I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 856

A mutilated skull, flames fluttering in the hollow eye sockets, flashing like flames.

Strongs of Life Aura emerged, and the skull vibrated slightly, resembling a living thing, waking up!

“No, they are gone.” Red-clothed wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said: “If you don’t get to be a last resort, you shouldn’t recover.”

The skull did not speak, the flames in the hollow eye sockets disappeared, and the floating Life Aura above also disappeared.

It fell into silence again.

At this moment, red-clothed looked up towards the sky, as if pierced through endless void, looking at Jiang Chen.

With a smile on her face, the scene of the first time she met Jiang Chen appeared in her mind.

At that time, she was just a child. When she met Jiang Chen, Zeng Tianzhen said that she would also be the Divine King when she grew up.

She was innocent and innocent at that time.

Now, looking back, the original Divine King is back, but not in Peak.

And she, the young child at the time, has grown into a giant, Sect Master.

Time goes by, the flowers of last night withered, can the flowers of the present bloom?

“May you all be well.” red-clothed lightly said.



At the same time, in the sky adjacent to the Academy, an explosion came out!

The void cracked, Jiang Chen fell from the void channel!

The long-distance teleportation was too unstable. Jiang Chen seemed to have been ejected and crashed onto the square adjacent to the Academy!

For a while, dust splashed and blood spurted out.

All around, a large group of dísciples regressed one after another, and some people were injured by this shock wave!

“Who!? Dare to attack the adjacent Academy!?”

“Go and notify the Master!”


A lot dísciple’s face was shocked, and moved towards the back quickly withdrew.

“His…It hurts!”

At this moment, in the pit of the square, Jiang Chen contorts one’s face in agony, his bones almost shattered!

Fortunately, the injury is not serious, and in the case of Jiang Chen’s fleshy body, this injury is equivalent to a skin injury.

It’s just that the blood is soaked up on his body, it looks miserable that’s all.


At this moment, a middle-aged man fell in the air and stood on the edge of the pit, with vigilant rays of light flashing in his eyes .

However, when he saw Jiang Chen, the lower True God, he was dumbfounded.

“You…are here to attack the Academy next to me?” This middle-aged man was surprised, what era is this secretly thought? A lower True God dare to attack the Academy! ?

You must know that even the main god dare not come to the Academy easily!

“I was teleported over. The journey was too far away and the teleportation was unstable.” Jiang Chen explained: “Sorry, it destroyed the square adjacent to the Academy.

“Transported here ? “The middle-aged man frowned and asked: “The admissions assessment for the adjacent Academy is over long ago. What are you still sending over? Leave quickly! “

“I won’t tell you more, let Bei Mingxue come out. “Jiang Chen said straight.

In this situation, Jiang Chen’s explanation is useless.

Only by seeing Bei Mingxue, can we handle everything.

And this Bei Mingxue was also a woman Jiang Chen met when he was the Divine King.

His cultivation base is very strong, and he was considered Jiang Chen’s confidant at the beginning.

Moreover, the relationship between the two is both teacher and friend.

The most important thing is that Jiang Chen saved Bei Mingxue’s life more than once!

“Bei Ming Elder? Is that what you say you can see? ! “The middle-aged man turned dark and said, “That’s Ninth Elder next to the Academy!” “

“Oh? Has Bei Mingxue been in Elder? Not bad. “Jiang Chen lightly said, it seems a bit unexpected.

After all, in his impression, Bei Mingxue’s innate talent and aptitude are not good. According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, Bei Mingxue will be cultivation at most in this life. The lower main god.

And a lower main god who wants to be an Elder in the Academy is obviously impossible!

Academy has a special status, and a non-real powerhouse cannot be an Elder!


As for the dean of each Academy, that is the peak god, even the half-step Divine King level!

“impudent! Call Beiming Elder by the name! “The middle-aged man scolded angrily: “Nian is when you are young, leave quickly!” “

“I said…” Jiang Chen opened his mouth, but his expression suddenly changed!

He turned his head suddenly, looked towards the distant sky, and saw the thunderbolt and flames erupting there. One after another, the void is full of cracks!

“I came after it so soon! ? “Jiang Chen was frightened, but quickly relieved.

The powerhouses that went to the Tehdi Sect before were basically the Peak Lord God, and there was a half-step Divine King.

It’s too easy for these people to find Jiang Chen!

Although they cannot interfere with the Transmission Passage of Transmission Array, they can find Jiang Chen in a short time with the remaining breath of Jiang Chen !

“en? Peak Lord God! ? “

“Half-step Divine King! ? “

After more than ten breaths, when the dozens of powerhouses descended next to the Academy, a group of high-level officials next to the Academy were shocked and walked from their respective residences. Come out.

At the same time, there are a lot of onlookers in the square, most of them are dísciple adjacent to the Academy.

They are not afraid, after all, since ancient times, few people dare to be right. Academy do it.

The most curious thing about these dísciples now is that these Peak powerhouses come to adjoin the Academy and do what they do?

“This person, I will take it away. “

The half-step Divine King headed by it was very direct and pointed to Jiang Chen in the pit.

“This person is not my dísciple next to the Academy, you can take it away. “The middle-aged man said, he was even more curious.

How can a lower True God alarm so many powerhouses, and there is also a half-step Divine King!

“I know who he is! Isn’t it just silly? “

Suddenly, in the all around dísciple, someone exclaimed and recognized Jiang Chen!

For a while, many People exclaimed, even the middle-aged man was moved.

Han, a very embarrassing name, but now Nine Heavens God World, who doesn’t know this name!?

Especially those who have been to Xu God World, for the words Hanhan, it can be said that like thunder piercing the ear!

“He moved away from Guangming Fudi! “

“He won the champion of the Haotian Conference! “

“He moved three more blessed places! “

For a while, the deeds about Jiang Chen spread.

There are even more teenagers with eyes full of worship, saying: “A fierce man! “

But, at this moment, everyone can tell that Jiang Chen is being watched!

“I say you guys. Excuse me? The cultivation base is so high, come to bully me, the lower True God? Is it okay to point your face? Jiang Chen walked out of the pit with a black face, and said: “There is a kind of go find my senior brother and senior sister!” “

“Don’t talk nonsense! Tell the whereabouts of those Cave Mansion, I can make your death easier! “That half-step Divine King coldly said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, laughed, and said: “It seems that what I said doesn’t matter, then… Let me tell you someone else. “

The voice fell, Jiang Chen raised his head to the sky, and then shouted, “Bei Mingxue!” “

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