I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 857

Everyone is puzzled, Jiang Chen shouts what Ninth Elder is doing?

Is it useful?

It is not ordinary people who are chasing him now, but the Peak Lord God and a half-step Divine King!

With this lineup, it’s no problem to chase down a true God and destroy a small sect!

“Tell the whereabouts of Luoshu and the others, and then move back to the blessed land, I’ll wait for you to have a good time!” The other main expression looked terrifying, and the killing intent in his eyes was like a wave flapping.

They came this time not only for those blessed places, but also for Luoshu and the others.

Jiangshan painter Luoshu, red-clothed War God, red-clothed yarn, smiling Heavenly God is unknown, these three people not only created a great reputation, but also established many enemy.

Now, among these main gods, there are their enemies!

No matter what, Luo Shu and the others, although they were practicing outside at the beginning, their behavior was erratic, making it difficult for them to find.

And now, Jiang Chen and Luoshu and the others go out together, they naturally want to learn the traces of Luoshu and the others from Jiang Chen, so as to suppress and kill them!

“Give me a pleasure? Do you dare?” Jiang Chen jokingly said, squinting his eyes, looking towards the depths adjacent to the Academy, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Between three breaths, I saw a woman falling from the sky, dressed in Bai Yi, wearing a blue hairpin, her face delicate and pretty, and she was in good shape.

She is not a peerless look, but she has a very clean feeling and is very attractive.

“Ninth Elder, this kid teleported to the adjacent Academy, and these powerhouses are here to hunt him down.” The middle-aged man hurriedly explained.

“Is it you calling me?” Bei Mingxue ignored the middle-aged man and instead set his gaze on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen hearing this, with a split mouth, showing a faint smile expression, lightly said: “Little Xue.”

“en?” Bei Mingxue is hearing this, pupil Suddenly shrink, expression has changed even more!

In her eyes, bright light glittering and rune are floating in her eyes!

After a few breaths, she frowned and asked: “It’s you?”

“It’s me.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Everyone doesn’t know what Bei Mingxue’s phrase “is you” means, but Jiang Chen knows that when he called out the three words “Xiaoxiaoxue”, Bei Mingxue knew him identity of.

This nickname can only be called by Jiang Chen!

Only Jiang Chen knows that Bei Mingxue has such a nickname!

Similarly, Bei Mingxue also knows that there is only one person in this world who would call her that, and that was the Divine King of Tianchen!

Before changing it, Bei Mingxue still doesn’t believe that this person is Jiang Chen.

But you must know that after Jiang Chen Samsara Reincarnation, there was a lot of noise in Atheus Continent. Nine Heavens God World knows that Jiang Chen is still alive!

Now, counting the time, Jiang Chen is about to soar.

And now, with this lower True God in front of him, plus that little snow, how can Bei Mingxue fail to guess the identity of Jiang Chen!

However, Bei Mingxue was very calm, her eyes did not fall on Jiang Chen, but looked towards the dozen powerhouses in the sky.

In the end, Bei Mingxue fixed his gaze on the leading Divine King.

“He is the dísciple I just received, and it is also my Official Disciple adjacent to the Academy.” Bei Mingxue lightly said: “You all know it, all the dísciples of the Academy, my Academy is obliged to protect them “

“When did you receive it!?” Divine King asked halfway through.

“Just now.” Bei Mingxue raised her brows and said: “What’s the matter? Is there a problem?”

As soon as these words came out, the audience fell silent!

Everyone can tell that Bei Mingxue is trying to shelter Jiang Chen!

Also, shelter in the name of the adjacent Academy!

If you change to the general situation, no one has any comments.

But now, you have to know that the opponent is a dozen Peak Lord Gods, and a half-step Divine King!

This terrifying lineup, adjacent to the Academy, can it be an enemy of these people for the sake of a lower True God! ?

“Ninth Elder, this matter is very important, you can’t decide alone!” The middle-aged man next to him hurriedly said: “These are all Peak powerhouses in a sect!”

“So what? Is it because I am adjacent to the Academy that I can’t afford to offend? Or do they really dare not do anything next to the Academy?” Bei Mingxue complexion is gloomy came down, her eyes burning, staring at the half-step Divine in the sky King said: “Before he graduated, his life was in charge of the Academy next to me.”

“Heh, what a big tone!” During the half-step, Divine King’s voice suddenly became cold and his eyes swept across all around, then loudly said: “I Murong wants to kill the person, how many people in this world dare to block!? Even Martial God, the main god of light, dare not easily block me!”

Many people were completely moved, and even more shocked!

Murong, this is just his last name!

Murong Clan, in Nine Heavens God World, is an extremely powerful family, and its heritage is comparable to the peak sect!

And as this Murong Family’s half-step Divine King said, his Murong Family’s half-step Divine King wants to kill one person. How many people in this world dare to stop! ?

The most important thing is that this person only reported his last name, not his first name.

It can be seen from this that he has the final say in Murong Family today!

He can claim the world in the name of Murong!

In this way, if you protect Jiang Chen today, you are tantamount to offending the entire Murong Clan!

“Is Murong Clan very strong?” Bei Mingxue lightly said, “I forgot to introduce myself?”

Speaking, Bei Mingxue sorted it out Her clothes, stroked her hair, seemed very solemn.

After a few breaths, she spoke slowly, her hair dancing lightly, giving people a sense of Supreme.

“the sun set behind the western hills, the moon sinks in the North Sea.” Bei Mingxue raised her chin, and the white swan neck looked extremely dazzling in the sun.

She really looks more and more beautiful!

“the sun set behind the western hills ……Moon Shen Beihai……”

At this moment, a dozen powerhouse expressions in the sky changed, especially the half-step of the Murong Family Divine King, there is even more fear in his eyes!

“You are… from the Beiming family!?” Murong asked.

“No, I was expelled.” Bei Mingxue said truthfully.

“Oh…I have been expelled, and I still bear the name of the Beiming family. Isn’t this courting death!”

“I listen to the Beiming family I said, very strong! Enough to contend with the Murong Family! But…Since she was expelled, she is equivalent to someone from the Beiming family, now what does she come out with the name of the Beiming family!? is it possible that Murong Family Was the Divine King afraid of her in the half-step?”


Many people wonder, since they have been expelled, why report the name of the Beiming family?

But, the half-step Divine King of Murong Family doesn’t think so!

Murong Family and Beiming Family, both as the Peak family of Nine Heavens God World, certainly know something about the Fang Family family.

As far as he knows, the Beiming family did expel a woman a long time ago!

But, that woman…Even if she was expelled, few people dared to move her, because she was…

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