cage!


red-clothed gave a soft cry, and pushed Jiang Chen onto the transmission altar. Then, with a wave of the show hand, the coordinates were set and accompanied With the glory rising one after another, Jiang Chen was enveloped by endless formation marks!

A void channel emerged, but Jiang Chen hesitated in place.

Because he saw a drop of blood dripping from the red-clothed snow-white palm!


Obviously, the people who came to the Tehdi Sect this time are not weak, even if it is a main god, red-clothed can be injured!

This class of gods is definitely the Peak!

Be aware that when red-clothed and the Divine Emperor clan half-step Divine King played against each other, they both defeated the opponent!

Now, facing a master god, she was actually injured!

“red-clothed! What do you mean!? Do you want to protect him!?”

“Enemy me!?”

… …

One after another shouts of anger, and an extremely terrifying aura erupts!

The half-step Divine King’s eyes flickered, staring at the void channel, and said: “Say, where are the coordinates!”

They all know, Transmission Array Once opened, no one can stop it.

Now, they can only watch Jiang Chen leave.

If you want to find Jiang Chen, the only way is to know where Jiang Chen has gone!

“He is my person.” The red-clothed hair dances wildly, and a red robe dances with the wind, standing on top of the Transmission Array, opposing the dozens of powerhouses.

She did not retreat, and even shouted at Jiang Chen: “Don’t leave yet!?”

“You… take care.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

He at this moment does not know what to say.

Perhaps, this is a catastrophe for him.

However, he is more worried about red-clothed now.

She… will be fine, right?

“Don’t worry! In this true sect, they dare not do anything to me!” red-clothed seemed to see Jiang Chen’s concerns.

“Want to go!? Can’t stop it, but you can kill you!” Divine King was cold, a finger pointed, and the order of the avenue was broken!

This finger, like a meteor from the sky, runs through the long river of time and space, in a flash, it hits Jiang Chen’s body!

At this moment, Jiang Chen did not dare to have any reservations.

I saw that he exhausted all means, within the body Three strands of Primal Chaos Qi, like three flowers, gathered above his head!

At the same time, the array is already ready to fall, and the prohibited Formation has emerged one after another, and the talisman has turned into a Yaoyang, ups and downs by Jiang Chen’s side!



However, this half of the Divine King is too scary, just a simple finger, it shatters all the array restriction , Even with rune broke!

If Sanwei Primal Chaos Qi hadn’t resolved most of the attacks, just one finger would have killed Jiang Chen!


At this moment, Jiang Chen was dazzling and saw red-clothed blocking him, blocking most of the finger for him attack!

A drop of blood is falling, and the red-clothed red robe becomes crimson, soaked in blood!

“Let’s go.” Red-clothed said weakly, and when he looked back, he burst into a smile, but with a trace of regret, reluctance, and helplessness.

“Don’t worry, I can’t die.” red-clothed lightly said, and finally with a wave of his hand, Jiang Chen gently pushed into the void channel.

At the moment Jiang Chen entered the void channel, he could feel that in a certain part of the Trudi Sect, an extremely violent force was recovering!

Then, it should be the foundation of the Tetsudi Sect!

“You sensed it, I’ll be fine.” red-clothed waved at Jiang Chen, with a sad smile, and said: “See you next time, I hope you will protect me.”

“Definitely!” Jiang Chen seriously said.

Finally, the brilliance disappeared, the void channel was closed, and Jiang Chen completely disappeared here.

At the same time, in a corner of the Chudi Zong, a very calm, seemingly weak voice came out.

“When the Great Thousand Worlds catastrophe strikes, I will be completely safe and sound.” The unknown person said: “Now, the power of yours may be compared with the catastrophe of Great Thousand Worlds?”

Without waiting for those powerhouses in the sky to speak, the man lightly said: “If it can’t be compared, then leave.”

“Who is your Excellency?” Half a Divine King Asked.

He is almost becoming a real Divine King, and his strength is definitely not under the Lord of Light!

But now he feels a little depressed, even a little scared!

“Three mountains and six seas.” The man said lightly, and then there was no sound.

At this moment, after the group of powerhouses standing in the air heard the words “three mountains and six seas”, their expressions changed drastically, as if they had been struck by lightning, and they trembled!

No one knows better than them what the three mountains and six seas are!

According to legend, that was the primordial place when Heaven and Earth first opened!

That is a taboo place!

It is also the habitat of the most powerhouse in the world!

All creatures from three mountains and six seas are powerhouse!

There are even rumors in the world that if there are no special rules in the three mountains and six seas, otherwise the creatures coming out of the three mountains and six seas, any one, can unify the Nine Heavens God World!

“Excuse me.”

“I am waiting to say goodbye.”


In an instant, a group of people left, If there is no extra words, I dare not even stay here!

Even if they knew that the roots of Tohti Sect were related to the Three Mountains and Six Seas, they would never come today!

“Trudizong…three mountains and six seas…”

At that half-step Divine King lightly said, he finally understood why Heavenspan Church was almost destroyed in the first place, but Che The land is safe and sound!

It’s just because the foundation of the Tetsudi Sect is too strong!

However, this also makes more people wonder, the Tehdi Sect and Heavenspan Church are the same, why the Tehdi Sect has such a background, but Heavenspan Church does not! ?

“Heavenspan Church doesn’t have that horrible background, but it has disappeared.” A Peak Lord said: “The Divine Venerable Nine Deaths at the beginning were just right, they pushed the world!”

“I pushed all the way from Atheus Continent, even went to the Immortal City, and finally came to Nine Heavens God World, I still pushed horizontally, but for some reason, suddenly disappeared.”

“Divine Venerable Nine Deaths is one of them. I heard that Heavenspan Church is truly and the strongest in Atheus Continent.” Someone speculated: “I don’t know the truth or not, but these two sects are very special and cannot be easily provoked!”

“Unless it’s the Great Thousand Worlds-level catastrophe like the original one, otherwise…Don’t provoke them.”

At this moment, in the True Land Sect, red- clothed dragged his seriously injured body to the vicinity of an ancient altar in Chedi Sect.

The altar is very old, exuding the breath of vicissitudes of life.

Above the altar, there is a broken skull. At this moment, two flames are beating in the eye socket of the skull.

Moreover, there is also a life power appearing on the skull!

This skull… is alive! There is life!

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