I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 860

Jiuyuan, Jiang Chen didn’t have deep contact with him, but in his heart he assumed that he was a good person.

At least, in the great turmoil of Atheus Continent, Jiuyuan came out of the blood path and delayed for the world’s creatures for a long time!

But now listening to Bei Mingxue say this, Jiang Chen is not sure again.

Can the Nine Heavens God World kill the blood flowing into a river, the gangster who is full of bones, can he be a good character?

“Perhaps because of something, sometimes killing is not evil.” Jiang Chen said.

“Perhaps.” Bei Mingxue is nodded, he has only seen some deeds about Jiuyuan in the ancient book.

As for the specifics, no one can tell.

Perhaps, only the oldest living creatures of Nine Heavens God World know the secret.

“There are rumors that the big killing in Jiuyuan was related to the Great Thousand Worlds outside the South Wall.” Bei Mingxue frowned, “Do you know the South Wall? There are many worlds outside. , Collectively known as Great Thousand Worlds.”

“Have heard of it.” Jiang Chen expression calmly nodded.

He will not tell Bei Mingxue, there are fragments of the southern wall in his hands, even more than one piece!

“It’s OK, let’s not talk about this, what are your plans in the future?” Bei Mingxue asked.

“Stay here now, while cultivation, while contacting those former friends.” Jiang Chen said.

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen’s eyes were shining, and he looked towards Bei Mingxue with a smile, and said softly: “Xiaoxue, I am now a dísciple next to the Academy.”

“So what?” Bei Mingxue tilted her head, pretending not to know, but she knew it well!

In the beginning, Jiang Chen had been to the adjacent Academy several times before he fell.

At that time, Jiang Chen was planning to come to cultivation the supreme Taoist skills adjacent to the Academy, the end of the world is adjacent!

That is the world’s top Taoist skill, and it is still complete, it is said that Space Power is involved!

It’s just a pity. Adjacent to the Academy has rules, and Tianya is adjacent to the outside world. Only the dísciple adjacent to the Academy can cultivation.

Moreover, those who will inherit the Institute Head in the future are eligible for cultivation!

So, even if Jiang Chen was Divine King, he was adjacent to the Academy and he didn’t give Tianya adjacent to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had been here several times at that time, and they all returned home in grief.

“The End of the World is next to me, lend me a look?” Jiang Chen said, licking his face. In front of his own people, he has never been shameless and doesn’t pretend to be anything.

“If I could get adjacent to Tianya, I would have cultivated myself!” Bei Mingxue said grimly, “You know the rules, unless you are qualified to inherit the position of the dean adjacent to the Academy, otherwise …Not qualified for cultivation.”

“Xiaoxue, you must have a way.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile: “You are Ninth Elder next to the Academy, a high-ranking authority, and now you live in Among the ninth peak in the Academy!”

“The ninth peak, this is the place where you can live next to the highest level of the Academy! Elder lives on the eight peaks next door, right? The middle one On that mountain, isn’t it the dean who lives here?”

“Why…you go to discuss with them?”


Jiang Chen ranted and said, saliva splash across, his eyes became brighter and brighter!

Bei Mingxue is hearing this, frowning, seemingly embarrassed.

She was silent for a while, as if thinking about it.

After more than ten breaths, Bei Mingxue said, “If the dean knows your identity, he might agree to let you cultivation the end of the world.”

“This… Isn’t it appropriate?” Jiang Chen’s face turned black and said: “If my identity is leaked, I will be dead!”

“When the time comes, the adjacent Academy won’t protect me, right?”

Be aware that once Jiang Chen’s identity is leaked, let’s not say that it is adjacent to the Academy. I am afraid that the other academies will not be able to protect him!

Identity leaked, the enemy Jiang Chen will face, but the 36 most powerful gods in this Nine Heavens God World!

Also, many of the 36 main gods are now half-step Divine Kings!

These people add up, who can stop them! ?

“Then there is no way.” Bei Mingxue said with a bitter smile: “Unless you become the Holy Son adjacent to the Academy, there may be hope.”

“Holy Son? Maybe you can give it a try.” Jiang Chen eyes shined.

Once it becomes the Holy Son adjacent to the Academy, it means that there is hope to inherit the position of the dean adjacent to the Academy in the future!

In this way, it is indeed qualified to cultivation Tianya adjacent.

“As long as I defeat the current Holy Son, I can be a Holy Son?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Theoretically.” Bei Mingxue nodded and said: “But you have to know that there is more than one Holy Son.”

“Each realm will choose a Holy Son. , Compare each other.” Bei Mingxue said: “True God Realm, Heavenly God Realm, Mysterious God Realm, Zun Divine Realm, and even the title of the gods, the Lord Divine Grade, there are Holy Son.”

“Then I can challenge them one by one?” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “It’s easy.”

“Um…you can try.” Bei Mingxue’s expression is weird, Taking a look at Jiang Chen, I couldn’t help it, and asked: “Your ascent time is not too short, right? Why are you still the lower True God?”

“Don’t judge it with ordinary people’s eyes, With my current strength, Profound God can suppress it!” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

After that, Jiang Chen got up, patted Bei Mingxue’s fragrant shoulder, and said: “Then I am next to the Academy, and I will be your Direct Disciple of Bei Mingxue, so I have an identity.”


“It’s up to you, don’t cause me big troubles.” Bei Mingxue said indifferently: “I can handle ordinary things for you.”

“Go!” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Tone barely fell, Jiang Chen directly volleyed up and flew out from the ninth peak.

Bei Mingxue looked at Jiang Chen’s leaving back, how could she not know what he was going to do.

“Someone is going to suffer.” Bei Mingxue secretly thought, praying silently for those Holy Sons.

It didn’t take long for it to be adjacent to Academy Plaza.

Jiang Chen landed here with a smile on his face, and asked a teenager next to him: “This big brother, do you know who the Holy Son of True God Realm is? Where is the person? “

“What are you looking for him for?” The young man was stunned, looked up and down Jiang Chen, then realized, “Are you going to challenge him?”

” Smart!” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Tell me where he is.”

“Just you? Lower True God?” The boy looked contemptuous and said: “People are upper True God. He was also named Holy Son. One can imagine how strong his innate talent aptitude is, and his battle strength is not weak.”

“Since he was named the True God Realm Holy Son, he always challenged him. The people in, were suppressed by his palm, no one succeeded in the challenge.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, waved his hand, a little impatient, and said: “You can say where he is.”

“Hey, isn’t that right?” The young man stubbed his tongue, only thinking about a young man who is cultivating magic skills in the middle of the square.

Jiang Chen turned around and looked around. When he saw the boy, his expression instantly became weird. After a few breaths, his expression became colorful!

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