I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 861

Jiang Chen didn’t expect all his dreams and would meet him here!

The appearance of that boy is exactly the same as that of Long Song, there is simply no difference!

But Jiang Chen knows that that person is not chanting long songs!

“The fleshy body who reads the long song!” Jiang Chen’s expression is very rich, pointing to the other person, and asking the people around him: “Are you sure it is him?”

“Yes, it’s him, Chang’an Changge, a very strange name, but very strong!” The boy said: “But very strange. He has been cultivating for a long time, but he has been staying in True God Realm. What’s going on.”

“Maybe you want to dominate the position of True God Realm’s Holy Son. After all, when you become a Holy Son, the cultivation resources are too rich.”

“Oh.” Jiang Chen lightly said, then jokingly said, “From today, he is not the Holy Son of True God Realm.”

“What? “The young man was confused, but saw that Jiang Chen had moved towards Chang’an Changge.

Chang’an Changge seems to have noticed it. When he looked up, when he saw Jiang Chen, a hint of doubt flashed in his eyes.

For him, Jiang Chen is very familiar, giving him a very familiar feeling.

However, he is a fleshy body psychic, without the subject’s memory, so he doesn’t know who Jiang Chen is.

Even, he didn’t even know that he was a fleshy body psychic, and he always thought he was a complete creature.

“The subject memory is not there, but I still remember my real name.” Jiang Chen stepped up to the front and jokingly said: “Long time no see.”

“I wake up and just It’s this name.” Changan Changge said, frowns, puzzled: “There is a feeling of deja vu.”

“It is more than a deja vu…” Jiang Chen muttered: “You looked at your own ascension, but It’s terrible to read the long song!”

When the fleshy body of the long song soars, it happens to be the Atheus Continent big wheel!

As a result, this fleshy body did not pay attention to it, and Gu himself soared.

At that time, Jiang Chen and Nian Changge were blown up!

If the long song can be integrated with the Fleshy body at that time, he has already recovered to Peak, and the great turmoil can be suppressed by raising his hand!

“Stop talking nonsense with you, have a fight? If you win, you will continue to be a Holy Son, but if you lose Holy Son, give it to me.” Jiang Chen said straight, for the fleshy body who reads the long song, nothing Good impression.

“You are not my opponent.” Changan Changge lightly said, shook his head and said: “I am invincible with True God Realm.”

“Invincible, your leg!” Jiang Chen directly He cursed, he himself didn’t call True God Realm invincible, and a fellow with a fleshy body would dare to be so arrogant! ?

“What I said is true.” Chang’an Changge said seriously: “Under Heavenly God, I am invincible!”

“Oh? Under Heavenly God? “Jiang Chen jokingly smiled, pointing to the ring not far away, and said: “Well, let me see what is called Heavenly God. You are invincible under Heavenly God.”

After that, Jiang Chen stepped forward. After coming out, it looked like a swan geese passing by, and instantly stood on the ring.

As a Holy Son, Chang’an Changge naturally cannot be shy.

He was also a flash, and he came to the ring in an instant.

“Yi!? Someone challenged the long song Holy Son again!?”

“I’m afraid this person doesn’t know, the long song Holy Son is extremely powerful, even Heavenly God is not his opponent!”

“I remember, this guy is the dísciple that Beiming Elder just collected! It’s the silly guy from God World!”

For a time, more and more people in the square crowded around the ring.

Someone narrated the strength of Jiang Chen and the “brilliant and glorious” deeds of Jiang Chen in the virtual God World.

However, some people were dissatisfied, thinking that if Changge entered the virtual God World, there would be no Jiang Chen’s share!

For a time, the dísciple adjacent to the Academy was divided into two factions. Some people supported Jiang Chen and some people supported Long Song.

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked very relaxed, standing on the ring, squinting, lightly said: “You can do it first.”

“You go first, I am For Holy Son, we should know how to be modest.” Chang Ge said.

“Oh? Really?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and jokingly said: “Then…you have to be ready.”

“Pick you up with your bare hands.” Changge is very confident, after all, his battle strength is already extraordinary.

However, today Jiang Chen wanted to teach the long song a lesson, how can he start lightly? It would be good if he didn’t beat the opponent to death!

At this moment, I saw Jiang Chen’s body shine brightly, the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow manifested, and one after another vine stretched out from behind it!

Clusters of unquenchable fires burned, and the undying bird Dao Soul manifested in a long cry and stopped on the vines.

After that, Jiang Chen squeezed his fist mark, and the Dragon-Tiger’s momentum was like a river pressing in, giving people a feeling of suffocation!

Vertebrae Transforms Into A Dragon on the back, the ribs on the chest are like tigers, a rose blooms, and a fist strikes out at this moment!



Like a meteor in the night, in a flash illuminates everything and cuts through the darkness!

With one punch, it seems to sweep everything, and even suppress everything!

“Remember what you said, and receive my move with bare hands.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile, after hitting this fist, there was no follow-up action.

At this moment, Long Song stared at him, his imposing manner exploded, extremely powerful!

Jiang Chen gave a rough estimate, and based on the imposing manner of the long song, he can indeed compete with the upper Heavenly God!

However, compared with him, it is far worse.

“You are really weak compared to the subject.” Jiang Chen contemptuously said.



At this moment, there was an explosion, and the long singer’s palm was pushed out horizontally, and one black appeared in the palm. one white two brilliance!

Glory is like two carps, under the current reversal, it has broken down Jiang Chen’s fist!

“Shall I take a rub?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen was dumbfounded.

Although he didn’t use his full strength in that punch, the ordinary Heavenly God Level cultivator simply couldn’t catch it!

Even the lower Profound God can’t hold this fist!

But now, the long song is really free!

“I said, I am invincible under Heavenly God.” Long Ge raised his eyebrows, slightly arrogant, and said: “Next, it’s my turn to shoot.”

“Is your family fighting a one-man one-trick fight? Turn-based!?” Jiang Chen said grimly. When the voice fell, people were like phantoms, and they rushed out!

This time, Long Song didn’t hesitate, black and white light appeared on his body, and there seemed to be two black and white koi swimming behind him, vaguely turning into a Yin-Yang Primal Chaos picture!

“The long song Holy Son is so fierce! He realized the Power of Yin-Yang!”

“This is one of the top powers in the world! He can be a Holy Son , It’s not unreasonable!”


However, just as everyone admired, they saw Changge’s body flying upside down like a broken kite, and finally Fell under the ring.

Someone witnessed all this, and saw Jiang Chen suddenly burst into light, and then slapped down, and the long song was forcibly shocked!

“Simple and rude! As expected!”

“Cut, what is this? You haven’t seen him fight in the virtual God World, that is called sturdy! Especially when hitting the ass of Jiu Tianxia, ​​it is really…cough cough…majestic!”


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