I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 858

More than three thousand years ago, there was an internal disturbance in the Beiming family.

During that turmoil, the senior leaders of the Beiming family underwent a major exchange of blood. One line of the former direct line was removed, but now the North Ming family is controlled by another line.

However, according to Murong Clan’s knowledge, there was a woman still alive in the line that was removed!

Not only is still alive, but also protected by the Beiming family!

However, because of the two lines, the Beiming family is not good at sheltering her on the surface.

However, if she is willing to speak, the Beiming family will definitely do their best to help her!

As for why, this is something inside the Beiming family.

And now, Murong is already suspecting that the woman in front of him is most likely the evicted woman from the Beiming family!

If not, a trifling woman, what courage and strength dare to challenge his Murong Family’s half-step Divine King! ?

“If you are an ordinary Beiming family member today, you don’t have to give you face, you don’t need to be afraid of anything…” Murong secretly thought, but the point is that the woman in front of him actually claimed to be Beiming Home is exiled!

So, the trickiness in this one is naturally worth pondering!

“Dare to ask…Are you still from the Beiming family?” Murong asked tentatively.

“I think it is not.” Bei Mingxue said: “But now the lineage headed by the Beiming family has always regarded me as a member of the Beiming family.”

“Oh … By the way, according to their words, I belong to the orthodox bloodline of the Bei Ming family, and I will go back to inherit the Bei Ming family in the future.” Bei Mingxue said.

Murong’s complexion instantly collapsed as soon as these words came out!

Although he had already guessed, he couldn’t accept it after hearing Bei Mingxue personally say these words!

Because Bei Mingxue is the one who was exiled!

Although she was banished, in fact, she was still from the Beiming family!

Strictly speaking, one of her words is more useful than the current patriarch of Beiming’s family!

“It’s really bad luck!” Murong’s belly slandered. He didn’t expect that he would encounter Bei Mingxue here!

What makes him most angry is that the smelly brat in front of him, but only the lower True God, has come to know so many powerhouses with both identity and strength! ?

“Now, are you okay?” Bei Mingxue asked.

“Fellow Daoist, maybe you don’t know what he did? Now that you came out today and protected him in the name of the Beiming family and the adjacent Academy, then there are things that I don’t really want to wait. Come, but should I talk about the truth?” Murong said solemnly.

“Oh? Come on.” Bei Mingxue lightly said, and at the same time glanced at Jiang Chen, wondering in her heart. I haven’t seen each other for three thousand years. What did Divine King do this day?

Samsara Reincarnation, forget it, why did it just ascend and cause trouble again?

Are you really not afraid of revealing your identity? Or is it… born to be a troublemaker?

“The first time he entered the Virtual God World and killed the dísciple of Extreme Sect, it didn’t matter for the time being.”

“The second time he stole the light Fudi!”

“As for the next few times, speaking out may scare you.” Murong frowned, but still said it.

I saw him staring at Jiang Chen and said: “During the Haotian Conference, although he won the first prize, he offended the Divine Emperor and killed the descendants of the Divine Emperor.”

” Moving away three blessed places at once is equivalent to offending the three Top Sects at the same time!”

“As far as I know, he has already been offered a reward!”


Bei Mingxue has been listening silently, her eyes drifting towards Jiang Chen from time to time, making her a headache.

She didn’t expect that Jiang Chen actually caused such a big trouble!

“He is young, after all, he is my dísciple next to the Academy. This matter must be discussed in the long term.” Bei Mingxue said: “Who would make no mistakes when he was young.”

“This is a mistake? This is a terrible mistake!”

“The dísciple that killed Extreme Sect I didn’t care. I stole the bright blessed land of the Guangming clan. I didn’t care, even if Killed the descendant of the Divine Emperor, and don’t care what I’m waiting for! But…Today, please spare him, Haotianshi must be handed over, right? It’s a price!”


Said several Peak gods.

Actually, in their eyes, the life of Jiang Chen, the lower True God, is really worthless.

Even those blessed places, and even the trails of Luoshu and the others are worthless!

They came this time, and their most central purpose is the Haotian Stone!

“That is his own thing. If he doesn’t want to give it, I can’t force him to give it.” Bei Mingxue shook her head helplessly, and said, “Do you have any ideas?”

“Meaning, I don’t give any explanation today, this is the end of the matter?” A main god coldly said: “A woman, want to support him here!? Are you qualified?!”

As soon as these words came out, Bei Mingxue gave a chuckle, looked towards Murong, and said: “Ask him, see if I am qualified.”

“Shut up!” Murong hearing This, glared at the Lord God, and then squeezed a smile on his face, and looked towards Bei Mingxue, saying: “Come on today, I’m waiting for reason, Bei Ming Fellow Daoist also give me an explanation?” /p>

“Okay.” Bei Mingxue seemed to have thought about it a long time ago, and said: “bully the weak, you are free to do the rest.”

“This is it?”

“It’s gone?”

At this moment, not to mention the dozen or so powerhouses, even with Jiang Chen, they are a bit messy.

Can’t bully the weak? That’s it! ?

big sister! Today I am here to run for you! You can give me some benefits and shelter!

“What does Beiming Fellow Daoist mean?” Murong asked.

“I also heard about the virtual God World. According to Jiangshan painter Luo Shu, people higher than his Two Great Realms must not do anything to him, nothing more.” Bei Ming Xue said.

“Oh…that’s OK.” Murong nodded with a smile.

After all, Murong didn’t say a word any more, turned around and left.

The other main gods watched the strongest person leave, so naturally they did not stay.

It’s just that they are very puzzled, so let’s just forget it! ?

With their lineup, it is more than enough to destroy a Top Sect. Today, it was because of a woman who broke down! ?

“Brother Murong, just retreat?” On the way back, a master god asked.

“What can I do if I don’t retreat? Bei Mingxue is there, it is obvious that Baoding is a hanhan.” Murong said solemnly: “I promised her condition first.”

” Then… forget it?” someone asked, very unwilling.

“Han Han is in the adjacent Academy, I can’t do it naturally, but what if he leaves the adjacent Academy?” Murong raised his eyebrows: “When the time comes, don’t worry about the rules, why can’t you bully the Weak, it’s all nonsense!”

“Can’t you cut first and then play? When the time comes, everyone is dead. The Beiming family and the adjacent Academy are it possible that they will fight for a dead person and fight against me? “Murong jokingly said: “Wait, he is impossible to stay at the adjacent Academy!”

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